Sunday, September 16, 2012

Letter from 9/10/12

How are you all?  It's good to hear from you once again!  Yes, I got your package and thank you so much for it!  Man, I love getting mail!!  I did not have breakfast with the Singletons, he must have had it with other Elders.  So, I ate 3 dinners last night!!  I basically rolled out of the house haha.

Last Pday we played flag football with a bunch of other Elders, we had a lot of fun and it got a little competitive. After, we went to Big Juds and again got paid for haha. The following day we taught a few lessons, and found 3 new investigators!!  It was all from promptings of the Holy Ghost. 

The Whites had me for dinner at Chiz's, it was very good to see them!  It made me sad though, because I wish I could have dinner with everybody!!  We taught them a lesson of missionary work later that evening and it went well.  It was good to see some familiar faces!

Then the next day we helped our zone leaders move houses because they needed a new one for some reason. It took us half the day to move them, but it was fun and we got good exercise!  We then went to 5/11 to get some shakes and pizza, everybody loved the pizza but it honestly tasted like cardboard, guess I'm used to NY pizza. haha  We then went tracting and talked with a few people about why we wanted to serve a mission.  I sometimes feel like a celebrity out here, everywhere we go, people are honking their horns and waving to us. haha

Later this week, we had exchanges (missionaries will change places with another companion to work with someone new for the day) and one of my exchanges was with another greeny (a greeny is a new missionary that is in their first area). It was good to feel a little pressure because it gave me a lot more confidence in my ability to teach and preach and find people by listening to the Holy Ghost.  Later that evening, we went to our friend's house, his name is Jack Church, and he is so cool!!  He is a huge U of U fan.  He is so supportive and at his house, we taught his nephew and he now wants to be baptized.  Jack is letting me borrow his bike, it's a beach cruiser bike haha it's so funny!!  People are always whistling at me saying nice bike :/.  

We taught the Farley family again, and it went so well! They told us how much they appreciate us coming over and helping them. They say they look forward to it all week.  We also found 5 new investigators and it went very well with our first meeting with them.

Sunday we had Stake Conference, it was really nice to hear some powerful talks.  Our Mission President spoke and he called on us to stand up in front of everyone and he told them we are great missionaries.  It was an honor.  We also taught many lessons that day and I felt more comfortable teaching our friends.  I am starting to love the people I teach and help, it is so fun helping them out and giving counsel to them.

Today we are going shopping for some food, and then playing basketball again :(  I'm not a big fan but I go and have fun anyways.  I love this work and I love serving our brothers and sisters.  I will send my testimony in a separate email today.
I love you all so much and you are all in my prayers.  

Keep the faith, stand strong, stand tall, be proud.

Elder Fischetti

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