Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Keys to Success

Dear Dad and Family:

Good to hear!!! On the path to success. A thought for you and the family. Happy always, content never. Elder Don R. Clark taught us that. Basically, a feeling of being content is the enemy of success. It is when we feel we have done enough or gotten what we wanted is when it all goes down hill. We can never do enough! If you are really wrapped around success, you will never stop growing, learning, and achieving. That guy is a genius! He spoke all about success and what not. He gave us a 3 hour speech and it was awesome. He got our entire mission's wheels spinning. 

So, our investigators are doing great!!!! They all came to the 3 hours of church yesterday!!!! WOOHOOOOO. So my goal as a zone leader is to have our weekly numbers be higher in the key indicators than both districts. We have done it 3 weeks in a row!!! It's legit, we set the goal and we work our hardest. Even after we achieved all of our daily goals and it's 8 at night, we still work our hardest to surpass our goals as much as possible. We are just obedient, and love to work. That's what happens when you mix those two. I am learning SO many life skills that will help me the rest of my life. Business skills, family skills, gospel knowledge, spiritual strength, self control, risk taking, time managment, goal setting and achieving, making hard decisions, energizing other people...and many many more. Intelligence by itself is never the way to success, it has to do with diligence. The constant act of persistence is the habit of success. 

We are like weeds, we keep comin' back no matter what you do! It's kinda like the Holy Ghost in testimony meeting...he never stops buggin' you to go and bear your testimony. We have received a ton of great compliments this week. It is finally working out, all of our hard work and pushing to the very edge is finally working out. I love it so much. We will hopefully as a zone baptize 16 this month...that has never been done in this mission...ever. I am so pumped. I call each companionship twice a week and take accountability for their goals, and people's progression. If they make the smallest step up in any aspect of the gospel, we praise the heck out of them. That is working really well for us. If we reach 16, President's jaw will hit the floor. He was pumped when someone hit 10! I can't wait. Olivia, Katelyn, Isaiah, and Jesse are progressing really well, they read the BOM every single night!! 

My advice for scripture reading is just read the BOM every night. Make it a goal to NEVER miss a day. Even if it's just one verse. The Book Of Mormon just changes people. Because of that book, I am who I am now. and i am becoming who I will be in the future. Read Preach My Gospel too! Don R. Clark said if we read Chapter 8 (accountability, time management, and goal setting), we will triple our income for the future. One of our other investigators, Brent, is doing excellent, he does all of his assignments that we leave him with!! He is a boss and just needs to get in the water! Then to the temple. We also found a new investigator, her name is Meghan and she is a tattoo artist!! The other Meghan we teach made us bracelets with our names on them haha. She is one of those punk style girls. Blue hair about 2 feet tall spiked to a Mohawk. She said we are her first real friends besides her husband. It's cool, people feel the love God has for them and they really get interested. 

Today, we are going golfing!!!! A few members of our zone are going, it's going to be fun. It's like 70 outside and sunny. The golf course is giving us a little discount. My headaches are still coming, they aren't as bad, but I still get them. It's annoying but I just forget about them. It's probably one of the adversary's ways of trying to stop us. There has been more temptation this week than any other time in my life. It's a good thing I've got my feet grounded and I am immovable. Everything from girls in inappropriate bathing suits alone at the door, to excuses to not go out and work. We still did it and stayed truthful. It's about being able to push the thoughts out and think about the end goal. We also knocked on a door of 3 RM's who are playing for the other team. It was really weird but it's a good thing we are swift with our words. It wound up being a good experience and no hurt feelings even though we talked with them about God's plan and not man's plan. It wasn't Adam and Steve for a reason. hehe 

Man, I love my mission!! It is the best thing ever! I am growing so much. All of the people we have baptized so far are hometeachers already and are very involved in the ward. It's important for them to get grounded ASAP! Can you believe I am out 10 months!!! Holy cow! Anyways, that was our week in a little paragraph for ya. I hope you guys have a great week and work your hardest. I love hard work, it just feels good. Have fun, work hard and enjoy life. I love you!

Elder Fischetti

"success consists of a series of little daily victories."

This is most of our zone on Pday! We went sledding at the dunes, haha

 We got to see Dakota Wilson aka BIG DAWG right before he left to the MTC - 
he came down to say goodbye!  WOOHOO!

 Pet ducks, haha - One has an afro! 

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