Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Service is Sweet! - 9/3/12

HEYYYY!!! la familia!
This week has been so exhausting!!  I have been doing really well. Last Monday, our Zone Leaders' truck ran out of gas, they all sighed and I jumped up kind of spazzing, haha, and starting pushing. They all got out to help and we pushed the truck 1 mile all the way to a house. We were in the middle of nowhere - literally.  We helped our friend move, he had so much furniture in a tiny house, he sat and watched TV as we moved all of his stuff for him.  I am definitely learning patience and how to get over things and not have a temper. 

A less active family wanted a couch so we hunted for one and finally found one, we delivered it and scheduled a time when we can come back to teach them. We taught our friend Rich and he is a heavy smoker.  He wants to get baptized, so I challenged him to slow down on the smoking and we gave him a blessing.  We will see how it goes for him. 

We had dinner at the Brown's one night, the older dad took us out to the garage and gave us a shoe box of keys, they were keys to dirt bikes, ATV's, and Polaris RZR's - all suited up for the sand.  He showed us the trail to the dunes and said have fun!  It was a test of faith.  I decided not to even sit on the toys, not to even tempt myself. My companion sat in it, went forwards then backwards, and eventually he took it down the road and back.  I decided to obey the rules of the mission even though I knew I wouldnt get hurt, I felt it was a test of my willingness.  I was very proud of myself after I said no.  (If you know Thomas, you would understand why this would have been so difficult for him.  I can understand why he was proud of himself, he has been riding and fixing vehicles since he was a small boy.)

We also had our baptism for Brynne Berry, her family was so happy that day and it made me realize how important the work is that I am doing.  A missionary is a boy who leaves his family for a short time so other families can be with their's forever.  I also taught the congregation during the baptism about the Restoration, it went very well and I enjoyed teaching a larger group of people.

I met Brother Crapo, he supplies 5 Guys with potatoes. So when you see potato bags at 5 Guys from Idaho, they are from his farms.  Friday morning, Brother Forebush picked us up and took us to his house for a big family breakfast.  I felt like I was at home again!  It was so fun and although they don't have much money, they are the happiest people.  I am learning so much!  After that, we went to do service for their neighbor who is not a member and we spent 3 hours moving him.  He was so grateful and I know that without a doubt he will someday meet the missionaries again.  We went trackting later that day, and out of nowhere, it started pouring with hail and lightning and strong winds!  We started running for the car, when an old couple picked us up.  They took us into their home and gave us hot chocolate and a towel to dry off with.  He told us all his stories from when he was a missionary and it reminded me of Grandpa.  

Sunday we fasted, I bore my testimony on the power of prayer.  Later that day, we found 3 new PI's or Possible Investigators.  We set return appointments and hopefully they accept the gospel.  One of them was a family who was playing soccer.  I told my companion we had to go talk to them so we did, and they were all very interested. 

I am exhuasted every single night!  But I love every day even though I am so tired.  I am having a great time, and maybe I want my pea coat.  (Even though it is early September, Thomas is already discovering how cold it gets there.)  I dont need much of anything else at the time.  Just mail :)  I love getting mail.  I hope all of you are doing well and I look forward to your next email.  I will send dad a birthday letter later this week.  I wish I was there!  But I will be there soon enough, only 23 months left!  It's cruising by!  I love all of you very very much! 

Later today, we are playing flag football with our Zone for an activity because its P-Day. Have a great week! Every email you get is closer and closer to my homecoming. The time will fly, I promise.  Oh and mom!!  A lady in one of my wards wants to be friends on FB to talk to you about me like updates!  Her name is Jenny Blacker Wilson.  I had family home evening with them last night.  It went really well you can ask her for details about it. (Jenny did, in fact, contact me on Facebook - what a kind hearted woman!  I look forward to hearing from her when she has the missionaries over.)

Ok, I love you all very much!!  Have a great day and a great week!  Don't forget to slow down and enjoy the little things in life.
Elder Fischetti

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