Monday, November 12, 2012

Kickin' It In High Gear


WoW what a busy week you sound like you've had!  Thank you for the advice, it's true everything we have is from the Lord so who are we to boast?  I am glad you are all doing good!  Man that breaks my heart that Grammy kisses my picture :( so sad haha.  I miss them too.  

The snakes in our house, well I don't know but they are starting to leave from the basement. Grandma's story yuck!!  I would freak out!!!  (I shared a story with Thomas in our letter about a time when I lived as a little girl not too far from where he is serving and his grandma went down to the basement one day to find a nest of baby snakes in the sheets she was going to wash). yuk.

But man let me tell you about my amazing week!!

So it started at the DI, (Deseret Industries is a thrift store).  I bought a banana suit for $5 like the original Jamba one...and I wore it into Jamba Juice and got a free smoothie!!!  yeah pretty cool. 

The other night we were ready to go in 15 minutes early, it was 5 degrees out and dark. But I said "one last knock."  So we did, it was a guy named Danny and he started venting to us about how he has been trying to quit smoking and get back to church!!  Miracles happen when we endure!  We are meeting with him This week!  So exciting!  

We went to teach the Hills Wednesday night, but they were all sick!  So we gave them blessings!  Roseline, their daughter, had an ulcer attack and I gave her a blessing, she was healed the next morning!!!  Amazing.  

Elder Braby and I are closer than close!  He is the man and we just are always laughing, running around, and just having the best time ever!  Too bad he is being transferred. :(  He is going to be a zone leader.  I love being super busy and having a million things going on at once!  That's when I excel because of my ADD.  I kick it into another gear and just make it work.  My new companion is coming up here on Wednesday.  His name is Elder Miller, he is my mission brother, Elder Aiono trained him as well!!  So I am super excited to meet him.  I have only heard good things about him.  

We have been taking a lot of youth on splits recently, (splits are where young men go out with the missionaries to be a "companion" with a missionary while they work - it helps the youth learn about what it is like to be a missionary before they go themselves) they are all amazing and I love them!  Cad is coming out with us tomorrow night!!!  Cad is basically my best friend haha.  We switched ties for a week, he wanted to wear my red one.  He wants to serve a mission!!!!!  I told him I will make it to his farewell!  Either way I will make it work.  

A lot of moms out here go on missionary mom something - it's a website, Mom, become a part of it, all the women out here talk about trying to find you so they can update you!!  Pretty cool!  

Then a lot of people found out about my energy. haha  We were sitting next to the Church's at a fireside and they were both whispering and laughing, they were talking about how I couldn't sit still for the life of me.  Jack said he wants to give me a 5 hour energy to see what happens. haha  Baad idea.  I just have so much cooped up energy and I just get it out all day.  Then when I'm sitting, it's just almost unbearable.  But it's good, without it I wouldn't be so crazy to do the Lord's work.  

I am staying here for the next 6 weeks for sure till next transfers.  So you can continue to send mail to my direct address.  For Thanksgiving, we already have families calling us to have us for dinner!  We have 4 dinners that day already!!  With all of our most living families.  I am super excited since it's an all day P-day, we can have some fun with the families.  We had a Turkey Bowl for one of the wards in the snow the other day, it was so much fun, it was old guys vs. young guys.  I have so many close families out here, I love this area!! 

Man, have you seen the new Ferrari f70???  Jack showed me a!  But material things don't matter...but it's a work of art!!  Ok, moving on haha sorry. 

So the Hills, the native american family I have been working with, Elmer the dad was a medicine man for years and years so I asked him if he can find out my spirit animal!!!  He said he will tonight, yessssss life complete.  They had us sign their Books of Mormon for them, they came to church and said every talk was meant for them!!!  Yesss success!  They accepted to be baptized on December the 29th.  They said they will do whatever it takes to make it work.  I love them, every time we go over it's just such a spiritual experience!!!  

Well, I love my mission.  I love it so much.  I know why they call it the best 2 years, it's because it is.  I miss home and you so much! and our entire family, but I just love my mission!!!  I hope all is well at home!  I'm so glad you are all ok!  Tell the rest of the family I say hi!  I love my mission.  I can't say it enough.  It's hard but so great!!  Have a great week!!  I dont think I need anything at the moment. maybe some CD's from Deseret Book, or your own CD's you can make.  We can choose what music we listen to as long as it uplifts us.  

Have a great week!!  Never stop growing and never stop excelling.  The Lord Expects.  He expects us to choose the right.  So do it!!!  I love you all!!!  Miss you so much!!!

Elder Fischetti

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