Monday, October 1, 2012

No Bull By The Horns, Just A Cow By The Ears

Dear Family,
This week has definitely been one of the odd ones, I have had many ups and downs but am so far ahead of where I was last week.  So first off, I have been doing a lot of thinking about leadership.  The purpose of leadership is to produce more leaders, not followers, that is one thing I have seen done by President Brinkerhoff.  Another thing is that encouragment and praise is so much better than criticism and blame.  The Lord leads that way and it turned out really well, our church is the best organized organization on the face of the Earth.  We have so many churches, so many people and it is all in a perfect order.  People want to follow a leader that is in the service of others, not a dictator who just barks out orders and doesn't live the life he is preaching. 

Ok, so this week me and Elder Tamoyo have chopped 4 cords of wood!!  We just went crazy and finished one of the investigator's piles in half a day!  We cut and stacked it.  I will include pictures in a few.  Then the next morning during study, the housing inspectors came over so it was a mad hustle to pick up laundry and throw away a few pieces of garbage haha - it was exciting and we passed!!! 

So the other day, I learned a very valuable lesson.  Sometimes in life, you have to take the bull by its horns.  So a cow escaped from a man's farm and the farmer kept trying to get it to bring it back in but nothing was working!!  I was watching, thinking if I was the cow, what would get me in the fence?  I thought being pulled by my ears definitely would get me, so I jumped in with my suit on and everything and the farmer was just watching me, I sneaked up to the cow and went from the side to grab its ears!!!  I got ahold of them and walked him into the fenced in area.  I compared this to life, there will be times in your lives that even the farmer won't know what to do and you will have to just jump in and take control of the situation.  My motto is "be content to act, leave the talking to others."  Don't worry, I was safe and didn't get too dirty.  

The other day, we fed the horses in our backyard!!  haha  It was pretty cool!  Then I noticed the horses were surrounding me so I ran like crazy and on my way out I spanked a horse haha It took off like a maniac and now he doesn't come near me :,(  It was the white one.  I still haven't named them yet... but I will.  Ok then we taught a good amount of lessons, and I am becoming really knowledgable about the gospel.  I have been pleading with the Lord to help me attain Christ-like attributes and understand what I read.  Both of those blessings have just been showered down upon me at this time.  It's amazing how the Lord wants to be in your life, all you have to do is follow the Holy Ghost and things just work!  That's one thing I learned in high school being the only member.  You have to know how to stand tall even when you are alone.  Then the real blessings come.  So when the Spirit tells you something, no matter how odd or against the grain it may be... do it.  

Man time just flies!  It is my 2 month mark today!  Can you belive that?!?  I will be home in the blink of an eye at this rate.  My testimony has been taking enormous strides recently.  This Gospel is so true.  Period.  The Book of Mormon is the word of God, no exceptions.  I feel it in my life every single second out here.  After my mission, I will continue these habits of daily scripture study and praying so often that the toes of my shoes are worn out faster than the bottoms.  

It's spud harvest now, so we are helping on the farms with sorting potatoes and dirt clods. It's really busy, so our teaching has basically been at nothing these past few days, because no one is home.  OH!  So one cool thing that I've done is we were having a hard time meeting up with our investigators between the ages of 12 and 21, so I decided to get creative with it.  I organized a Saturday night football league in our town and the other night 25 people showed up to play and it keeps getting bigger and bigger.  At the end of it, we teach a lesson and bear testimony of the truthfulness of this gospel.  We have gotten a few PI's from it (potential investigators) and it seems that it will only get bigger at this point.  I have also been having a hard time finding people that need the gospel due to the 80% LDS population. So I thought the other night, "where do people go when they are down in the dumps and in need of love who don't have the gospel?"  I quickly came to the realization of Bars!!!  Yes, a bar, haha.  So we have been staying on the same block as a few bars during the day and at dusk and we catch people as they go in.  We have scheduled a few return appointments with people who were going to drink but decided not to.  This is a great tool, I just have to be careful not to make a drunk person mad.  We get them before the go in so they remember it and are sober during our conversation.  We are going to continue using this great tool. 

I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH!!!!  MY love for my family has gone through the roof!!!  Hope all is well and may you all have joy in everything, especially the blessing of trials. Trust the Lord that he knows what he is doing when he trims your branches. I love you!  Have a great week!!!  Be safe.

Elder Fischetti

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