Thursday, May 30, 2013

Week of May 27, 2013

Hi Mom! (and Family)

Oh man!! That is an awesome story!!!!! The Lord makes things happen for reasons, and we have to follow him because we have no idea what he has in store for us. We spoke in Sacrament Meeting!!!! I spoke on President Monson’s talk in priesthood session. There were so many people waiting for us after sacrament to talk with us and invite us over to their homes. It felt great, the area is finally exploding just like St. Anthony. We set 4 baptismal dates this week, and will set 6-9 next week!!!!! The Stake is amazed, they average 4 baptisms a year and we are going to destroy that in just 4 months haha. The Lord is working through us. I can’t believe it. The Spirit is just helping us this week, we worked so hard every second, I could barely write in my journal. 

This church is true!!! It’s incredible. SO we got transfer calls, and Elder Miller is the new Assistant!!!! WOOHOOOO!!! He will do awesome. Elder Reed is leaving me :( But I am getting Elder Maddox, he seems to be pretty solid. President wants me to train him to be a ZL. It’s nothing too crazy, but now I really need to be on the ball, covering an area with so much NEW work, covering a zone with a few problems, and now getting a new ZL in the running. It should be great, I love challenges, and getting in way over my head because then it’s when I discover so much more about myself. Oh, Elder Gulisane is a DL already! My family is legit in the mission!! 5 ZL's all under a year, me under 8 and Gulisane should be ZL soon. Then Miller the assistant, it’s awesome. I hope I get to serve with Gulisane again. This Friday, we are having Don R. Clark for our mission conferences. I cant wait!!! They are always so profound! (I reminded Elder Fischetti that Don Clark was our former Stake President!  He knows our family well - it will be fun for him to meet him again.)  Man, I just love my mission!!! I am so passionate about fighting for good! It seems that is all I care about right now. Cutting down error, and sin. Satan is doing pretty good at keeping up, but he’s got another thing coming. I heard about Doug L.!!! Give those missionaries hope with him!! Have him come over to our house or dad go teaching with him. That is so exciting!!! 

We had dinner with this inactive but coming back family, his wife is not a member and should be baptized next month :). Anyways, we had steak and shrimp!!! They were so big, I was getting sweaty because I was so full!! I was seeing double, and I had a big piece of meat left. I didn’t know what to do, so I opened my backpack and when no one was looking, slipped it in there. BAHAHAHA. After, I looked at Reed on our way home and go you want left overs? He was so confused, I showed him and he was laughing so hard. Just one of those funny stories. 

Hey, get a pic with all the missionaries in our ward, I want to see who they are. Tell them, aka my brothers on the front lines, that I said hello. Tell them Hoorah For Israel. When we spoke in sacrament, our ward mission leader spoke after me and he said he loves serving with us, he says he feels like an Elder again. He said he has the same testimony, but no where near the passion and energy that I have. I can’t help it! It’s good I have it, passion is what catches people’s attention! You will see when I give my homecoming talk haha. I just love what I am doing, it’s not boring old missionary work, each second is a fight between good and evil! Satan tempts us so hard, but when he tries to slow us down it feels like he tried to kiss the express train. Quote from Rocky, haha. I used that in my talk as well. I am not crazy, I just have passion for what I am doing. I love having the Spirit in our lives, when we are overwhelmed with it and we can barely talk. It happens all of the time. 

Hey can you maybe send me a copy of Grandpa’s blessing if you can? Only if you feel comfortable, you don’t have to though, it’s your choice. Mom, I love this church, and my mission. The mission has changed me forever! It has solidified, changed me in a good way, and driven every aspiration, idea, goal and dream I’ve ever had. I know that my Heavenly Father is there, he is my Dad in heaven. The most all knowing, most powerful being in the entire universe invites us to converse with him whenever, and wherever we want. I know that for a fact. I know that Jesus Christ is coming, I know that he will clean the earth and purify it. I know that missionaries thrash the nations by his spirit. We confound the wise, we dumfound the intelligent, we are the minority, yet at the same time the elect, we are the denied yet the chosen, we are the hope of Israel! and we are 19 years old. That right there is as possible as the #1 ski salesman in utah never putting on a pair of skis (Elder Holland did that). It’s almost as unlikely as a 14 year old boy being the prophet of the restoration, the restorer during these the most trivial and worst times. 

I love my mission, it has changed me forever. We must follow after our roots of John Tanner and do all the good we can with the time we have left. We must do all we can to build the kingdom of God on this earth. After all, that is our calling and purpose as Latter Day Saints. I hope you guys enjoy yourselves and aren’t too miserable about us not being home. I am almost at 10 months!!!! I never thought that would happen. Time just flies, before you know it, I will be home. I love every single person around me, I love every single missionary serving because we are united in the greatest cause to have ever been! We are united by fighting for good! We are united by making the world a better place. See it works like this, either you are with us, or you’re not. Either you are in the huddle or you’re out of it. That’s how it works today, either you are for God and for choosing the right, or you are against it. I love you mom! i hope you and the family have a great day!  I love you so much! Enjoy your week and I will talk with you all very soon. Have a great day!

Elder Fischetti

 This truck cost $250k - Holy Mama!
 We woke up to him looking at us in the morning! Bro. Packer's grandchildren 
put it in our room while we were sleeping, hahahaha
 Isaiah - getting baptized June 22nd, along with his sister,
brother in law and friend. What a great birthday gift! 
Duck faces!
A text sent to Mom from Jack Church showing the brief reuniting of 
Elders Fischetti and Miller to say goodbye to Dakota from their St. Anthony days 
to serve a mission! 

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