Monday, June 17, 2013

The Silversmith

Hey Mamasita!!!

Life is going great!

Elder Maddox and I are doing work! It has made me step it up and become so much better. I prayed for a growing experience and well you get what you ask for right? He is great, we will do awesome.  The mission has changed my life, I am truly converted, nothing else would have ever gotten me to this point. I am changed, I still have my personality, it's just my priorities have changed. Pain is my best friend, when things start hurting, that's when I start counting because that is when it really matters and changes you. It's like working out, I never started counting my reps until it started hurting. That is how this life works, hard times refine us to

I thought of a thought haha.  So a silver smith will put the silver in a hot oven for a certain amount of time. Too much time and it's ruined, too little time and it's not shiny enough. Heavenly Father puts us on missions not just for others, but for ourselves as well. I needed Idaho. We are put in the oven (our trials in life), and Heavenly Father, just like a silver smith, knows when to take us out - when he can see his reflection in us. When we truly follow Christ's example, that is when he will lift us up and bless us. I am growing every day. I love my mission so much. 

Thank you so much for the package! I loved it. Tell Michael I loved his letter and that I thank him fervently for it. Tell him that I love him. 

So our investigators are doing really well, they are progressing. We had to push Parker's baptism back because they went on vacation. But our investigators are truly becoming converted to the gospel. They love it so much, and are finding happiness, peace, and comfort in their lives through living the gospel standards, and reading scriptures daily. This is what makes life worth living. I love my mission so much! I am doing great, Don't worry about me. I don't get distracted, I just wish I could make people live the gospel and then experience the results. But they don't want to sometimes, then it's our choice of stay back and pull them up, or move on and fulfill your dreams. That is when we must consult with our Father in Heaven to help us out. He leads and guides my every step even if I don't think he is. I love my mission, I am so changed in a good way.  

I have noticed that youth are going in 2 different directions, either strong and living the gospel and have a desire to serve a mission, or floosies and not serving, not reading or converted. It is sad to see, but it has been that way in every single ward I've served in. It is either black or white at this point. I work super hard to help the youth, they are my replacement and I need them to be strong. 

I can't believe I am almost 20!! So nutso, there is no other place on the face of this earth I would rather be than here in Idaho serving the Lord. It is not a sacrifice, it is the greatest blessing and opportunity someone could ever have. People mistake it as a is not. When someone says no to a possible mission it just hurts, because they are missing out on the best opportunity in the world. 

I hope all is well back home, don't sweat the small stuff, just live life and make the best of each opportunity God gives us. I love you, have a great week! Give everyone back home my best wishes. There is nothing I could ask for for my birthday, you guys help me out so much and have done so much for me. 

I love you!!!

Elder Fischetti

-There is no try, only do.

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