Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Deep Thoughts

Dear Family:

Elder Bills?!?  That's my grandpa!!  haha He is the man!  Love that kid. (In the mission, they all feel each other is family.  So, the elders will attach "family labels" to those who they work with.  In other words, I think Elder Bills probably trained Elder Aiono, who is Elder Fischetti's "dad".  I hope I have this straight!  I mentioned to Thomas that I have been involved with a missionary mom network, and had heard from Elder Bill's mom).

Anyways man, what a sad email haha. Tell everyone to pick their heads up and enjoy life!  (This week there was some sad news we had to share with Elder Fischetti regarding the health and challenges of some family and friends.)  A lot of people dont enjoy the journey to their goals!  That's what life is about!  Enjoying every moment.  If you're not loving life, you're just wasting time.  I know I can't speak from experience, but we have the gift of agency, we choose whether to be offended or angry or sad. We have control, if you have a dream nothing stops you from achieving it...just yourself. Creativity is key.  Being able to actually think.  The world is losing the skill of thinking.  I have realized that is a strength I have because I tend to always be in deep, deep thought.  It is a skill, but a downer at the same time.  The world is teaching us to memorize and spit it out a.k.a. tests at school.  That will soon change.  Schools will no longer work the way they work. I have many ideas on how to change it and I think later in my life that is one thing I want to work for.  I have an invention journal out here and I don't ever think of it, but sometimes an idea just strikes me.  The people who think different are the ones who change the world. Think outside of the box?  That's impossible, for us there isn't even a box.  Keep your heads up, guys.  Life is full of blessings.  Exercise everyday!  That is the most important part of mental health.  Physical exercise.  Don't skip it.  As soon as you wake it.  Whether for 30 mins. or an hour, just get the blood flowin' and put some strain on your body. and then work out your brain!  We need to constantly be reading, thinking, and creating.  When you are faced with a choice, try to think of as many different solutions as possible.  It fuels creativity.  Your mind will grow and you will be happier and more succesful in life in general.
(Is this my son talking?  Glad he has been listening...)

So miracles are happening!  We have 6 baptismal dates so far and a lot more to come!  Miller and I are just destroying it!  Every night we just collapse at our house!  So we spoke in sacrament meeting with Jack Church yesterday.  I spoke on missionary work.  I related it to ocean fishing and how we check our gear - fishing rods, bait, ropes and what not.  But as members of the church, we need to check for more for when the storms come, such as life jackets, flares, emergency boats, radios and what not.  We need to check our testimonies, our conversion, our desire to grow, our scripture reading, our spiritual health.  But as missionaries, we need to do much more.  I said that like the Coast Guard, when most boats are coming in, we are going out.  We are God's Coast Guard.  We need to have double and triple the gear.  We cannot leave any gear on shore by partying or fooling around, or not reading scriptures, or not caring about this gospel.  I bore testimony of friends that came home early and said..It is not worth it.  I couldn't help but cry out of love for the youth out here. I said, it is not worth it because in a few months into your mission, you will be sitting in the mission president's office because you are not worthy to serve.  Jack said I did really good.  I was totally speaking from the spirit.  It just worked.  We spoke for 15 mins each.  The spirit was so strong at that meeting.  I wish you could have heard it!  

Anyways!  Elder Miller and I set goals each week for numbers and we blow them up every time!  We surpass the standard of excellence!  We got a call from the AP's (assistants to the president - they are missionaries in high leadership positions) they congratulated us on our hard work and desire to serve.  

Man, I love my mission.  Mom, it's the best!  It really is!  Can't wait to skype on Christmas!!! We are skyping at Jack's house if I dont get transferred!!  He's the man!  He was an amazing missionary!  In his talk, he said you learn how to deal with hard companions, you can ask Elder Miller about that. haha  It was so funny, but then he said no, Elder Fischetti touched my heart and he will never know how much he means to me and he teared up!  Can you believe that?  I didn't know he cared about me that much!  I love it!  He is like an older brother to me! We have been riding bikes and it's so fun riding through puddles and off jumps and stuff haha.

But the mission is the best thing I've ever done.  I've never felt so accomplished and successful.  But at the same time, I've never felt so rejected and diminished.  But that's what makes the mission awesome!  You learn to bounce back and hit it 10x harder.  When you knock on 100 doors one day and don't get 1 answer, that doesn't mean you shouldn't get up and do it all again.  I love my mission!  It's the best!

But I love you guys!  Hope you have a better week this week!  Stay safe and stand strong!

Elder Fischetti

"Sacrifice is key. The Lord will not deal with you on any other basis. It is the key to controlling the powers of heaven."

"Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass, it's about learning to dance in the rain." 

Monday, December 3, 2012

A Week of Miracles

Wowowow four months!!!  Time flies!  (I wrote to him that I can't believe it has already been four months - he doesn't usually count!)

Yes, of course I am keeping up with Cad, mom.  He is doing great and we are going to the temple with a bunch of the youth, all of the families we are close to basically. The Hills are excelling as usual. They are all ready to be baptized and are continuing to grow. They have many people in the ward watching out for them. 

This week has been the best week of my life.  It's amazing what obedience, being unified, and having a strong work ethic can achieve.  We see miracles every single day.  Literally.  So we have so many new investigators, I will tell you about the Fishers.  I have been praying for them for a long time.  They are "my mission family".  They have literally made my mission. I have always hoped and prayed I can teach a family just like ours was 11 1/2 years ago. When we knocked on their door, the wife was SO happy.  We went in and mom, they are the exact same ages and fall in the same order as our family was when dad was taking the discussions.  The mom is very similiar to you.  She is a strong member and goes to church while the husband goes to Catholic church!!  Mom, it's the exact same situation as our family. The other night, I bore a powerful testimony of those missionaries that changed my life and our family's life forever.  I couldn't help but choke up a little bit.  I then told him that if he wants the most successful and joyful life possible, to follow his wife.  I continued to tell of my conversion and how I know this church is true.  When I was finished, this big truck driver was in tears!  Holy cow, the Spirit works on people like no other!!  He didn't speak to us the first lesson and not up until that experience.  He then opened up!!  I asked him to be baptized and he said YES!!!  I teared up because it reminded me of Dad when he was baptized and how special that is to me.  He said he will have a hard time explaining it to his parents because they are Catholic, so I told him how it worked for Dad and he feels more confident talking to them.  I am so thankful for them!  Man, I can't believe how much I have grown.  I am so much stronger in the gospel than I ever dreamed of being.  

We are speaking on Sunday in Jack's ward.  (Jack works with the missionaries in his area and is their biggest fan! haha He is very good to them.)  I am excited.  We are speaking about missionary work!!  My favorite!  It's going to be a little emotional because of how much my mission means to me, but as Coach Serpe said, "play with emotion, but don't get emotional."

Man, another special experience was with Curtis.  He is 60 and his beloved wife passed away a few months ago.  He hasn't left his house since.  He was telling us how we can't speak because we never lost someone we were so close to.  Elder Miller (his companion) then spoke up with a meek voice and said... "Sir, I lost my best friend, my Dad, right before my mission".  It was quiet for a whole minute!!  Elder Miller couldn't speak, so he told me to (yes, telepathic connections).  I said, "Curtis, Elder Miller would not leave his mom home to take care of 6 kids and work and everything else that comes along with life if he did not KNOW this church was true.  It was quiet again.  Curtis was in shock!  We both bore powerful testimonies and left.  

It's amazing how two 19 year olds can be so powerful through the Lord.  It's nothing we do or nothing special about us, we just know our calling.  Elder Miller and I are so united!  When we talk, it just works off of each other!  His strengths are my weaknesses and my strengths are his weaknesses.  I love it!  We are meant to be companions.  

I love having the Lord on our side.  It's amazing.  A man we stopped to visit and had a great  experience with also worked for President Smith a while ago!  Yes, our old mission president in NY.  We are stopping at his house today!!  I am very excited!  Mom, I LOVE MY MISSION.  At first I thought, this is going to be a long 2 years, now it's I don't know if I'm going to be able to go home.  I love the trials most of all.  I've never been so rejected and shut down in my life, but I love it.  It just gives me more room to grow.  

The lessons I am learning here are preparing me for life after the mission as well.  In marriage, in my job, in everything!  You really learn perseverance as a missionary.  I am so thankful for my ADD also.  It allows me to think differently and apply it in ways some people may not see.  It's also hard, so it's all about taking advantage of the pros and forgetting about the bad sides of it.  I have learned such good study and application skills!  When I get home, I am going to get straight A's.  Just study hard!  I can do it now!  I can sit down and study for 2 hours in a row and really put my mind to it!  

Man, I am so thankful I am out here.  My life is already totally altered because of it and I've only been out 4 months.  The Stake President came to teach with us one night!!!  Now he is giving us referrals to people he works with and everything!!  It's so exciting dahhhh!!
I was biking the other day through all of the puddles!  Our bikes have fenders so you can do that stuff, Jack said he saw us riding and me on a bike is like a rat on acid. haha  Woops. Don't worry, I only let my crazy side out when it's appropriate.  I am serious and grown up most of the time.  See what happens on a mission is you grow up pretty fast.  I am so excited to apply all I am learning to my life after the mission as well!  In business, in school, in relationships, just everything!  Wow, whoever doesn't serve a mission is crazy.  

Oh Ezra, a foster boy that was staying at Jack's house, left last week. :(  He was adorable!!  When he was leaving, he sang a song, "I hope they call me on a mission so I can be like Elder Schetti!"  That's what he calls me.  It was so cute!  Man, I love my mission!  It really is the best 2 years!  No one said it was easy, but it is the best.  To be honest, this is the hardest thing I have ever done in my entire life.  But that's the beauty of it.  A mission is an intense period of personal growth and reflection.  Aww man, but I love this time out here.  Transfers are coming up the week before Christmas, so please start sending your mail to the mission office until you hear otherwise! ok?  We are opening our presents at Jack's house Christmas morning woohoo!!  

But I love you guys!  I am glad to hear you are all doing well! I hope you continue to push!  Be an example to the rest of the world.  Be safe!  Love you all!!

Elder Fischetti

Logic will get you from A to B, but imagination can get you anywhere. 

November's End

 Thanksgiving #1 with the Bucks!
 TicTacToe in the Snow
 For times they need a little competition...
 New dog? jk He said this Saint Bernard is huge.
From Left: Elder Pace (his BFF and a sweet AP), Elder Miller (his "real brother"), 
Elder "where'd you get that tie" Fischetti and Elder Braby (his "spiritual brother")

Tuesday, November 27, 2012



Wow, what a fast and great week I've had!  So it started with I thought that all cats, when you throw them or they fall, they land on their feet right?  So I picked up Garfield, a fat orange alley cat.  And well, I threw him!  He landed on his feet!! But as with all scientific experiments you must do them twice!  So I picked him up and threw him again and he landed on his head.  Oops!  He is fine but I felt really bad. :/  Kinda like when that bird flew in front of my BB gun when I was little. 

Man, thank you so much for the package!!  I loved it!!  The toys and that head scratcher, I love it all!  Thank you so much!  You guys are the best support system.  So we had dinner with a newly wedded RM (return missionary) and I asked him how his mission was, he couldnt talk!  He got all choked up!  Wow!  What a missionary he must have been!  He is a spiritual giant. a little guy but his spirit is extremely valiant and powerful you can just feel it when you are around him!  He is going to come out on splits with us soon.  

Man, so Thanksgiving was awesome!  We went to the Ruberts, then the Moss's and then the Bucks and then the Carlsons!  It started out great until we decided to turn it into an eating contest.  Then by the last dinner, I won by an olive!  I almost threw up just from an olive!  It was awesome!  I've never felt so full in my life.  At the Carlsons, all the guys in their famliy relaxed by the fire!  Their family is crazy, so it's fun to be around them, reminds me of ours.  

Some missionaries went to Walmart that night because it was an all day Pday and one got run over by an old grandma with a shopping cart! bahahaha  Funniest story ever.  The Boera's sent me a package!  Woohhoooo!  It was great!  I am sending them a letter today!  That little football you guys sent me, we turned it into a 10-10:30 game!  We play at night and we just throw it around trying to get it into each other's goals or boxes haha.  It's way fun!  I tend to spazz out so I need to move stuff away so it doesn't get destroyed.  

So we went to see Toya, who is a JW, to teach and we didn't know why we were there.  She couldn't meet with us, but her sister came running to the door and said she had been praying to find out our bishop's number all day! We knocked on her door for no reason, really!  How crazy!  Everyday we see miracles.  Literally.  

Oh man, so I got 30 minutes of alone time the other day, I ran outside and tried to come back in and the door was locked!  I was very underdressed haha it was 20 degrees out and Elder Miller was in the bathroom!  I tried every way of getting in and finally just sat there.  It was freezing but funny and a good journal entry.  We lost power in church the other day!  It was cool to have the speakers talk without the microphone.  Jack talked about how our house didn't flood and the blessings of having a missionary out serving righteously.

So I want to send a quick spiritual thought:
As representatives, servants, and disciples of Jesus Christ, we have a mighty calling.  Yes, this is to every member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.  In Luke 9:62 it reads, "no man, having put his hands to the plow and looking back is fit for the kingdom of God".  We are called to always be on the Lord's errand!  The Lord doesn't need the prettiest people, or the most famous, the wealthiest, or the most popular.  He needs and is calling for righteous disciples.  God has put the paper in front of us and when we were baptized we took the name of Jesus Christ upon us.  We promised to stand as an example.  In Mosiah 18:9, it reads, Stand as witnessess of God AT ALL TIMES, and in ALL THINGS, and in ALL PLACES.  You can't expect on Sundays to have the spirit with you and renew your covenants and receive blessings, if during the week you are fooling around with partying, girls, inappropriate dancing, vulgar language and hundreds of other deceitful sins that are not just ok but promoted in today's society.  We must always stand as a witness because "Isreal, Isreal, God is calling..."  He wants to bless us and make us happy.  There is a very detailed yet simple court layed out showing us what lines we need to stay within to play in the game.  When we let our standards fall, saying "oh this bathing suit is ok, or oh this party is ok, or oh it's ok to do this on Sunday", it's the little things that catch us and ensare us.  Those things are what takes the light out of our souls and out of our eyes.  Everyone realizes when that light is gone.  But most of all, the Lord knows.  Some members today are stuck in a rut of doing the bare minimum.  By doing this, you are robbing yourselves of the infinite blessings of Christ.  We are called to put our hands to the plow and never look back.  In that scripture, Jesus rebukes his disciple, for after Jesus asked him to come and preach side by side with him, he asked if he can go say goodbye to his family first.  We all accepted the call.  When we not just obey God's commandments, but do the extra work, go the extra mile...that is when the angels come.  It is when we step down from worldy taking and step up for the cause of Christ that miracles happen.  So DO MORE.  Climb the extra step, crawl that extra inch, reach that next goal. and watch the Lord work miracles within.

This church is true.  The priesthood is the authority and power to act in God's name.  It is real.  Young men, stay true to the priesthood that you hold, it is an honor to have it, do not take the priesthood or your calling lightly. Women, you are just as important, if not more so.  Thomas S. Monson is the Prophet of God at this time, take heed to his every word.  He is speaking as if Jesus Christ were here.  Follow the Holy Ghost.  Don't blaspheme before God and man by asking for temporal and physical signs of the truth.  The Holy Ghost is here to testify, teach, and lead us.  What more can we ask for?  The Book of Mormon is true.  It really is recordings of Ancient Prophets from the Americas.  How blessed we are to have that!  I love this gospel, every single part of it.  I love the lines of worthiness that are put before us.  They are there for our happiness.  If you haven't done so yet, try it!  Try being exactly obedient and feel that happiness.  It will come.  Blessings of righteousness always come. Whether now, later, or in heaven.  They do come.

I love you!! have a great week! I am doing excellent!

Elder Fischetti

Monday, November 19, 2012

Simple Service and Spirit Animals?

(Our letter to Elder Fischetti this week revolved mainly around the opportunity that we had here at home to go down to Far Rockaway, Queens on Sunday to serve the people who suffered so much from Hurricane Sandy.)

Dear Family:

That is so cool!!  I'm jealous!  Missionary work is the best, isn't it?  The Lord works miracles!  I see it every single day, don't ever doubt Him.  We have 6 families having us over so far for Thanksgiving!  Yeah!  I don't know how it's going to all fit!

So last night, we went to the Burbanks, a non-member family's house, they invited us in and we basically had a Family Home Evening with them!  We played a Monopoly card game with them for a few minutes.  We definitely gained their trust and they invited us back on Friday. He is a hunter and construction worker, we got along really well.

The Hills have had a hard week.  A few problems have come up and they called us first!!  I felt very loved that they come right to us when they have struggles!  We gave some council and read scriptures, and both times when we showed up, people were mad and crying, and after the spirit entered their home with us, when we left they were laughing and having fun! We also helped fix up their truck!  We replaced windshield motors and brake pumps.  

So my spirit animal is the Black Panther.  Way cool!  The dad, Sonny, dreamed of it!  He said I was in attack mode protecting his family.  My Indian name, I can't type it on the keyboard, but the translation is The Guardian.  They said I have a very tender and loving heart but when something threatens those I love in a physical or spiritual way, I won't let anything touch them.  He said he can actually see people's spirits.  Not even kidding!  He said my spirit isn't afraid of any evil spirit.  They said I have way too much energy and that outside of teaching lessons, I am very sporadic!  They love to have us over for family prayer every night.  They are progressing very well and when temptation comes around, they have learned to take it and seek the good out of it!  

Look at 2 Corinthians, Chapter 12 vs 9 & 10... out of clutter find simplicity, in the middle of difficulty lies opportunity.  That scripture talks just about that.  Take joy in reproaches for God's sake.  When we have a trial, there is always a way we can grow from it, progress and move forward.  The bishop is helping organize people to help the Hills, they don't have much money and no furniture!  So we are getting some for them along with food!  It's great to see a community helping out!

Oh man, the other day we were walking down the road and saw an ambulance so we asked if we could help, they invited us in and we helped load up an elderly lady onto a stretcher. She was sick and needed help!  Police were there as well!  Talk about a comforting group of men!  Ambulance guys, police, and the Lord's workers. 

I played Monopoly with Elder Braby one night, I kicked his b...! ok (I am not sure why he chose to share this other than the fact that playing Monopoly in our family tends to be a highly competitive activity...maybe he is trying to let us know he hasn't changed that much haha) 

Stake President Walker gave us some referrals!!  What a compliment, he hasn't done that in years!  I love my mission and I love always being on the Lord's Errand.  I hope you guys are doing well!  You are always in my prayers, the Lord loves you and knows every single thing you go through.  When things get hard, turn to the scriptures.  In Ether Chapter 2, when they are building the boats, they consult with the Lord FIRST!  He knows everything!  He can invent anything or come up with or fix any problem.  Turn to the Lord!  It's that easy!  Seek answers with faith!  Read from the scriptures and the Lord will give you thoughts and ideas. Heaven inspired ideas are the best ideas possible.  They can change our lives.  I love you all so much!  Stay safe, work hard, but play harder haha jk.

Elder Fischetti

-The leaders of tomorrow are going to be those that empower others.

Elders Fischetti and Braby
Elders and Sisters in Saint Anthony
 Sometimes we forget they are just big kids doing big works
 Elder Fischetti's Native American Indian name: The Guardian
 Elders teaching the Hills
Elders Fischetti and Braby with the wonderful Blacks!

Monday, November 12, 2012

Kickin' It In High Gear


WoW what a busy week you sound like you've had!  Thank you for the advice, it's true everything we have is from the Lord so who are we to boast?  I am glad you are all doing good!  Man that breaks my heart that Grammy kisses my picture :( so sad haha.  I miss them too.  

The snakes in our house, well I don't know but they are starting to leave from the basement. Grandma's story yuck!!  I would freak out!!!  (I shared a story with Thomas in our letter about a time when I lived as a little girl not too far from where he is serving and his grandma went down to the basement one day to find a nest of baby snakes in the sheets she was going to wash). yuk.

But man let me tell you about my amazing week!!

So it started at the DI, (Deseret Industries is a thrift store).  I bought a banana suit for $5 like the original Jamba one...and I wore it into Jamba Juice and got a free smoothie!!!  yeah pretty cool. 

The other night we were ready to go in 15 minutes early, it was 5 degrees out and dark. But I said "one last knock."  So we did, it was a guy named Danny and he started venting to us about how he has been trying to quit smoking and get back to church!!  Miracles happen when we endure!  We are meeting with him This week!  So exciting!  

We went to teach the Hills Wednesday night, but they were all sick!  So we gave them blessings!  Roseline, their daughter, had an ulcer attack and I gave her a blessing, she was healed the next morning!!!  Amazing.  

Elder Braby and I are closer than close!  He is the man and we just are always laughing, running around, and just having the best time ever!  Too bad he is being transferred. :(  He is going to be a zone leader.  I love being super busy and having a million things going on at once!  That's when I excel because of my ADD.  I kick it into another gear and just make it work.  My new companion is coming up here on Wednesday.  His name is Elder Miller, he is my mission brother, Elder Aiono trained him as well!!  So I am super excited to meet him.  I have only heard good things about him.  

We have been taking a lot of youth on splits recently, (splits are where young men go out with the missionaries to be a "companion" with a missionary while they work - it helps the youth learn about what it is like to be a missionary before they go themselves) they are all amazing and I love them!  Cad is coming out with us tomorrow night!!!  Cad is basically my best friend haha.  We switched ties for a week, he wanted to wear my red one.  He wants to serve a mission!!!!!  I told him I will make it to his farewell!  Either way I will make it work.  

A lot of moms out here go on missionary mom something - it's a website, Mom, become a part of it, all the women out here talk about trying to find you so they can update you!!  Pretty cool!  

Then a lot of people found out about my energy. haha  We were sitting next to the Church's at a fireside and they were both whispering and laughing, they were talking about how I couldn't sit still for the life of me.  Jack said he wants to give me a 5 hour energy to see what happens. haha  Baad idea.  I just have so much cooped up energy and I just get it out all day.  Then when I'm sitting, it's just almost unbearable.  But it's good, without it I wouldn't be so crazy to do the Lord's work.  

I am staying here for the next 6 weeks for sure till next transfers.  So you can continue to send mail to my direct address.  For Thanksgiving, we already have families calling us to have us for dinner!  We have 4 dinners that day already!!  With all of our most living families.  I am super excited since it's an all day P-day, we can have some fun with the families.  We had a Turkey Bowl for one of the wards in the snow the other day, it was so much fun, it was old guys vs. young guys.  I have so many close families out here, I love this area!! 

Man, have you seen the new Ferrari f70???  Jack showed me a!  But material things don't matter...but it's a work of art!!  Ok, moving on haha sorry. 

So the Hills, the native american family I have been working with, Elmer the dad was a medicine man for years and years so I asked him if he can find out my spirit animal!!!  He said he will tonight, yessssss life complete.  They had us sign their Books of Mormon for them, they came to church and said every talk was meant for them!!!  Yesss success!  They accepted to be baptized on December the 29th.  They said they will do whatever it takes to make it work.  I love them, every time we go over it's just such a spiritual experience!!!  

Well, I love my mission.  I love it so much.  I know why they call it the best 2 years, it's because it is.  I miss home and you so much! and our entire family, but I just love my mission!!!  I hope all is well at home!  I'm so glad you are all ok!  Tell the rest of the family I say hi!  I love my mission.  I can't say it enough.  It's hard but so great!!  Have a great week!!  I dont think I need anything at the moment. maybe some CD's from Deseret Book, or your own CD's you can make.  We can choose what music we listen to as long as it uplifts us.  

Have a great week!!  Never stop growing and never stop excelling.  The Lord Expects.  He expects us to choose the right.  So do it!!!  I love you all!!!  Miss you so much!!!

Elder Fischetti

Our missionary - so proud and happy to be serving.
 Well, I guess we can say he is no longer a "greenie"!
 Elder Fischetti received a free smoothie for donning this banana costume 
he picked up at the D.I. to his local Jamba Juice.

We need to find out a little more about these.  Intriguing.

Elders come and go in people's lives but leave their tracks for others to follow.

Friday, November 9, 2012

The Best Two Years

Mom!!!! (Elder Fischetti's letters are to everyone, but I write our "family" letter, so sometimes he writes to me)

Yes, I am able to drive now, thank you so much for taking care of that!! (driving record needed to be sent to the mission office so he can start driving). Holy cow, that storm really destroyed a lot!  I can't even believe it!  We can't watch the news, so I just rely on people's words.  This election is so nerve wracking!! (Elder Fischetti's email this week was written on Election Day, prior to results).

I bore my testimony in another ward about missionary work. I said "Some advice to the youth, sisters and brothers, prepare.  Prepare to serve a full time mission.  There is no work that is more important at this time in our lives.  We are given a commandment and a promise to serve and if we do our lives will be forever blessed. Just as our brothers and sisters before us put their whole heart and soul into the gospel and building the kingdom of God here upon the earth, we Must put our hands to the plow and never look back. NEVER." It's true, we can't slow down!  

We are starting a mission prep class for all of the youth on Sunday evenings.  The Stake President is really excited, and calls us his missionaries!  I love my mission, I can't say it enough.  It is such an honor to be out here.  When people ask me how my mission was, I don't want to be one of those guys that say "it was good, or fun or cool."  I want to be like Jack Church, who still to this day - 16 years later - wears his name tag on the inside of his suit coat every Sunday and when you ask him how his mission was, he looks to the ground, and with tears in his eyes looks at you and says, "It was the most amazing time of my life."  Every second that passes is just one less second I will be here for!  Just as in hockey, every second counts.  There is no such thing as making up for lost time, so I have really been taking advantage of every second of my mission.  "You have 2 years to do it, and an eternity to think about it." 

So the Hills, the Native American family, are doing really good.  They bore their testimony to us of how they love us coming over and teaching them.  This week has been a little slow on lessons since we split the Stake and gave 90% of our investigators to the Sisters (sister missionaries).  It's ok, the Lord wants us to focus harder on these wards for a reason!  We found 2 new families and 2 new investigators yesterday!!!  Sacrifice brings forth the blessings of heaven.  I love the families out here, they are like my second family, I love all of them so much. 

The other day, I went down to our basement because our house is known as the snake house.  I now know why! I saw a snake right in front of my face!  YUCKKK  I hate snakes!  We want to go snake hunting with the boys in our stake. haha  But we can't risk getting bit, so probably not!  

An older lady had us over for dinner, she kept saying how nervous she was to feed us, she was so adorable!!! She said she woke up early and all day prepared the food and the table!  She had her nicest dishes out and it was really fun to be with her.  She is adorable and like a grandma now haha. 

I witnessed a miracle, we were trying to find a house the other night, and no matter what we did, we couldn't find it.  Then a man came running to us and said he had to talk to us!!  So we went into his home very cautiously, and we found out his brother committed suicide the other month and now he needed help.  We are teaching him now and he is changing slowly but surely.  We weren't ever supposed to find that house we were looking for, we were supposed to find him.  

We went to a Figure 8/Destruction Derby (maybe he means Demolition Derby?) the other day. haha  It was so funny to watch!  All of the true Idahoans came out of their shells and it was almost like a movie! haha  We only stayed a few minutes, but gave away 2 Books of Mormon.

I want all of you to read 1 Nephi 16, but read it to discover new knowledge.  Especially in verses 30 and 38, it talks about the liahona, which runs on faith and obedience and will lead you to the mountain of the Lord. It's a message within a message.  If we are obedient and faithful, our liahona (or the Holy Ghost) will lead us to the mountain of the Lord!  Faith and trust in the Lord and anything is possible.  If we don't show faith, he can't work miracles.  It just isn't possible.  It's easy - almost too easy.  We have a clear description and example on how to live the happiest and most successful life possible!  It's called the Book of Mormon!  To all of those who have not read it...READ IT.  It is the Only book with a promise.  The promise is that if you read it and pray about it with a sincere heart and a desire to know if its true... You will receive an answer.  It's a promise!  Just give it a try. There is no better way to know how to live to become exactly what you want to!

This church is true. Jesus is the Christ and Savior of this world.  I will never slow down from doing the work of the Lord because I know the messages and teachings of this gospel are 100% true!  There is no doubt in my mind of that.  The Holy Ghost can talk to everyone, pray and ask for help and you will receive it!  God is there, he loves each and every one of you.  I know that for a fact.  As a servant of the Lord, I can promise things, I promise that if you read the Book of Mormon and pray about it, you will recieve an answer.  I also promise that if you are struggling, turn to the Lord in prayer.  Pray always in your hearts and expect an answer.  He will give it. Always stay on the Lord's team.  This church is true.  Everything about it.  The Priesthood organization is the largest most powerful group of men in the world.  The Relief Society is the largest group of women in the world as well.  I know that The Book of Mormon really are the words of prophets and of God.  I know that Joseph Smith translated it through the power of God.  I know that Thomas S. Monson, our prophet, speaks to God directly.  He literally speaks to him.  He knows exactly how to lead this church.  To Know is to DO.  We know this church is true and to all of those that don't already know, search for the answer and when you recieve it and know this church is the church of God, Act on it!  

I love this gospel, I love my mission, and I love serving other people.  I can't explain how much I love my mission, words don't do it justice.  I am having the time of my life.

Have a great week!!  Stay safe and help others!  Lean on the Lord and may He walk beside you and carry you when needed.

Elder Fischetti
You have a heritage: Honor it
You will meet sin: Shun it
You have the truth: Live it
You have a testimony: Share it

 Elder Fischetti and Elder Braby - New Companions
 Elder Fischetti with Cad
 Cad's Baptism Day

The Boys with Jack Church, their best friend!

 The Elders' Idaho Bike Rack 

Can't resist?
Snow Fun

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween P-day

(Normally, Thomas writes to us on Mondays, but this week his Pday was on Wednesday this week, in honor of Halloween.)

Hello! Man that storm sounds crazy, everyone keeps asking me if my house will stand the storm back home haha. Thank goodness Jack has contact with you so I knew you were ok. (Jack works with the missionaries in Thomas' area, and has been able to keep contact with us so we were able to contact him during Sandy.)  I wasnt very worried, I know the Lord takes care of you. 

Man, so this week has been sooo hectic but a lot of fun haha, it's the first time I'm not treated like a trainee. My training ends in 2 weeks, but it's basically over now.  We had to split our area with sisters so I thought up some ideas and helped with the decision making of how to split the area up. It was cool to see how president lets the elders figure all these things out, then he backs us up and provides a little insight, but he mainly lets us take control. So then after, I was companions with the ZL's (Zone Leaders - seasoned missionaries who are over an area called a zone) and it was so much fun while it lasted. We were supposed to be together for the next 2 weeks until transfers, but then I got a phone call and I had a new companion!! His name is Elder Braby, he is the man. He is obedient but a lot of fun. Together we are going to take this area to a whole new level. President told him that he wants me to learn good lessons now, this way I can help push this mission forward when all the 18 year olds come in within the next year. He sat us down and said that missionaries that go to this mission are going to be future leaders in the church, and that he expects me to become one of them. It was basically to get me to realize the importance of becoming the missionary the Lord wants me to become. 

So Cad's baptism was of the top 5 experiences of my life. The Spirit was stronger than I have ever felt before. It was so powerful to me, I think because I've been with him since the beginning, and I've been blessed to see his change. His dad was there and he was sobbing and couldn't stop thanking me. It was a very humbling experience. Afterwards, Cad said he wants to serve a mission!!!! I started crying a little and I hugged him. After, he said how thankful he is for the missionaries. He is a great kid and I am going to keep in contact with him. He doesn't realize how much he changed my life as well. We helped to convert each other fully. He has pushed me and made me step it up and do the Lord's work and speak as if the Lord was there. 

So a miracle happened, and I think it's the Lord blessing me and Elder Braby for first getting through this trial of all the changes and stress without a scratch, just to continue to push to do the work, and also for our obedience. We finally found a referral, Christina, her family is Native American, and they invite us to teach them every day!!! They also said "give us a little time before we get baptized." We haven't even invited them yet!!! They are amazing! We took them on a church tour and there we bore our testimonies in the Chapel. It was very powerful as the Lord spoke to them in their hearts. They all kept saying thank you so much and the husband said he can feel our presence in his home. He said as soon as you walk in the door, it's a sense of love, devotion, the Spirit, comfort, and power. He said as soon as we leave, it's gone. He said he wants what we have and he will do what it takes to achieve that. The Spirit really does work through us as missionaries, it's nothing we do, we are just the mouthpiece. 

The other day when we woke up, there was almost a foot of snow on the ground!! It was so much fun! We had snowball fights with all the neighborhood kids, helped them build snow forts, and just had a fun day! I miss skiing though, seeing all the snow. Jack also calls me his lucky Machete haha and he wants me to be by his side all the time! Transfers are coming up in 2 weeks, so next week send mail to the mission home, tell Vanessa that as well. Boxes always send to my direct address, if you can. Just ask me for the address first to make sure I didn't move. Man the Lord tests me, haha, I always hear TSwift's new songs!! dah It's awful haha. 

We played football Monday night with about 16 other people, it was so much fun!!! It's good to gain friendships with the people out here, it makes me feel so much support. So Joe is gone :( he reported to the MTC today!! He is going to the Philippines. It was sad to see his farewell, but he will do great. Elder Braby and I went exploring during our lunch break the other day haha we got lost and found a sweet secret staircase here in town that goes to an empty room. It was fun going on an adventure. We teach so well together, it's almost like reading each other's minds. 

We got a referral the other day, and when we knocked it was an anti-mormon. He knows the Bible like the back of his hand and just started bashing us and giving us all anti DVD's and what not. He would not let us bear our testimony, and it's because that's the secret to religion. He knows it and we know it. So he avoided it. Finally after 20 minutes of him ripping on us, I said "Sir, we do not care. The reason we don't bash is because we Know our Church is led by God and that we have a testimony and a relationship with God. Have a nice night, and you should read the Book of Mormon some time, it will change your life just like the millions of other people." He was really mean and rude to us so I just had to cut it off. It was a growing experience for me, I learned to just follow the Spirit and never, not ever, doubt the Lord. Testimony alone is not enough, it's conversion that pushes us and makes us who we are. True conversion is what it all comes down to. We must work to be fully converted. This week, feeling the Spirit so strong has made me realize why I am here. It was a big wake up call to me. 

I LOVE MY MISSION!!! I absolutely love it! This time flies by so fast, and I just love always being on the Lord's errand all the time!!! As missionaries, we see miracles every single day. I have been so busy and I love it! I stretch my furthest, I climb up a new rung..and the Lord immediately says "go further, do more, keep going." I reach my max and then he shows me an entire new gear I have to shift into. He wants more and more of us to give, He expects our all. He expects us to go the extra mile. It's whether we do it or not. Just when things get too hard and too much, that's when it's most important to stand up and fight, to give it your everything. Leave everything on the field, at the end of the night sitting in bed I think to myself, did I give today my absolute best, my all? If the answer is no...I have a lot of work to do. When we get knocked down, just as I experienced with the basher, that's when you pick yourself up, forget the sob story and hit it 10x harder. The Lord demands and expects our all. So we must give it. I hope your week has been good! I keep you in my prayers, I hope you feel the Spirit each day! I have to get going but I love you all so much! Be safe and have a great week! Stay safe and warm!


Elder Fischetti

Monday, October 22, 2012

Pig Wrestling???

Hey everyone!!

Man, this week has been so insane!!!   So to start off with the news and updates first.  Elder Aiono has been emergency transferred down to Pocatello because an Elder down there needed some help.  He left yesterday morning and we got a 2 hour notice.  It was sad, but all is well.  My new companion has been out 16 months, when I first saw him I said "hey mom" because he is my second trainer type figure. haha  He wasn't very happy about that but the Assistants and ZL's were all cracking up.  I was shocked that president was putting so much trust on my shoulders while I'm still being trained!!!  I have a lot of responsibility trying to deal with people who have had problems in the past and an area that I am still getting to know.  I love this Elder though, he is a good missionary and loves the Lord. 

So then the Sisters up in Yellowstone last night had men stalking them with weapons all evening.  Then the men were waiting outside of their door.  The sisters called their bishop and he handled it.  They are now coming to split St. Anthony with us Elders so now instead of covering 11 wards, we will cover most likely 6.  It stinks because we have to give them a few of our investigators that I have come to love so much.  We are working on splitting the area after emails with the president and Assistants.  I have a few ideas on boundaries that may help the work in both areas.  

Later today, we may go wrestle pigs!!!!  A farmer invited us 4 Elders to go, so hopefully we can have time to do that.  The pigs weigh up to 250lbs!!!!  How crazy?!?  Man, so I got a few packages this week!!  Thank you so much!!  I loved loved them!  I also loved the letters you included.  Dad your talk was very powerful!  I showed it to my companion and he was impressed.  

So Tuesday, I taught our district about humility and patience, both of them are vital to being the most productive missionary possible.  I felt really good about the lesson, going in and teaching from just a page of bullet points.  I have been trying really hard to teach by the spirit and it has been working very well!  Sister Chandler drove us to the Chiropractor because when I was on exchanges with a spanish Elder, he hurt his back moving more wood.  On our way, we saw a very tough looking motorcycle guy with all leather and a skull helmet.  She goes "he looks like he's having fun".  She was so funny, she is 78 years old and just the cutest old lady.  Then the other day, we went to the high school football game, we were treated like rockstars, everyone kept coming and talking to us.  We found a few new PI's at the game, so it was a good finding tool.  

Oh and last Sunday, I taught the 16 year old sunday school class for 45 minutes.  I broke down the famous story of David and Goliath.  I was led by the spirit on what to say and I felt the lesson went very well.  One lesson that stood out to me was when David showed trust in the Lord and went to choose out 5 stones from the river.  He chose them out very carefully, finding the most perfect round smooth stones.  We can choose our 5 stones as well when we face adversity.  Some options of stones are courage, faith, trust, power of the spirit, prayer, priesthood, and many many more.  I love breaking down scriptures with the power of the spirit, I just learn things that normally I would have never seen!  I will work on a lesson and send it to you to teach a class sometime, I've just been too busy to write one down this week. 

We had a super powerful lesson with Cad last night, he is being baptized this Saturday!!!  I am so excited for him!  Bishop Orme and the Wilsons were at the lesson last night and we all shared our testimony in under a minute.  Cad bore his and I've never felt so happy!  It was amazing to see how much we have actually taught him!  He is an amazing kid, having gone through the family crisis he has and still loving the Lord and all that happens to him he just bounces right back up.  He is an example to me in the sentence, "come what may and love it."  He embraces his challanges and runs with it.  

So this week, with all that has gone on, I have my own motto, "Come what may, accept it, take control, and run away with it."  Although Elders may have some problems and Elder Aiono is gone and the president put a lot of weight on my shoulders, I took a deep breath and buckled down.  I am learning by fire.  There are no more practice rounds, this is all real and I love it.  I love having to feel that I only have one chance.  Life is all about opportunities, they come and go but you have to learn to take each one and not miss your chance to become more, to grow and to excel.  Out of clutter find simplicity, in difficulty lies opportunity.  I have definitely learned that.  

Yesterday, I had to take charge in a meeting with all the high councilmen and the church leaders in the area.  We had to explain the work in the area and come up with ideas to help the work grow.  They were all receptive to my new ideas and they all as well brought new ideas to the table.  I love my mission so much.  I am learning and growing and becoming serious about paper work, studying and just taking care of adult problems.  

But anyways, at the end of this week start sending mail to the mission home unless you have a package, then send it to my exact address, but transfers are coming up in 2 weeks, so keep that in mind.  I hope I stay here for one more, but whatever happens, happens.  I hope all is well at home!  I have been doing excellent and feel really happy and just filled with the spirit each and every day.  Be safe! and keep reading the BOM!  Read and report, I love hearing what you all learn.  I love you all!  Have a great week!  Thanks again for the packages!!!          

I love you!  xoxo

Love, Elder Fischetti

Monday, October 15, 2012

Charlie the Llama and other Adventures

Hey Everybody! 

Wow, what a long letter!  (Our letter this week to Thomas was quite long, haha - we had a lot to share with him, in particular, Tom and I took a road trip to Stowe, VT.)  I loved hearing all about your trip and the history of it!  Yes, I am taking my vitamins haha and I was wondering if it was possible for you to send me my GPS soon? no rush but I'll need it when I start driving.  Also please please send me my driving record :)  Thank you! 

We taught Cad this week and scheduled a baptismal date for him on the 27th of October.  We bore testimony of the importance of this event.  I said "once you are baptized you are no longer and never will be on neutral ground."  I taught him about the power of God and shared Matthew 10.  He is really excited and wants to be part of God's army.  Jack bore testimony of the Elders that baptized him when he was about 15 and he says how thankful he is for them in his life.  He talks with them all the time and visits their families now.  He said, "These Elders will be your Elders forever.  As you get older, you will realize more and more how important it was that they found you, and you will be eternally grateful."  I teared up a little bit, this is my first true conversion, besides myself.  It's amazing, Jack is like a mix of a brother, a best friend, and an example.  I am so thankful for having them in this area.  They support us and everything!  He went shopping just to get me rice milk the other day!  I was so thankful!  It meant a lot to me because I felt like someone really cared and loved me out here.  The second person is Brother Carlson.  He is extremely knowledgable about the gospel and we talk for an hour every few days just about deep doctrine.  He says I am a really deep thinker and he has never been asked such questions.  He has been able to answer and support every question I have.  

I bore my testimony yesterday in 3 wards, each time was about receiving and acting on revelation.  I love when the spirit just takes over and I just open my mouth and the words just come.  I said something like "We all have something to give, God gave us the ability to give our talents, skills, love, and friendship to everyone. We all are sent here to help each other out. We all have the power to recieve revelation, and although a thought might come into your mind after praying that may seem a little odd or random, IT IS A PROMPTING.  Act on it. Don't ever postpone a prompting. Not ever. When we postpone promptings, the Lord will hesitate next time we ask for one. The church is true, there is no doubt about it.  When people try to take a shot at our religion, ask them...You say we don't have any proof God is there, but where is your proof that he is not?  We have so much obvious proof, Prophets, Scriptures, Revelation...I could go on forever." 

We went to the sand dunes last Monday and we wrestled down the huge hills with a bunch of Elders.  It was alot of fun haha.  We visited our friend, Charlie the Llama, as well.  He watches over and protects a farmer's sheep.  I decided to see what he could do, so I hopped the fence and chased after him, he took off like a rocket!  I couldn't believe how fast llamas can run!  I was in cowboy boots, so that slowed me down a little bit haha.  Oh no, I'm going to come home a farmer boy! haha jkjk  I feed the horses carrots a few times a week, it's crazy how big they are!  They definitely scare me.  

We also did service this week, we stacked 6 cords of wood...literally.  It took half of our day with 5 people!  It was a great workout, however!  Potato harvest is slowing down, we haven't been to help since the last time.  But we still see potato trucks all over the place.  

Your vacation sounds like it was a blast!!!  I'm jealous!  I'm glad you and dad got to get out and have some alone time!  How is your scripture reading coming?  I hope all is well at home!!  I miss you guys so much!  Be safe and have a wonderful week!  That's crazy about Elder Christofferson coming to our stake!!  dah I'm jealous!!  Tell him I say hi!  haha  

I got a letter from Parker this week!!  The only mail I got :( but man, it was an uplifting letter!  I miss that kid!  It's good to have support from a good friend and that it doesn't matter where we both go, because we can always be friends.  He talked all about the nice cars and how motivated he is to be rich someday. haha  He is crazy, but that's why we are friends.  Can't wait to see you guys!  Time just flies out here!  Weeks go by like days!  Elder Aiono just hit his 1 year mark!  He says it feels like yesterday he was in my spot :/  It's true, these 2 years just fly by.  I love you all so incredibly much! 

Be safe! 
Elder Fischetti

 P-Day Meditation
 Charlie the Llama and his herd of sheep
Feeding his horses