Monday, October 22, 2012

Pig Wrestling???

Hey everyone!!

Man, this week has been so insane!!!   So to start off with the news and updates first.  Elder Aiono has been emergency transferred down to Pocatello because an Elder down there needed some help.  He left yesterday morning and we got a 2 hour notice.  It was sad, but all is well.  My new companion has been out 16 months, when I first saw him I said "hey mom" because he is my second trainer type figure. haha  He wasn't very happy about that but the Assistants and ZL's were all cracking up.  I was shocked that president was putting so much trust on my shoulders while I'm still being trained!!!  I have a lot of responsibility trying to deal with people who have had problems in the past and an area that I am still getting to know.  I love this Elder though, he is a good missionary and loves the Lord. 

So then the Sisters up in Yellowstone last night had men stalking them with weapons all evening.  Then the men were waiting outside of their door.  The sisters called their bishop and he handled it.  They are now coming to split St. Anthony with us Elders so now instead of covering 11 wards, we will cover most likely 6.  It stinks because we have to give them a few of our investigators that I have come to love so much.  We are working on splitting the area after emails with the president and Assistants.  I have a few ideas on boundaries that may help the work in both areas.  

Later today, we may go wrestle pigs!!!!  A farmer invited us 4 Elders to go, so hopefully we can have time to do that.  The pigs weigh up to 250lbs!!!!  How crazy?!?  Man, so I got a few packages this week!!  Thank you so much!!  I loved loved them!  I also loved the letters you included.  Dad your talk was very powerful!  I showed it to my companion and he was impressed.  

So Tuesday, I taught our district about humility and patience, both of them are vital to being the most productive missionary possible.  I felt really good about the lesson, going in and teaching from just a page of bullet points.  I have been trying really hard to teach by the spirit and it has been working very well!  Sister Chandler drove us to the Chiropractor because when I was on exchanges with a spanish Elder, he hurt his back moving more wood.  On our way, we saw a very tough looking motorcycle guy with all leather and a skull helmet.  She goes "he looks like he's having fun".  She was so funny, she is 78 years old and just the cutest old lady.  Then the other day, we went to the high school football game, we were treated like rockstars, everyone kept coming and talking to us.  We found a few new PI's at the game, so it was a good finding tool.  

Oh and last Sunday, I taught the 16 year old sunday school class for 45 minutes.  I broke down the famous story of David and Goliath.  I was led by the spirit on what to say and I felt the lesson went very well.  One lesson that stood out to me was when David showed trust in the Lord and went to choose out 5 stones from the river.  He chose them out very carefully, finding the most perfect round smooth stones.  We can choose our 5 stones as well when we face adversity.  Some options of stones are courage, faith, trust, power of the spirit, prayer, priesthood, and many many more.  I love breaking down scriptures with the power of the spirit, I just learn things that normally I would have never seen!  I will work on a lesson and send it to you to teach a class sometime, I've just been too busy to write one down this week. 

We had a super powerful lesson with Cad last night, he is being baptized this Saturday!!!  I am so excited for him!  Bishop Orme and the Wilsons were at the lesson last night and we all shared our testimony in under a minute.  Cad bore his and I've never felt so happy!  It was amazing to see how much we have actually taught him!  He is an amazing kid, having gone through the family crisis he has and still loving the Lord and all that happens to him he just bounces right back up.  He is an example to me in the sentence, "come what may and love it."  He embraces his challanges and runs with it.  

So this week, with all that has gone on, I have my own motto, "Come what may, accept it, take control, and run away with it."  Although Elders may have some problems and Elder Aiono is gone and the president put a lot of weight on my shoulders, I took a deep breath and buckled down.  I am learning by fire.  There are no more practice rounds, this is all real and I love it.  I love having to feel that I only have one chance.  Life is all about opportunities, they come and go but you have to learn to take each one and not miss your chance to become more, to grow and to excel.  Out of clutter find simplicity, in difficulty lies opportunity.  I have definitely learned that.  

Yesterday, I had to take charge in a meeting with all the high councilmen and the church leaders in the area.  We had to explain the work in the area and come up with ideas to help the work grow.  They were all receptive to my new ideas and they all as well brought new ideas to the table.  I love my mission so much.  I am learning and growing and becoming serious about paper work, studying and just taking care of adult problems.  

But anyways, at the end of this week start sending mail to the mission home unless you have a package, then send it to my exact address, but transfers are coming up in 2 weeks, so keep that in mind.  I hope I stay here for one more, but whatever happens, happens.  I hope all is well at home!  I have been doing excellent and feel really happy and just filled with the spirit each and every day.  Be safe! and keep reading the BOM!  Read and report, I love hearing what you all learn.  I love you all!  Have a great week!  Thanks again for the packages!!!          

I love you!  xoxo

Love, Elder Fischetti

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