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Wow, what a fast and great week I've had!  So it started with I thought that all cats, when you throw them or they fall, they land on their feet right?  So I picked up Garfield, a fat orange alley cat.  And well, I threw him!  He landed on his feet!! But as with all scientific experiments you must do them twice!  So I picked him up and threw him again and he landed on his head.  Oops!  He is fine but I felt really bad. :/  Kinda like when that bird flew in front of my BB gun when I was little. 

Man, thank you so much for the package!!  I loved it!!  The toys and that head scratcher, I love it all!  Thank you so much!  You guys are the best support system.  So we had dinner with a newly wedded RM (return missionary) and I asked him how his mission was, he couldnt talk!  He got all choked up!  Wow!  What a missionary he must have been!  He is a spiritual giant. a little guy but his spirit is extremely valiant and powerful you can just feel it when you are around him!  He is going to come out on splits with us soon.  

Man, so Thanksgiving was awesome!  We went to the Ruberts, then the Moss's and then the Bucks and then the Carlsons!  It started out great until we decided to turn it into an eating contest.  Then by the last dinner, I won by an olive!  I almost threw up just from an olive!  It was awesome!  I've never felt so full in my life.  At the Carlsons, all the guys in their famliy relaxed by the fire!  Their family is crazy, so it's fun to be around them, reminds me of ours.  

Some missionaries went to Walmart that night because it was an all day Pday and one got run over by an old grandma with a shopping cart! bahahaha  Funniest story ever.  The Boera's sent me a package!  Woohhoooo!  It was great!  I am sending them a letter today!  That little football you guys sent me, we turned it into a 10-10:30 game!  We play at night and we just throw it around trying to get it into each other's goals or boxes haha.  It's way fun!  I tend to spazz out so I need to move stuff away so it doesn't get destroyed.  

So we went to see Toya, who is a JW, to teach and we didn't know why we were there.  She couldn't meet with us, but her sister came running to the door and said she had been praying to find out our bishop's number all day! We knocked on her door for no reason, really!  How crazy!  Everyday we see miracles.  Literally.  

Oh man, so I got 30 minutes of alone time the other day, I ran outside and tried to come back in and the door was locked!  I was very underdressed haha it was 20 degrees out and Elder Miller was in the bathroom!  I tried every way of getting in and finally just sat there.  It was freezing but funny and a good journal entry.  We lost power in church the other day!  It was cool to have the speakers talk without the microphone.  Jack talked about how our house didn't flood and the blessings of having a missionary out serving righteously.

So I want to send a quick spiritual thought:
As representatives, servants, and disciples of Jesus Christ, we have a mighty calling.  Yes, this is to every member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.  In Luke 9:62 it reads, "no man, having put his hands to the plow and looking back is fit for the kingdom of God".  We are called to always be on the Lord's errand!  The Lord doesn't need the prettiest people, or the most famous, the wealthiest, or the most popular.  He needs and is calling for righteous disciples.  God has put the paper in front of us and when we were baptized we took the name of Jesus Christ upon us.  We promised to stand as an example.  In Mosiah 18:9, it reads, Stand as witnessess of God AT ALL TIMES, and in ALL THINGS, and in ALL PLACES.  You can't expect on Sundays to have the spirit with you and renew your covenants and receive blessings, if during the week you are fooling around with partying, girls, inappropriate dancing, vulgar language and hundreds of other deceitful sins that are not just ok but promoted in today's society.  We must always stand as a witness because "Isreal, Isreal, God is calling..."  He wants to bless us and make us happy.  There is a very detailed yet simple court layed out showing us what lines we need to stay within to play in the game.  When we let our standards fall, saying "oh this bathing suit is ok, or oh this party is ok, or oh it's ok to do this on Sunday", it's the little things that catch us and ensare us.  Those things are what takes the light out of our souls and out of our eyes.  Everyone realizes when that light is gone.  But most of all, the Lord knows.  Some members today are stuck in a rut of doing the bare minimum.  By doing this, you are robbing yourselves of the infinite blessings of Christ.  We are called to put our hands to the plow and never look back.  In that scripture, Jesus rebukes his disciple, for after Jesus asked him to come and preach side by side with him, he asked if he can go say goodbye to his family first.  We all accepted the call.  When we not just obey God's commandments, but do the extra work, go the extra mile...that is when the angels come.  It is when we step down from worldy taking and step up for the cause of Christ that miracles happen.  So DO MORE.  Climb the extra step, crawl that extra inch, reach that next goal. and watch the Lord work miracles within.

This church is true.  The priesthood is the authority and power to act in God's name.  It is real.  Young men, stay true to the priesthood that you hold, it is an honor to have it, do not take the priesthood or your calling lightly. Women, you are just as important, if not more so.  Thomas S. Monson is the Prophet of God at this time, take heed to his every word.  He is speaking as if Jesus Christ were here.  Follow the Holy Ghost.  Don't blaspheme before God and man by asking for temporal and physical signs of the truth.  The Holy Ghost is here to testify, teach, and lead us.  What more can we ask for?  The Book of Mormon is true.  It really is recordings of Ancient Prophets from the Americas.  How blessed we are to have that!  I love this gospel, every single part of it.  I love the lines of worthiness that are put before us.  They are there for our happiness.  If you haven't done so yet, try it!  Try being exactly obedient and feel that happiness.  It will come.  Blessings of righteousness always come. Whether now, later, or in heaven.  They do come.

I love you!! have a great week! I am doing excellent!

Elder Fischetti

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