Monday, January 7, 2013

Happy New Year!!!

Hey family!!!!

That was awesome getting to Skype with you guys!  I now feel like I'm emailing a person!! haha.  But thank you, that made my Christmas seeing all of you!  Yeah J was fine.  So after we went knee boarding in the snow!  It was crazy fun.  Man, thank you for all that you sent me!  The long underwear things are coming in handy, it's been like 2 degrees for the past little while!
So the H family were baptized on Saturday!!  I baptized the dad, Elder Miller baptized C, and Elder Braby baptized the mom!!  So amazing, mom.  They have come from all odds against them with the weight of the world on their shoulders to the calm, soothing and relaxation that comes from the Lord.  My first night with them they had no furniture or blankets!  I almost cried!  It crushed me, I never thought I would see that in the US.  I wanted to go buy them all they needed at the time.  But now they have been blessed from the Lord and ward members and have beds, couches, chairs, TV's, food, dishes, everything they could need and more!!  SO amazing how the Lord helps us when we put him first and humble ourselves.  They have truly changed their entire life!! When they first moved here they were bitter, angry and mad at the world.  Now they love their life and realize their path was rough but it was for a reason.  The mom was extremely bitter because of some things that had happened, but they realize now it was the only way they would have accepted the gospel.  God bless the broken road.  They didn't see it at first, but do now.  As Steve Jobs said, "you cannot connect the dots looking forward, it's only at the the end when you look back you can connect them."  So it's important that we follow our own intuition and heart, they will always lead us to where we really want to be.  Sometimes life throws us curves, dips, and turns, and that's why we learn to swerve around em!  It is just so amazing to see their change.  They love the Lord and put him first.  The spirit was so strong and meeting them was truly life changing.  They made me realize money, cars, boats, and riches don't matter.  It's about family, enjoying what you have, and loving what life throws at you.  They humbled me so much, seeing them and how they are grown people living in a little apartment with dirty floors, but despite all that they still enjoy the little things such as the weather or the river outside or their one old car.  They just thank the Lord for their many, many blessings.  I love it!!  I love watching people come unto Christ and accept him and follow him.  I love my mission, I can't say it enough!  It's already been 5 months!!  So crazy!  It is flying by way too fast!!!!
So the other night, it was late and we had no appointments so we did secret service!  We call them "hit n runs".  We shovel people's walks and run away, haha  If you get caught, though, you lose!  It was so fun doing it for people and they didn't even know!  Then there were hundreds of geese outside our door honking and making noises so I yelled as loud as I could at them as a joke and they all went dead silent. haha It was so funny! 

So a new investigator named Mac was in church when I bore my testimony, and after I sat down, I choked on a dry throat and it made me cry, I couldn't stop it, haha.  We stopped at his house and he said me breaking down really caught his attention!  So cool how the Lord works!!  I love having him on my side on a 24/7 basis!!  So amazing!!!  

J was spinning doughnuts in the parking lot and he was just having fun showing off, right then a cop rolled on by!  It was hilarious, he missed him by 2 seconds!  Brother T has a ton of snowmobiles, when I'm older I'm totally having some!!  Parker and I will own them someday haha.  But, I gotta get going mom!  Thank you so much for all that you do!  You are the best and so supportive!!!  I love you and have a great week!!  I miss you and it was the best Christmas gift ever to Skype with all of you!  

Be safe and may the Lord bless you, uplift you, and edify you. 

Love your,
Elder Fischetti

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