Monday, October 15, 2012

Charlie the Llama and other Adventures

Hey Everybody! 

Wow, what a long letter!  (Our letter this week to Thomas was quite long, haha - we had a lot to share with him, in particular, Tom and I took a road trip to Stowe, VT.)  I loved hearing all about your trip and the history of it!  Yes, I am taking my vitamins haha and I was wondering if it was possible for you to send me my GPS soon? no rush but I'll need it when I start driving.  Also please please send me my driving record :)  Thank you! 

We taught Cad this week and scheduled a baptismal date for him on the 27th of October.  We bore testimony of the importance of this event.  I said "once you are baptized you are no longer and never will be on neutral ground."  I taught him about the power of God and shared Matthew 10.  He is really excited and wants to be part of God's army.  Jack bore testimony of the Elders that baptized him when he was about 15 and he says how thankful he is for them in his life.  He talks with them all the time and visits their families now.  He said, "These Elders will be your Elders forever.  As you get older, you will realize more and more how important it was that they found you, and you will be eternally grateful."  I teared up a little bit, this is my first true conversion, besides myself.  It's amazing, Jack is like a mix of a brother, a best friend, and an example.  I am so thankful for having them in this area.  They support us and everything!  He went shopping just to get me rice milk the other day!  I was so thankful!  It meant a lot to me because I felt like someone really cared and loved me out here.  The second person is Brother Carlson.  He is extremely knowledgable about the gospel and we talk for an hour every few days just about deep doctrine.  He says I am a really deep thinker and he has never been asked such questions.  He has been able to answer and support every question I have.  

I bore my testimony yesterday in 3 wards, each time was about receiving and acting on revelation.  I love when the spirit just takes over and I just open my mouth and the words just come.  I said something like "We all have something to give, God gave us the ability to give our talents, skills, love, and friendship to everyone. We all are sent here to help each other out. We all have the power to recieve revelation, and although a thought might come into your mind after praying that may seem a little odd or random, IT IS A PROMPTING.  Act on it. Don't ever postpone a prompting. Not ever. When we postpone promptings, the Lord will hesitate next time we ask for one. The church is true, there is no doubt about it.  When people try to take a shot at our religion, ask them...You say we don't have any proof God is there, but where is your proof that he is not?  We have so much obvious proof, Prophets, Scriptures, Revelation...I could go on forever." 

We went to the sand dunes last Monday and we wrestled down the huge hills with a bunch of Elders.  It was alot of fun haha.  We visited our friend, Charlie the Llama, as well.  He watches over and protects a farmer's sheep.  I decided to see what he could do, so I hopped the fence and chased after him, he took off like a rocket!  I couldn't believe how fast llamas can run!  I was in cowboy boots, so that slowed me down a little bit haha.  Oh no, I'm going to come home a farmer boy! haha jkjk  I feed the horses carrots a few times a week, it's crazy how big they are!  They definitely scare me.  

We also did service this week, we stacked 6 cords of wood...literally.  It took half of our day with 5 people!  It was a great workout, however!  Potato harvest is slowing down, we haven't been to help since the last time.  But we still see potato trucks all over the place.  

Your vacation sounds like it was a blast!!!  I'm jealous!  I'm glad you and dad got to get out and have some alone time!  How is your scripture reading coming?  I hope all is well at home!!  I miss you guys so much!  Be safe and have a wonderful week!  That's crazy about Elder Christofferson coming to our stake!!  dah I'm jealous!!  Tell him I say hi!  haha  

I got a letter from Parker this week!!  The only mail I got :( but man, it was an uplifting letter!  I miss that kid!  It's good to have support from a good friend and that it doesn't matter where we both go, because we can always be friends.  He talked all about the nice cars and how motivated he is to be rich someday. haha  He is crazy, but that's why we are friends.  Can't wait to see you guys!  Time just flies out here!  Weeks go by like days!  Elder Aiono just hit his 1 year mark!  He says it feels like yesterday he was in my spot :/  It's true, these 2 years just fly by.  I love you all so incredibly much! 

Be safe! 
Elder Fischetti

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