Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Yellowstone Delay

Heyyy!!! Wow sorry it's so late!  (Thomas usually emails us earlier on Mondays)  We just got back from Yellowstone and are at a member's house doing emails because the FHC (Family History Center) was closed.  Yellowstone was fun for the first bit, but then it got a little boring haha.  

Man, sounds like you had such a great trip!!  I am happy you enjoyed it and am very happy to hear that Michael's knees are doing better!  I fasted for all of you but especially him on Sunday.  This week has flown by.  I can't believe how fast time has been going.  So anyways, I don't have a whole lot of time.  

This week we invited Cad, Gage, and Zander to be baptized.  They all said yes and now we are going to set dates for them.  I was so happy when they accepted the invitation.  Especially since these baptisms are from me and my companion not the Elders before me. So during Rich's weekly lesson, I was teaching him about obeying the commandments and the importance of it.  I compared it to weeding a garden - how you need to do it daily in order for the good plants to grow.  I was on a roll and it felt really good to have them understanding what we were teaching them.  

It was awesome to have dinner with Collin and be able to talk to him about home and people and his mission.  (Collin is a friend of ours who served his mission in our area several years ago and he has a family member living in the town where Thomas is serving, so they were able to meet up.)  I sort of remember him, talking with him brought back a few memories from when he was there. 

So recently I have been trying to eat less sugar and drink more water.  My headaches have been coming back so I've been trying to fix this.  Anyways, we met this boy named Joseph, he is leaving for the Phillipines at the end of October so we have been bringing him along with us recently.  We taught our good friend Sonny, he is older and loves the church.  He always says how much he loves us and looks up to us being great young men.  He took us to Yellowstone btw.  Then at dinner the other night, our 2nd dinner that night, we had dinner with an older couple.  They gave us huge bowls of ice cream and we couldn't finish it, I look over at Elder Aiono and he was pretending to cry and his lips were quivering while eating it. It was so funny I started laughing during dinner. 

We also had a mission conferance with Elder Whiting, an Area 70 (A Seventy is a church leader who leads over large geographic areas) and it was in Idaho Falls.  He taught us about doing more and becoming a better missionary.  It was good to get some motivation to work harder.  I have been doing really well and I feel much better teaching lessons and knocking on doors.  I will send pictures next week, I don't have time today :(.  I got the packages!! Thank you so much!!!  It was great to get some of that great jam!!!!  It was a great to have a little taste of home.  Also, the helicopter is great!!  I only get to use it once in a while but it's still fun late at night or when other missionaries are over!  

This week has been really busy with just small lessons. It's fun running from lesson to lesson.  So a quick lesson in Moses Chapter 1, Moses is getting tempted by the devil, he refuses and rebukes him 4 times, finally God comes and tells him (vs.25-26).  Read it.  It's touching to me because it helps me realize that by turning down temptation, we will recieve heavenly strength and comfort.  There are always blessings for resisting temptation.  I love you all very much!!  I will have a longer email next week btw. Tell the family I say hi! especially Grammy and Pop-pop.  I will write them soon.  Tell Bishop I will respond to his letter next week.  Have a great week and I look  forward to having more email time next week.  Keep up the faith and scripture reading.  I love you all!

Love, Elder Fischetti

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