Thursday, May 30, 2013

Week of May 27, 2013

Hi Mom! (and Family)

Oh man!! That is an awesome story!!!!! The Lord makes things happen for reasons, and we have to follow him because we have no idea what he has in store for us. We spoke in Sacrament Meeting!!!! I spoke on President Monson’s talk in priesthood session. There were so many people waiting for us after sacrament to talk with us and invite us over to their homes. It felt great, the area is finally exploding just like St. Anthony. We set 4 baptismal dates this week, and will set 6-9 next week!!!!! The Stake is amazed, they average 4 baptisms a year and we are going to destroy that in just 4 months haha. The Lord is working through us. I can’t believe it. The Spirit is just helping us this week, we worked so hard every second, I could barely write in my journal. 

This church is true!!! It’s incredible. SO we got transfer calls, and Elder Miller is the new Assistant!!!! WOOHOOOO!!! He will do awesome. Elder Reed is leaving me :( But I am getting Elder Maddox, he seems to be pretty solid. President wants me to train him to be a ZL. It’s nothing too crazy, but now I really need to be on the ball, covering an area with so much NEW work, covering a zone with a few problems, and now getting a new ZL in the running. It should be great, I love challenges, and getting in way over my head because then it’s when I discover so much more about myself. Oh, Elder Gulisane is a DL already! My family is legit in the mission!! 5 ZL's all under a year, me under 8 and Gulisane should be ZL soon. Then Miller the assistant, it’s awesome. I hope I get to serve with Gulisane again. This Friday, we are having Don R. Clark for our mission conferences. I cant wait!!! They are always so profound! (I reminded Elder Fischetti that Don Clark was our former Stake President!  He knows our family well - it will be fun for him to meet him again.)  Man, I just love my mission!!! I am so passionate about fighting for good! It seems that is all I care about right now. Cutting down error, and sin. Satan is doing pretty good at keeping up, but he’s got another thing coming. I heard about Doug L.!!! Give those missionaries hope with him!! Have him come over to our house or dad go teaching with him. That is so exciting!!! 

We had dinner with this inactive but coming back family, his wife is not a member and should be baptized next month :). Anyways, we had steak and shrimp!!! They were so big, I was getting sweaty because I was so full!! I was seeing double, and I had a big piece of meat left. I didn’t know what to do, so I opened my backpack and when no one was looking, slipped it in there. BAHAHAHA. After, I looked at Reed on our way home and go you want left overs? He was so confused, I showed him and he was laughing so hard. Just one of those funny stories. 

Hey, get a pic with all the missionaries in our ward, I want to see who they are. Tell them, aka my brothers on the front lines, that I said hello. Tell them Hoorah For Israel. When we spoke in sacrament, our ward mission leader spoke after me and he said he loves serving with us, he says he feels like an Elder again. He said he has the same testimony, but no where near the passion and energy that I have. I can’t help it! It’s good I have it, passion is what catches people’s attention! You will see when I give my homecoming talk haha. I just love what I am doing, it’s not boring old missionary work, each second is a fight between good and evil! Satan tempts us so hard, but when he tries to slow us down it feels like he tried to kiss the express train. Quote from Rocky, haha. I used that in my talk as well. I am not crazy, I just have passion for what I am doing. I love having the Spirit in our lives, when we are overwhelmed with it and we can barely talk. It happens all of the time. 

Hey can you maybe send me a copy of Grandpa’s blessing if you can? Only if you feel comfortable, you don’t have to though, it’s your choice. Mom, I love this church, and my mission. The mission has changed me forever! It has solidified, changed me in a good way, and driven every aspiration, idea, goal and dream I’ve ever had. I know that my Heavenly Father is there, he is my Dad in heaven. The most all knowing, most powerful being in the entire universe invites us to converse with him whenever, and wherever we want. I know that for a fact. I know that Jesus Christ is coming, I know that he will clean the earth and purify it. I know that missionaries thrash the nations by his spirit. We confound the wise, we dumfound the intelligent, we are the minority, yet at the same time the elect, we are the denied yet the chosen, we are the hope of Israel! and we are 19 years old. That right there is as possible as the #1 ski salesman in utah never putting on a pair of skis (Elder Holland did that). It’s almost as unlikely as a 14 year old boy being the prophet of the restoration, the restorer during these the most trivial and worst times. 

I love my mission, it has changed me forever. We must follow after our roots of John Tanner and do all the good we can with the time we have left. We must do all we can to build the kingdom of God on this earth. After all, that is our calling and purpose as Latter Day Saints. I hope you guys enjoy yourselves and aren’t too miserable about us not being home. I am almost at 10 months!!!! I never thought that would happen. Time just flies, before you know it, I will be home. I love every single person around me, I love every single missionary serving because we are united in the greatest cause to have ever been! We are united by fighting for good! We are united by making the world a better place. See it works like this, either you are with us, or you’re not. Either you are in the huddle or you’re out of it. That’s how it works today, either you are for God and for choosing the right, or you are against it. I love you mom! i hope you and the family have a great day!  I love you so much! Enjoy your week and I will talk with you all very soon. Have a great day!

Elder Fischetti

 This truck cost $250k - Holy Mama!
 We woke up to him looking at us in the morning! Bro. Packer's grandchildren 
put it in our room while we were sleeping, hahahaha
 Isaiah - getting baptized June 22nd, along with his sister,
brother in law and friend. What a great birthday gift! 
Duck faces!
A text sent to Mom from Jack Church showing the brief reuniting of 
Elders Fischetti and Miller to say goodbye to Dakota from their St. Anthony days 
to serve a mission! 

Week of May 20, 2013

Hey Mama Llama!!!

(Disclaimer: It was a rough week for this mother... Caitlin left for the MTC and we put our house on the market in the same week, plus all of life’s other little challenges. Ugh. I didn’t say much, but my son knows me well.) Dont be sad!! Just be happy! Just make the best of each situation, find the little things that make you happy, or relaxed, and do them! I am sad to hear you are sick! Don’t be old, haha you sound like an old lady in her bed! You looked great on Skype that’s for sure!! ;) ;) ;). But yes, I saw the Dr. It went well, he gave me the nerve blocks and it felt great!! 

So Caitlin is now Sister Fischetti!! WOOHOO I’m pumped for her!! She will do so well!! Hey, so a member of my zone... Elder Rabe grew up in Greenwich, he was friends with Jared, Stockton, the Potters, Checketts, he is legit!! I was wondering if we ever knew them?? They moved away when we were 8 so idk. But it’s cool, we know all of the same people!!!! He reminds me of Parker, so we have way too much fun together. Yes, I emailed Matt, I emailed him again today!! I love that kid, I was just thinking of memories I have had with him and my other friends. Great times, and so many more to come! 

This week has been LEGIT!!! There was a huge garage sale in our little town we live in, so people had stands all in the roads and stuff. I decided we had to do something, so we made 200 cookies and used Brother Packer’s popcorn machine and made a stand giving out free cookies and popcorn with a bunch of missionaries behind it. People would come and get the free stuff, and after, I would jump on them about the gospel. It was awesome!!! We gave out an entire box of Books of Mormon, about 35!!! We got tons of phone numbers, addresses, and names. It was great, people all over have been asking us about it!! We are also going to do a free car wash soon with a bunch of missionaries in missionary clothes!! Innovation is key!! So, while the people are getting their car washed, we will have 2 of our best missionaries talking with the person and then WHAM! get their phone number or address to come and teach!! Oh, I am so pumped!! We taught a fireside in our own house last night to the youth of one of our wards. It went really well, we just spoke on a day in the life of a missionary, we talked for about 30 mins., then answered questions. It was a lot of fun, and the youth told their bishop that they really liked it. 

Man, I love my mission. We had 3 incredible lessons this week, One with an over age youth...OAY. His name is Parker, he will be baptized June 8th!!! We taught him the Gospel of Jesus Christ (faith, repentance, baptism, holy ghost, enduring to the end). We used the pepper with dish soap object lesson!! It went really well. The next great lesson was with Olivia, Jesus, and Isaiah. We taught the Restoration (my fav. topic). It was so bomb!!! She said she totally believes it and she wants to come to church with us and get into this. They will all be baptized soon. :) The next was with the Sorensen family, they are having a really tough time. We taught them the restoration in such a loving, gentle manner. I loved it!! They are coming to church next week, and we are teaching them again Wednesday night. Man, I love my mission!!! 

Skyping was such a blast, huh? It gave me so much more motivation!! I can’t believe Caitlin is in the MTC!!! I am so proud of her! Man, it’s the best! So today, we are going to Sports Authority to use their putting green for fun. We are also having a zone activity at our house to play pool, ping pong, foosball, and air hockey. I am excited. So I ordered business cards!! To give to missionaries so we can keep in contact after the mission. A lot of missionaries have them. Mine are kind of ridiculous, but it’s ok that’s why they are only for missionaries and not members. I will send you one when they come. That’s pretty cool about Dad!! I was way excited when he told me about it! I hope he gets the spot!! So has Rob gone back to Wallstreet? Or is he going to at all? Mom I love you! You are so great to me, and have raised me to be the person I am today! I am so grateful for my childhood, it is better than any other kids I've seen. I am sending some pictures also!! Some are of some legit garden gnomes that I want when I get home. The other one is how pale my feet are haha and then us on our muddy bikes, and another of our district. I love my mission!!! I love you so much! Tell everyone that I say hello, and that I love them! Have a great week, and have fun! Just be happy! I love you have a great week! 

Elder Fischetti
 Legit bikes going through mud and puddles. So worth it!
 The most "profitable" bake sale!
 These are the gnomes he loves so much?  Sheesh. haha
 One of the districts in our zone!
FYI, my feet are very pale.

Week of May 13, 2013

Dear Mama Llama!!!!!

Wow, it was great Skyping with you and the family last night!! I loved it so much! It gave me great motivation and happiness. I love our family! It is the best family possible! It was so much fun just talking and laughing and making the best of the short time we got to talk. Time is flying huh, it just is going by in the blink of an eye!! So I don’t have a whole lot to update you on, just one funny story. So I was on exchanges with the Spanish elders the other day, and their shower head popped off while I was showering and it attacked me!!!! I freaked out and started throwing things and yelling, it was so funny. I had to clean it all up, but I threw a fake fit haha. They were all scared because I was spazzing a little bit. But yeah, thought you would appreciate that short story about how I got mauled by a shower head. Kind of scary, but so funny. Man, it was so much fun skyping! Thank you for letting Vanessa tag along!  Oh PS, Parker’s family is going to NY for my homecoming with him!!! They have the whole trip planned out!!! So legit! We can help normalize each other haha. So yeah, this week is going to be a good one!! We have 2 lessons tonight all set up and we are setting some baptismal dates!!! YEAHHHH 2 of them! I told dad...YOSO you only serve once it’s a remix to yolo haha. So yeah! I love you guys so much! Thank you for all that you do!! You guys are the best! I love you guys! I’m sorry this email is kind of short but Skyping was a little bit better. I love you all. Have a great week, work hard and play hard. Know that I love you, that I am safe and very happy, and that I work my hardest each and every day! I love you!

Elder Fischetti
YOSO... You Only Serve Once. Period.

Week of May 6, 2013

Woohoo!! Hey Familia!

So about Skype..yes, I get to Skype with y’all! I was planning either 6:30 or 7 our time! Does that work? I will have Brother Packer give you a call or text today or tomorrow so you have his number and he will call you when I am online on Sunday, deal? We are doing it in our own house so yeah, get pumped! But I won’t have as much time as Christmas, but it’s ok some is better than none. 

HOLY COW!!!!  Mom....I sat in a Ferrari!!!!! It’s a Ferrari California!! The member owns a helicopter, Segways, and has a rock climbing wall in his house, movie theater, gym, and just crazy amounts of toys! He is super successful but such a kid haha. He is a younger man and just works hard and has fun! He is legit, we go over to his house and he was all excited showing us his house and toys haha. He gave us a part from a Ferrari too! It’s the side air intake haha and it’s the Ferrari red so that’s all that matters! So yeah, that was way exciting, he also let us zip around on his Segways!! He will give us rides in his car next week haha, way cool! One of the wards out here is like our Stake, very affluent.  I ask people for tips on success, and I write all their tips down in my journal on one big list. I have so far gathered...Persistence. "David Hansen said the difference between successful and unsuccessful people is persistence." He told a story of a man he hired, who at a roller coaster kept bribing the person working there to let his kid in, the guy wouldn’t let him, so the dad said you know, I’m just going to go get him sneakers so he is tall enough - do you really want to make me do that? And so he did and the kid got on the ride. He said nothing is more common than unsuccessful people that are highly educated, extremely talented, and smart, but that isn’t enough. Successful people never stop in every aspect of life! So true. He said people aren’t born like that, they become that each day. Pretty cool right? Ok, so onto better stuff.

We played kick the can with 15 of Brother Packer’s grandkids the other day! They all go crazy when they see us! It’s a blast! We also did service this week for a less active lady, we did it two days in a row. The second day, it was pouring rain!! But we had to do it, so we went out! Our motto is the one from the Guardian! About going out even when it’s storming or the worst weather conditions, we are the ones that go out. haha It’s pretty funny. But it was a blast! Her kid Crew was helping us and I told him to spray Elder Reed with the hose, so he did, then Crew and I got in a big mud fight haha. It was hilarious. Good thing I was wearing crummy clothes. We had to help a missionary out this week,  because he hates numbers and goals as missionaries...I, on the other hand, love them because they help me to fulfill my purpose. I trained him on it for like 30 minutes, and he changed his mind and is now working on enjoying setting and getting goals. Tomorrow is when Elder Reed and I train our zone, I’m training on key indicators - basically numbers, why we have them, and setting goals. I am keying in how it all comes about by one small step! Each step counts and makes big things happen. Kind of how the Lord works with small and simple things are great things brought to pass. I am using the little engine that could in my training!!! I’m Pumped!!! I’m using his whole line on I think I can I think I can and the importance of think! That he doesn’t feel good enough about getting it that he settles, but that each step is just one past the next and he puts everything he’s got into each step because he thinks he can.  We are also doing a custom training about planning for each day and following the plans! We are using cookies - one recipe we follow the plans and the other we put too much salt in. Yeah, it’s going to be great!!! We have a step by step process for baking spiritual cookies and making good daily plans. I can’t wait, I love training and holding meetings!! This will directly relate to running meetings back home if I ever do for business. I can’t wait, oh man! I just get in the zone! I am moving around and just into it - I feel awake when I do things like that. Also, when I think of my own ideas, that’s why I want to do business. But yeah, the mission is the best!!! This week has been hard, all of our investigators were out of town. or not able to meet with us, it’s fine, I don’t get discouraged at all, but I just like teaching. 

Man, I love my mission! We are playing softball today as a Zone and it’s 72 degrees and sunny out, so I’m pumped!!! I told Caitlin about trying to save $30 a month to save up...not going to happen haha. Just too much stuff that adds up and uses our monthly money. Man, I can’t wait to Skype with you guys!!! You can invite whoever you want, I don’t mind. Just make sure that it’s ready to go! Man, I love the mission! It’s just the best, I am on steroids of spiritual, mental, moral, personal growth!! Everyday I am learning and growing and becoming just someone better! It feels so good! But yeah, we also had a baptism for Sloan!! He is legit, his dad has been less active, he went up to say the closing prayer and was just sobbing! For like 5 minutes he couldn’t pray, it was so powerful!!! The whole room was in tears! Sloan is the man! Cade also got the priesthood!!! Man, just a good experience with both of them! I love it! Makes me so happy to see my efforts are working! And especially that their lives are changing for the better! I love you guys so much! My mission is going great, I am doing great and can’t wait to Skype! I love you all, have a great week and be safe!

Elder Fischetti
“Failure is postponed success, as long as your courage leads and guides your ambition to succeed. The repeating act of persistence is the natural habit of success.”

 Islanders...don't know how to use a bike rack.
 "Now that's thinking with your dipstick, Jimmy"
 Woohoo!!!  Our new car! 
 Bahahahaha!  Afro Chicken!
and more toys...
 We tried some kids' go carts, it felt like we were Mario Kart guys, they were so tiny!
 These are the best days! 

Week of April 29, 2013

Hey Mom!!

That is so exciting about Caitlin!! I can’t wait for her to be out in the field. It is the best. So yes, I am doing great, it’s the end of the month, so we have been scrambling for money, trying to spend as little as possible. So man, you will be so impressed with me this week. There was a ward talent show, and Elder Reed, Bebee, Erickson and I entered!!! We sang a cool new version of A Child’s Prayer, then Elder Reed and I did the Fireknife dancing with wooden practice sticks. There was also an auction to raise money for the youth...I thought we had to help, so we put up "Missionary Run FHE", it raised $65!!! SO crazy!!! IT was a blast...and ok here’s the big one!! Elder Reed and I sang in Sacrament Meeting!!!! Yeah, could you ever see me doing that??? I couldn’t! We sang acapella? However you spell it. We sang the song, Brightly Beams our Father’s Mercy. It was awesome! I figured I need to stand by my quote to do something each day that scares you..well, that scared me. I’ve never sang before in public!!! It was really good for me. We practiced once then just went for it. The Spirit was SO strong!! Man, it was a blast, and we got a lot of comments after!! 

So President told us to use our creativity, he said if we think it’s better than tracting...TRY IT! So now I have a green light to let my creativity fly!! Some ideas will be coming soon. SO another great part of the week...WE GOT A CAR!!! Brand new from Salt Lake!!! It is a white Jeep Compass 2013!! It is not like a missionary car! It is so nice haha. We are way spoiled. 

We taught the Activity Day girls haha yes, 9-10 yrs old. It was a blast!! They are crazy!!! We talked about the mission and how they can do missionary work haha, their teacher wanted us to. They are like our best friends, they see us riding our bikes and they yell out their car windows or come running out of their house to ride with us. They are nuts though, like crazier than Grace. (his cousin) It’s funny because its like us two missionaries with these little crazy girls as our best friends haha. 

Oh, another crazy experience!!! We had to deliver 150 Books of Mormon to all of the missionaries in our zone, and we didn’t have a car at the time, so we didn’t know how to do it....then genius struck! We strapped a baby carriage thing to the back of our electric bike and then drove around to deliver them....NOW THAT’S THINKIN’ WITH YOUR DIPSTICK, JIMMY. It was hilarious. We also have been prank phone calling our zone, hahahaha. It’s so funny, I act like a crazy old man, almost everyone of them pitched the BOM and asked for a phone number to call them back. One companionship I called, I acted like an old Italian guy haha...Pop Pop. I call and said "Franky?" They said no, it’s Elder Stevens..."Steven how did you get Franky’s numba?" ummm idk... “Your a bum! Put Franky on the phone!” They started pitching the BOM and asked for an address to come visit me...I freaked out, hahaha I go, “don’t yous be askin’ me for any address, you bum” haha, I started cracking up and then ratted myself funny. We also sang When There’s Love At Home in church...I couldn’t sing, I was cracking up the entire time thinking of the Mobsters and Mormons video.

Now to move onto more spiritual stuff.... I’ve had a few miracles happen. The first is a less active police officer from St. Anthony. Elder Miller and I knocked his door and he denied us hard core, he was very nasty, but we just bore testimony and left. Throughout the winter, we always shoveled his driveway and cleaned off his car. We just found out he is now active, and baptized his son!!!!!  All because we were helping him out not expecting anything, he said he had to let missionaries come and talk to him after watching us from his window slave away at his driveway. SO COOL!!!!! So that was a miracle for sure, and now another one. I was fasting yesterday for more success and more teaching opportunities. We go to church, and a family comes up to us with their 9 year old and they have been inactive for a while. They said they want him baptized as soon as possible and they want to have all of the lessons!!! YESSSSSS, prayer and fasting works!! So we had two big time lessons this week... One was with JD, we taught the Plan of Salvation with these little card things, it went so well, we bore testimony and felt the Spirit so strong!!! He is definitely progressing, now it’s time to set the hook and get the guy baptized! Our other big lesson was with Paul, he is a new investigator, he is progressing really well, we gave him a blessing for kidney stones, talked about football, then taught the restoration. I was in tears when I was bearing testimony about how it blesses families, because it has mine. He was in tears, and so was the member that came with us. He admitted he thinks it’s his time to convert!!!!  All because 2 Mormon football players got drafted to his NFL team, and that lesson....WOOHOOO!!! PS: he is just like dad...part member family, went through tons of I love winning. Satan...0 Jesus...1!!!  

Man, I love my mission!!!! It is such a blast!!! We are going to check out a guy’s house out here today that has an indoor ice rink in his basement...yeah. Inspiration for sure. Man, but seriously the mission is the best thing that I have done so far. But I gotta get runnin. I love you all so much!! Be safe and God I did go back to the doc. My headaches are doing great! NO problems yet!!! He gave me his cell # in case I do have them again he will give me one of those nerve blocks again to get rid of them. But kk I love you all!!!

Elder Fischetti 

Week of April 22, 2013

Wow!! That’s awesome that Michael loved it!!! (Elder Fischetti sent him a fun remote control toy that he had with him - it was Michael’s favorite gift). I wish I could have gotten him more, but money is just way tight haha. Yeah it’s way cool, I wish I could have held onto it, but I’ll use it after the mission. He is my younger bro and, of course I would never forget about him!!! So yes, that baptism was for Cad!! He is awesome, so prepared! At his baptism, there was over 100 people! He asked me to perform it and wow, what an experience! He already wants to serve a mission. What a spiritual experience, I had tears in my eyes the entire time! I am a softy!!! But that baptism was incredible, I want to have one every weekend!!!!! So I love setting huge goals now and reaching them, I set a goal at the beginning of my mission to reach 48 baptisms. That is 4x the average, and the highest so far here has been about 47. It’s a high goal, but I set it so I stay focused every second of every day. Because in order to reach a goal like that, I have to be working 24/7 to bring people to the light. I didn't get an email from Michael, but no rush. So the prayers for the investigators are working!!! We set 2 dates with the Sorensen family!!!! Crazy experience, so we are going into the house to teach the restoration...I get the feeling not to. So I thought and felt the Spirit and decided to teach on the Holy Ghost, I looked at Reed and said Holy Ghost. He agreed, and we taught their socks off. The spirit was so strong, and it was so cool to be able to almost sales pitch baptism haha. They didn’t even really want to meet with us, and we wound up setting baptismal dates with them haha. Now we just have to have them ready by then. People say Elder Reed and I are slippery as an eel and quick as a fox with our words haha. It’s a lot of fun to be able to use the Spirit with words and thoughts and paths of thought to get people to understand this and feel it out and find out for themselves. Wow, what an experience that was with the Sorensens!!! Just changed it on the spot... Man, I love my mission. So I have been emailing Parker, he is doing really well. We always talk a little bit about money after the mission. We were at first hand writing, but now we are allowed to email each other.  We have a goal for us together for after the mission. It’s about making money haha its very very lofty but when you have the drive, and right off a mission, anything is possible. Udwell will go nation wide, and literally hundreds of other ideas I have and he has will just take off once we get an inch of traction. I’m so happy Michael liked his package!! I wanted to give him more!!! Oh well, another time! Oh man, so Brother Packer, the guy we live with, is hosting a zone BBQ today!! He bought ribs for our whole zone!!! Holy mama!! I could hardly believe it!! I felt so bad, but he insisted on it. We are spoiled out here from time to time. Someday, I want to return all of the favors to missionaries when I have my own job. Buy them new suits and ties and whatever else...if they are good missionaries, that is. Man, I love my mission.  

So I think I might major in accounting when I get home?  Because using my creativity, drive, and passion for success will take care of a lot of it, so if I can learn to deal with money, investing, and those hints and tips, I will be just fine. Pres. was talking to us about that stuff the other day. Man I love my mission!!!! I am learning and growing so much!!!! I can’t keep it all in!! 

Yeah, this week has been sooo busy and exhausting! We took a power nap during lunch the other day, and when I came out of the room, there was like 10 kids just staring at me! So I put my fists up and said you wanna tussle or somethin? They all came running out and started attacking me ahha it was hilarious! Elder Reed came running out and saved my life with a big pillow haha. They were all of Brother Packer’s grandkids, it was a blast. But I gotta jet!!! We have sosososo much to do!! I love it!  ps I’m almost at 9 months!!! HOLY COW! I love you guys, have a great week and enjoy life!! Did you ever get that book from Deseret Book? Dad should read it too! The Power of Everyday Missionaries. I love you all! Tell Michael I said Happy Birthday again!! I love you, be safe, work hard, play hard!

Elder Fischetti
"Some people look at things and say how come?...I look at them and say why not?"      

 Love our investigators.
 What a great day!
The District.

Week of April 15, 2013

Dear Family:

Wow, I love that little story, and how you added the knee joints! Revelation for sure, that was great, the knee bones are for sure the most important part, but we also have to be willing to follow the answers and guidance, so it’s like a big circle. That’s cool, I like it. (I sent him a story about the Three Bones - and an additional take on Invictus - right up his alley). That is so sad that Elder went home!! Poor guy! He will hopefully come back out! And wow, Bro. Orme had a heart attack?? That is so sad! He is needed in heaven, that’s for sure.

So I have a quick thought to improve my mission. First off, is just is not my mission, it is our mission. You guys are in on this with me. SO having that said, I want you guys to start feeling more connected with the work we are doing. So I will make a list of the people we are working with, and I want you as a family to pray for each of them by name each night. This way we can all be united by their progression in the gospel.
-Cade, being baptized this Sat. the 20th (Mike’s B-day)
-Sloan, being baptized May 4th.
-Cassandra, no date set yet, but young wife and a wonderful lady, just needs prayers
-Mike S., less active and part member family, his wife and 2 daughters need to be baptized
-Jesus + Olivia, needs to feel the spirit everyday! Loves the gospel, just needs some help to be baptized
- Selena + Meghan, younger girls, very lost and live a rough life, don’t have anything on their side - so they feel
-MacIntire Family, none are members, they have so much potential, we will teach them for the 1st time this week
- Rocky + Susan, young couple, need to gain a testimony of Joseph Smith and the restoration
-Brent L., will be baptized very very soon, just prayers for strength
-Cole + Angelina + Virginia, all siblings, within the ages of 16-22, they have heard some anti literature, and need help fixing those scars. 
-JD, same situation as Rob Fisher!!!! He needs to feel the spirit, he is so ready.

All of these people, I love so much, I want them to feel the spirit each and every day, they are all progressing and being prepared to recieve this message that we share. We are working very hard, we have other people but they aren’t as prepared as the list I gave you. Please forward this list to Vanessa, she can join in too with praying for them.  Also, if you ever feel prompted, please put their names in the temple, all of them need strength and help. Together we can do it. If we do this as a family, and I update you on their progression, I think it will be a very special experience for us. 

Tuesday morning, we had a Zone training meeting, it’s a meeting with our whole zone, and Elder Reed and I give different trainings on whatever part of missionary work we want. My main training was on 10 traits of Legendary Missionaries, I searched the scriptures and famous stories to find traits of super missionaries, I compiled the list and expounded on each part using scriptures, quotes, and stories. The training was about 35 minutes, it went really well, and while I was training, I just felt so alive! I was pacing around and my mind was moving a million miles per hour. I loved it, I got a few great compliments, but the best part about this was that the entire training was 100% revelation! I made the list on a post card, and that’s all I had, everyhting else just came. I try to work on my public speaking skills as much as I can, so I never read off of a card or a prepared talk. We also trained on obedience, and fasting for 40 days from things that keep us from having the spirit, it is so hard but it feels so good!!! As soon as I made my list, we walk out the door and both of us were more tempted in each area as we have ever been. It is crazy, Satan is such a bumchum. But we overcome it together. I love Elder Reed, we are so different but have so much fun. We get along great, and both have different mindsets and skills. We are doing a talent in the ward talent show in a few weeks....we are doing fire knife dancing!!!! He taught me and now I can spin it just fine haha it’s going to be funny. But we will be spinning just PVC tubes, so don’t worry, no fire or knives. Look him up on FB!!!! Lasi Reed, scroll down his page and find his video of him spinning fire, it is nuts, he worked at the PCC...He is legit.

Oh, so the quote today is "Obedience bring blessings, but exact obedience brings miracles." Sister Khunz and Jacobson had an incredible experience with the 40 day fast and exact obedience that we are doing as a zone. They were praying and fasting for an investigator that was ready for baptism, they were very held up the other day, and none of their plans followed through, so they were kinda let down wondering why the fast wasn’t working, then they decided to knock a random door in the middle of a neighboorhood, so they did. The guy opened the door, and he said I was waiting for you to come, I want to be baptized. I read the B of M and know it is true, I know that Joseph Smith was a prophet. HOLY COWWW!!!! Miracles miracles!!! Elder Reed and I also had an experience like that!!! We were very held up with paper work and business for the zone. We left our house and I decided to walk, out of nowhere. We never walk! We started walking, and there was a black man out smoking, he just walked outside. His name is Chazz.. We talked with him about cars and music, then somehow we related it to the gospel. He said ya know, what y’all are cool, can you come back next week to tell me more. Oh and I want my family to listen to y’all!!!! He invited us to teach his wife, kid, dad, mom, and his siblings!!! Chazz is the man!!! He will be baptized, I know it. Miracles are happening in the Idaho Falls Central Zone!!! I love my mission. Can you believe I’ve been out 8 1/2 months!!?? Time is flying by way too fast, I blink my eyes and a week is already gone!!! 

We were also in charge of the visitors center fireside. We prayed and felt to have it on modern day prophets, we invited the Kirkhams, a couple in our mission presidency to speak, and we scheduled some testimonies, videos, and musical numbers. The room was packed!! We conducted the meeting, President was there, and so many people were there. The meeting was so spiritual, I was blessed to be able to close it with my testimony on Joseph Smith and President Monson. What a great experience, there were a bunch of investigators from all over the mission there, and the spirit was just so strong. I love my mission, I love always helping other people. I don’t even think about myself anymore. Oh, Elder Braby was at the fireside also!!  Well, he is now Kyle Braby, he is still the same, good to see. I love that guy. I wish I could tell you about every little detail of my mission, but there is just way too much!!! We have had the most sacred experiences, the most dangerous, the most uplifting, the most doubtful. I just love my mission with all of my heart. I’ve only got 2 years to do it, and eternity to think about it.  

But anyways, I gotta go, we have to give advice on transfers to President while we are on the computers. I love you all so much, I am so grateful for the way I was raised, and the childhood I was blessed with. I love my mission, but it is going by too fast. Don’t ever forget that all will be well in an eternal perspective. I love you all!!! Be safe, love life, and lean on the Lord.

Elder Fischetti
"obedience bring blessings, but exact obedience brings miracles."

Week of April 8, 2013

Hey wow, you are just a few hours away:) haha but yet still a year and half away haha it’ds the best! That must be a blast being in Utah! Provo's college life is pretty fun! I wish I was good enough at lax to play for BYU, but I think hockey is my thing. I miss hockey so much, I just want to skate on the ice so badly. It’s ok, after the mission I will have fun with Parker and Ashton tearing it up. My favorite talk at conference was Bednar’s, he is just so intelligent, it is inspiring to hear how he says things and what words he uses. Holland is also inspiring to me, he just spits fire!!! He has taught me to be persistent!!! So we had a PI (potential investigator) contest against other zones in between the sessions, Elder Bebee and I went together, he came out with me!! We tore it up! We found 2 PI's and one is ready to be baptized after we taught a quick lesson. The second best part about it was a devil worshipper was taking out his trash and I turn to him and say hi and he goes “not interested, I worship the devil”! It caught my attention, so I had to talk with him! I started walking towards him and he started walking away, he realized I wanted to shake his hand so he started speed walking, so I started speed walking after him. I just wanted to say hi and shake his hand, this way I can shake his hand for a long time and get some words in! He sprinted into his house and I ran in after him, bahaha it was awesome! He closed the door and I just bore my testimony through the screen window haha, it was awesome! I never take no for an answer! It was a lot of fun! Also, another lady said that she doesn’t need the gospel, I jumped on that like a fumble, I told her where we are going after this life and about what we have to do to get to the certain places. 

She was shocked and Elder Bebee said he felt the spirit. We were both so persistent and just spoke to everyone about the gospel even if they don’t want to hear it, because offending someone would be the least of my worries since an eternity to ponder not having made the right decision would be everlasting. When we are persistent, people realize, and it plants that little seed of wow that kid really believed what he was talking about. Man, I love my mission! I am not who I used to be! You have no idea. After trying to tell people that Jesus Christ made a post resurrection visit to the Americas, that Joseph Smith saw God and Jesus Christ, and that a 14 year old boy could restore the true church... any kind of business or job would be so easy! There is no conscious demand for this in people’s lives, especially to people that have heard it all their lives growing up in a relatively prominent LDS area. 

So we were at a stop light in someone’s car, and there was a lady smoking next to us so I decided to get out of the car and I told her we can change her life and she can be so much happier if she just talked with us one time. I told her give me one chance to prove myself, I handed her a card with our phone number and name on it and got back in the car haha, it was legit. I got a great excuse at the door, one guy named Mike goes...Hi, I’m Mike and I’m asleep right now...can’t talk. I go wow, you are asleep? That's incredible!! All enthusiastically he goes what? I said that you are asleep and talking with us haha, he laughed and invited us back! 

Caitlin sent me 1500 lady bugs!!! How crazy is that! It was hilarious, but kind of nasty, there were so many in such a small amount of space! Please tell Bishop I tried to email him but he didn’t get it, I will write him soon, I feel so bad I just have no time!!! Every day we are swamped with our own work, getting the zone set up with maps, books, and what not, and also taking care of other missionaries. So please tell him I am so sorry but that I love and appreciate him and will write him soon. Also Sister Stevenson, I got candy from her! I will write her and Grandma soon. Man Mom, I love my mission. I am so different! I love learning and growing! Like I can’t stop learning every second, I have to be growing. I am in spiritual boot camp haha. I’ve never had so much confidence in myself, and so much just peace of mind. I love it!!! I am so grateful I got out here, because most likely I would have never learned these lessons anywhere else. So on Tuesday, we have a training meeting, where we train a bunch of missionaries! I am training on Uncommon Traits of Legendary Missionaries. So I list them off...They are driven by passion, they are competitive, they are persistent, they are opportunists, they sacrifice themselves, they have unwavering faith, they thrive on criticism, they are goal setters and goal getters, they believe in themselves, and they endure to the end. I will expound on each one of those traits. I just love my mission! Elder Reed is training on the BOM! Then we are also conducting and organizing the fireside at the temple visitors center! So crazy! So much going on but I love it! I am my best self when we are crammed for space and time. I love my mission so much. I am doing great, no need to worry about me! But have a great week, and enjoy life!! I love you guys so much and I hope you have a great week and that you have fun!! Thank you for all that you have done for me!! You guys are the best! I love you so much!
Elder Fischetti
When someone challenges you, fight back. Be brutal. Be tough. 

Week of April 1, 2013

Good Morning!

I can’t believe it’s been 8 months already! It flies way too fast! So yes, I got both packages!! That watch is awesome!!! I am getting it adjusted to fit me today! I love it, It is totally me, I like the dark blue especially. Thank you so much for the watch and the monster amounts of easter candy! Holy mama, way too much! But it was great! Tell Michael I loved the egg hunt! It was an awesome idea!! Elder Reed and I did it together!! 

My headaches are doing good! I haven’t struggled since the medicine! One is Virapamil (excuse the spelling) and another is some type of injection I give myself when I get the headache, I forgot the name, but it works! It burns really bad at first then 30 mins. later it’s all better! Awww man, Elder Gulisane, haha I miss that kid. Yes, the Gonzales family is a family Elder Miller and I found and taught!! Holy cow, so many people! Blake is also being baptized in between conferences up there in St. Anthony, both were people Miller and I found, so it’s awesome they followed through! 

So, we have had a butt kick/dog treat week!! It has been very hard but very rewarding! On Tuesday, we knocked about 50 doors and didn’t get in one!!! They all flipped us off or yelled at us for being young and not knowing anything or that we have no authority. It was fun, I like being rejected sometimes, it just got annoying - all I wanted to do was teach someone!!!  But it was 8:50 at night and everything hurt and we were exhausted from being knocked down so many times. We were about to go in, but both of us decided to stay out and knock a few more random doors. We go to one, and a man by the name of Richard Kenny opens the door, he used to live in our ward about 30 years ago!!! He was the Scout Master in Yorktown!!!!!  So crazy!!  He is older, but has a son who needs the gospel and lives with him. He invited us back and wants to come to church!!! WOOHOO - the classic endurance story!!  Success always lies behind failure! Especially hard failure! 

We set 2 dates this week with Cade and Sloan, two incredible young men in the area we have been teaching at his friend’s houses. Sloan was about to end his life a year ago, and is now such an impressive kid, I really do feel like he could be a best friend, we get along so well!! He is coming to our zone activity today with Cade and a few other youth, we are going to jump at a trampoline place haha. Cade is also incredible, we gave him a BOM and it is highlighted like crazy!! He is so smart and just easy to be around. I love my mission!!! Oh, so we serve in the Idaho Falls South Stake, and serve in the Sunnyside, Shadow Mountain, Shamrock Park, and Summerfield wards. It is a blast, the wards we serve in are so friendly and open to us. So we are teaching a preacher at Brother Meek’s house...Bro. Meek is legit, he is the HC of missionary work. Anyway, Donovan is the guy’s name, the other night we taught the restoration, and he was crying after!!! The spirit was so strong and he called us after and just talked, he said we are like best friends to him. Man, I love my mission and the people here!! After, you guys will meet every single person I became close to!

So when I think of missionary work, 3 things come to mind...first is from Herb Brooks aka “Miracle” when he says "This is your time". I think of that as my mission...this is my time!  I’m sick and tired of hearing how wicked the world is, go out and change it! This is my time to walk with and for the Savior every second of every day! The second is "Hoorah For Israel!! We yell it when we see other missionaries! It gets us pumped and them as well! But Hoorah for Israel!! We are building the Kingdom of God! The third is Vince Lombardi...when he says "We have got to WIN and WIN and WIN!!!! Israel has GOT to win! We have got to fight and fight with emotion and never slow down because we have got to win! I bore my testimony on those 3 in sacrament, and it was powerful to me! Those 3 things popped into mind on the stand haha. THIS is your time! Hoorah for Israel! and we have got to Win and WIn and WIN!!! I love my mission, I love the work we are involved in! There is nothing that brings as much joy in my life as this work does. I love missionary work with everything I have. I never want to stop being a missionary, and I dont!! When the Lord calls us a missionaries it was forever!! I love it! But man, I am doing so good Mom, I love my life and what I am doing. We are happy 24/7!!!  Like no joke!  Even when we get denied hardcore! I love my mission so much, I am so grateful I decided to come out here! Thank you for helping get me here! But I gotta roll! I love you all so much and wish you the very best!  Remember to always find ways to spread this fire of the gospel everywhere you go!!! Go get the book NOW “The Power of Everyday Missionaries”! It is bomb! That book has lit this stake on fire with member missionary work! I love you have a great week and enjoy life!!!! Keep living your life and having fun.

Elder Fischetti
"How strong are you?...I’M TOO STRONG!"

Elders Fischetti and Reed

The District at the Meek's

Week of March 25, 2013

Hey big Papi!!!
This week has been incredible!! We have found tons of Potential Investigators, and people to teach!! I love missionary work!!!! I never thought I would get as obsessed with it as I am now. I have trouble sleeping at night sometimes because I am so excited thinking of new ideas and ways of doing our work, and thinking of success and what I would do in certain situations. I finally did THE HOLLAND. (when you stick your foot in someone’s door so they can’t close it). The man opened it and said not interested, so I jammed my foot in there and just shared my testimony of the Savior and what he is to me, the man had a totally different look on his face after, he was trying to close the door at first, then just sat there and listened. IT WORKED!!! It was awesome. I love my mission, and nothing can or will slow me down. Keep up the work back home Dad, The most important thing we do in this life is in our homes.
Love you
-You want something? Go get it. Period. 

Dear Family:
Wow, what a story that is!!! SO awesome when missionaries really learned and really grew. That missionary was faithful and trusting in the Lord. That Elder was blessed by the Lord for his hard work throught his mission, and he probably realized that, and he gave back in turn. That’s awesome! 

So Elder Rowe was here for our stake conference, he knew me from President Brinkerhoff!!! He said he has heard great things about me! Holy cow, I was shocked haha. So I am doing great! My headaches aren’t such a pain now! I get them rarely and they aren’t bad at all!!! So relieving. 

I love my mission, Mom, you have no idea how grateful I am that I got out here. I have changed so much and grown so much, I will never be the same. My mission is making me who I am meant to be. So a few stories. First one is a bike story haha, we had an appointment at 9 the other morning to give blessings at the hospital about 2 miles away. We walk outside and it is snowing/raining and 20 degrees outside, my companion asked if we should call them and postpone or something. I said, well let’s think of how we found them, it was a wierd night, everyone was slamming doors in our faces, but one we got in by chance haha they didn’t like us but invited us in anyway, they are members and tried to ask us to leave, but we found out their parents were both in the hospital and we promised we would come give them a blessing. The 2 people were less active and need the gospel! So I said to my comp...Let’s roll. We rode there and it wound up being a super spiritual experience. SO WORTH IT. Now the 2 kids are going to come back to church!! Another quick story because I need to go, I finally did THE HOLLAND.(when you stick your foot in someones door so they can’t close it) the man said I’m not interested in a growly voice and slammed the door, I shoved my foot in there at the last’ve only got one shot with some peope. He was shocked, haha he tried pushing it closed but I just stood there. I testified of my Savior Jesus Christ and how much he means to me. The man totally changed, he felt the spirit and just sat there listening. He didn’t invite us back, but I know he felt something, and it was a seed planted. I love my mission. I’ve never felt so alive and so into something. I have lost myself in such a big cause, I don’t even know what’s going on at home or in the world, to be honest, it doesn’t really matter. I love my mission!!! I can’t sleep some nights because I am up thinking of ideas or so excited to do it all again. 

Mom, I love my mission. I don’t have anymore time haha we gotta roll. But I love my mission! Your experiences sound like they were great!!! What a blessing to serve those men!! That is way cool! I love you and thank you for all that you do for me. Have a great week and stay safe! Never ever postpone a prompting. I love you! Sorry this email is short, next week’s will be better. But I love you!
Elder Fischetti
- I dont like being handed things.  

Week of March 18, 2013

Wow, so many questions!!!
Ok so I’ll just start answering. I didn’t get Tracy’s package, I will get it though, dont worry. So with the neurologist. He gave me shots in my scalp, SOOOO painful but it’s ok, pain is weakness leaving the body. It numbs the nerve endings. He says my decription perfectly matches cluster headaches, he said they are extremely hard to deal with so he gave me those shots to kick me off the regular routine of having them. Haven’t had one since :). He also gave me a few perscriptions that I will go and pick up today. He said it will most likely 95% cure them for good :) So glad to hear, huh? 

So our zone is legit! We have 18 missionaries, and for the temple we don’t schedule things, just sometimes we run firesides at the visitors center. Being a zone leader is a lot of fun, but a lot of work. We are up late adding numbers, drawing maps, and memorizing people, places, and numbers. It’s crazy. Then we have to wake up at 5:30 to report numbers to the Assistants, I have never been so worn out and exhausted in my life. But I love it. So with my new address, give it to Vanessa and anyone else. 

So we live in a mansion. It has marble floors, and real beds haha. Compared to St. Anthony's house, this is the celestial kingdom. We have a brand new phone and a brand new area. We whitewashed the Idaho Falls Central zone...Brand new zone, :) so I am blessed to open it up with a bang. The area was in the dumps before, nobody really trusted the missionaries because of things that happened. So President said it will be rough at first, but great after they see our personalities. Elder Reed is from Hawaii, Oahu, he is the bomb. He is a mix of Matt Assumma and Elder Aiono. We have fun, but work like we've got hot sauce in our butts.  I love my mission.  I love every second of it.  So we were dropped off at the transfer site on the other side of Idaho Falls, with a brand new phone so no numbers, no car, and basically nothing.  Both new to this area, and basically just stranded.  Everybody left and we were still there with all of our luggage. It was awesome!!  We used our missionary skills of talking with anyone about anything and found our way home pretty soon.  We live with Brother Packer, he is a G!!!  He is older, his wife died a few years ago and he requested that we live there. We have pool, ping pong, air hockey, and foosball. It is sweet, too bad we barely have time to use it all. But he has been a huge help, he bought us groceries last week, drove us around and just treats us like his grandkids. We were up getting water right before bed, and he comes out with a grin on his face and wanted to make milkshakes haha. Just the little things that make life more enjoyable. 

I told dad, but he went bankrupt at the age of 50 and had 3 kids in college, so he had to find a way to make money fast! He studied and worked his butt off, and was the number one health insurance salesman in the country!!! He is inspiring. I now see why we should go to school, and work my butt off. Even though I don’t think college will be the biggest help for me doing what I want to do, I want to go and work hard just so I can feel accomplished and that I can do anything I set my mind to. I will dominate in school when I apply the vigor I have for knowledge to my schooling. But I love my mission. 

So call Jack Church and ask him about the bear story, it is way too long for me to type, but just do it. So there are so many missionaries in your ward!!!  That is crazy!!  Tell them I said hi and 'HOOORAAHHHH FOR ISRAEL." "the world is in trouble, and we are the hope of Israel."-Elder Holland. Tell them to just work hard and get competitive, and nothing else will matter. When they want to succeed as a missionary as bad as they want to eat or sleep, they won’t worry about their family, about basketball, about home, girlfriends, their future, or anything. They will just hustle and work. 

I saw Nick and the old Elder Beswick!!!! We went bowling at Fat Cats haha. No, we can’t step foot on BYUI campus. If we do, we have a first class plane ticket home. Elder Bednar put that in action when he was there. So we can’t even look at campus the wrong way.  I love my new area alreadyyy!! Our leaders out here are so motivated and excited to have us here. There is so much potential work,and I just love waking up early, and giving every second everything I’ve got. When I get home, I can barely walk around because I am so exhuasted. It is great!! We were riding some other missionaries’ bikes to each companionship’s house in our zone,....we don’t have a car yet.  But my bike pedal fell off!!!  It was awful, we were miles away!  But we had to keep moving, so I looked at Elder Reed and said, let’s roll, I pedaled with one foot the entire trip!! It was exhausting, but I got her done. I just love my mission. I have grown and changed in so many ways, I feel like I can do anything I set my mind to now. The mission has changed my life forever. I love you all very much!!! 

Elder Reed is the bomb, and I love serving with him, he is motivated like me, so it’s a great change. He is great and we will dominate the work out here. I love you all very much! Be safe and love life! Tell everyone I said hi!!!

Elder Fischetti
"I didn’t come here to fail"....I told that to the stake high councilman over missionary work, when he said this area is going to be extremely hard because of the history of missionaries. 

Week of March 11, 2013


Happy Pday!
So you talked to Elder G's parents?? Yayy!!! He is legit, we are totally hanging out after the mission, don’t worry. So it is my honor to do this, but I am opening up a brand new zone!! Very rare apparently. It is the Idaho Falls Central zone. I will be a zone leader with Elder Reed. Yes, we still proselyte, but we have a lot of things to take care of. I may train a new missionary later in the mission, but for now what zone leaders do is they are in charge of 20-40 missionaries, they train them weekly, and make sure everything is running smoothly. It is pretty cool, I am already doing that! People say I am one of the earliest in this mission ever. It is pretty exciting, but we have to remember it is all up to the Lord! It’s not me, I just like to hustle. I am also over the Idaho Falls visitor center because it is in my zone. I am very excited and it is a great privilege to be called to do this. I am learning and growing so much!!! I am from an incredible ward, stake, family, and childhood. I need to make my family, my home ward, my home stake, and my boys from home proud. I can’t slack and let them down! I’ve started to look at my mission as a competition, because I naturally thrive on competition. I compete against the adversary. I am fighting for God, so if I am lazy, that is Satan winning, if I sleep in, that is Satan winning. So with this mindset, I have so much drive! It really makes me step it up and push myself further. Then the other competition I have is myself! I like competing against my own person, it allows me to grow and be something so much more each and every day. I have quotes all over my house, I type one or two up each week, and put them on the wall. Each one gets me going, and it keeps me focused, motivated and driven. I can’t stop, won’t stop, never intend to. I have one poster in my house I made, it looks like this. You know how there are posters where single words are big and others are small, that’s how this is. The caps words are big. 

is necessary
is necessary
is necessary
because they teach you to
they teach you to 
they teach you to
which only leads to success.
you want something? go get it. Period.

I have that on my wall, it makes me enjoy pain and failure, because then I can grow and succeed eventually. I have learned on my mission, that if you are afraid of failing, you will never be successful. I love my mission! 

So we were chasing deer in our car on the way home the other night, and one leaped off the road and nailed a fence post!! It was hilarious! Hey, thank you so much for the package!!!! I LOVED IT! Thank you for the snacks, and the money! They gave me some breathing room haha. I feel like I am always being squashed for money. 

One thing I love about my mission is when you are at a door or in a lesson, and you are testifying with everything you've got. When you are hacking into every vault of spirituality you have. I love it!! We did that with two families, one we were in a lesson and it wasn't going great because they were distracted and what not, so I bore testimony with everything in my body, miraculously they all teared up, the spirit was smacking them in the face! And also at Martins' house, we did it again and the lesson after bearing testimony is so much better when necessary. I am such a different person, really love this gospel, I love being converted to it, and nothing will ever bump me off of the path. So many kids were upset when I said I was leaving haha because I was always finding kids playing snowball fights or skateboarding and I would make it a habit to go and play with them for just 5 minutes, because then they come home and tell their parents about missionaries being fun and how they like us, then the parents invite us over or give us referrals haha. It is a blast, I make sure to make every moment fun and worth it. It’s amazing, I wish you could see us work as missionaries. 
We had lunch at Pizza Pie Cafe the other day after the temple, and a guy came up to us almost in tears and asked us to teach him a lesson. He is an RM and inactive!! It was the Lord working through us!! Lesson learned,,, always follow the spirit. Always, no matter how simple or small it may be. We went to the temple, and it was awesome!!!! I love it! This was the first time I’ve ever gone and didn’t have a headache during the session!! I could actually pay attention, and think about it. I am writing notes about my headaches for the neurologist, and I am seeing the ENT today. I will sign the HIPA form at the neurologist. And I will tell him everything. I will also get tested for Lyme's. Don’t worry, we will figure it all out. But I LOVE MY MISSION!!! It has changed my life forever, and I am just getting started. I love every second of it. I love you family! have a great week and stay safe!

Elder Fischetti
  • You’ve got to want to succeed so bad that you forget to eat or sleep.  
 Helping people get back on track. Haden Fam.
 With our man Jack in front of home base, aka Les Schwab
 Sonny, the eternal investigator. He is the man.