Monday, November 19, 2012

Simple Service and Spirit Animals?

(Our letter to Elder Fischetti this week revolved mainly around the opportunity that we had here at home to go down to Far Rockaway, Queens on Sunday to serve the people who suffered so much from Hurricane Sandy.)

Dear Family:

That is so cool!!  I'm jealous!  Missionary work is the best, isn't it?  The Lord works miracles!  I see it every single day, don't ever doubt Him.  We have 6 families having us over so far for Thanksgiving!  Yeah!  I don't know how it's going to all fit!

So last night, we went to the Burbanks, a non-member family's house, they invited us in and we basically had a Family Home Evening with them!  We played a Monopoly card game with them for a few minutes.  We definitely gained their trust and they invited us back on Friday. He is a hunter and construction worker, we got along really well.

The Hills have had a hard week.  A few problems have come up and they called us first!!  I felt very loved that they come right to us when they have struggles!  We gave some council and read scriptures, and both times when we showed up, people were mad and crying, and after the spirit entered their home with us, when we left they were laughing and having fun! We also helped fix up their truck!  We replaced windshield motors and brake pumps.  

So my spirit animal is the Black Panther.  Way cool!  The dad, Sonny, dreamed of it!  He said I was in attack mode protecting his family.  My Indian name, I can't type it on the keyboard, but the translation is The Guardian.  They said I have a very tender and loving heart but when something threatens those I love in a physical or spiritual way, I won't let anything touch them.  He said he can actually see people's spirits.  Not even kidding!  He said my spirit isn't afraid of any evil spirit.  They said I have way too much energy and that outside of teaching lessons, I am very sporadic!  They love to have us over for family prayer every night.  They are progressing very well and when temptation comes around, they have learned to take it and seek the good out of it!  

Look at 2 Corinthians, Chapter 12 vs 9 & 10... out of clutter find simplicity, in the middle of difficulty lies opportunity.  That scripture talks just about that.  Take joy in reproaches for God's sake.  When we have a trial, there is always a way we can grow from it, progress and move forward.  The bishop is helping organize people to help the Hills, they don't have much money and no furniture!  So we are getting some for them along with food!  It's great to see a community helping out!

Oh man, the other day we were walking down the road and saw an ambulance so we asked if we could help, they invited us in and we helped load up an elderly lady onto a stretcher. She was sick and needed help!  Police were there as well!  Talk about a comforting group of men!  Ambulance guys, police, and the Lord's workers. 

I played Monopoly with Elder Braby one night, I kicked his b...! ok (I am not sure why he chose to share this other than the fact that playing Monopoly in our family tends to be a highly competitive activity...maybe he is trying to let us know he hasn't changed that much haha) 

Stake President Walker gave us some referrals!!  What a compliment, he hasn't done that in years!  I love my mission and I love always being on the Lord's Errand.  I hope you guys are doing well!  You are always in my prayers, the Lord loves you and knows every single thing you go through.  When things get hard, turn to the scriptures.  In Ether Chapter 2, when they are building the boats, they consult with the Lord FIRST!  He knows everything!  He can invent anything or come up with or fix any problem.  Turn to the Lord!  It's that easy!  Seek answers with faith!  Read from the scriptures and the Lord will give you thoughts and ideas. Heaven inspired ideas are the best ideas possible.  They can change our lives.  I love you all so much!  Stay safe, work hard, but play harder haha jk.

Elder Fischetti

-The leaders of tomorrow are going to be those that empower others.

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