Monday, January 7, 2013

Week 20 - Week of December 17, 2012

OK, so I have been the one not quite on the ball with keeping Elder Fischetti's blog updated.  Holiday preparations got the best of me, especially making sure he had a package for Christmas.  So please be patient while I update you on the past few weeks in the life of Elder Fischetti! 

Dear Family:

Okok, so I am not being transferred!!!  I am staying here so you can send everything to my direct address!  It's the best and safest way.  We are Skyping at Jack Church's and we will probably Skype around 10:30 our time and we have as long as we want!  It's up to us, but President said to keep it within reason!  So no worries, it will all workout!

Yesss, Sister Fisher contacted you?  Her family is awesome!!  So we had another lesson with Rob and he said that he is going to pray and talk about a baptism date with his wife!!  How exciting?!?  He has already changed!  You can see it and feel it!  Man, I love my mission!  OK, so his son Tyler has a ton of RC cars haha and dirt bikes and snowmobiles!  It is just like being home again but in 3rd person watching our family!  His younger brother, Trevor, has an RC car too and he breaks it all the time and then Tyler fixes it!!  It's the exact same as Michael and I.  How awesome??  Being there with them just reminds me of our family!  Man, I am so grateful for them in my life!  It's awesome!!!  I love my mission!  There are so many people we are teaching!!  So there is Rob, Curtis, The Hills, Chris a new investigator, Yvonne Schultz and her mom, Jr. and his brothers Alonzo and Herman, the Garcia family - 4 of them, Nick and his son Branton, Blake, Kieren, Mac and his girlfriend Draven, and those are all our investigators!!  Holy cow, so many huh??  It's way exciting!!  We are just too busy!!  It's awesome!  We barely have any time to do anything except teach!

We see so many people changing from this gospel!  The people we are teaching are just changing their lives!  It's so cool to see how becoming converted to the Lord brings so many life styles along with it! They are all cleaning up their lives and they are happy!  It's so humbling to see!

Oh man, that shooting in CT!!  How crazy!  It's sickening sometimes to see the direction the world and our country is going in.  So sad.  If only people would keep God in their lives instead of always looking to push him out of our schools, society, everywhere.

Elder Miller and I are having so much fun!  We have been riding our bikes, haha  Well, before there was snow this week, it is so fun riding them around!   But we just do little things to enjoy the time here when we arent teaching.  That's an awesome scripture you shared!  Good job, Mama Llama!!  (I shared  one of my favorite scriptures from the Book of Mormon, Ether 12:27. )

It's amazing how fast time is flying!  I love every second of my mission.  I cant wait to Skype!!  I will read you guys some passages from my journal and what not, it's going to be cool!  You can meet Jack Church!!  It's amazing how the Lord just makes things work out here!  A mission is not about how much I can get from my mission, but how much I can give.  Tell Michael I said hi!  I am typing you all up a letter to send home for Christmas.  I don't have time to hand write them all, so sorry!  How is he doing with hockey?  I miss hockey so much!  I am going to play on some teams when I get home.

I got a letter from a Joshua King in Virginia.  Do you know him?  He wrote to me and wished me a Merry Christmas!  Wasn't that nice?  I am definitely writing him back.  Also, I got the seminary class package!  Wow, it was awesome!  I will write to say thank you but please tell them too.

Don't worry about the bummer letter, it leaves my mind after 5 minutes.  It's the way the Lord works to keep us focused and have the spirit with us so when we say the most simple things, it touches people's hearts.  Give Vanessa a big hug for me when you see her!  I told her to do the same for you guys.  How are all of my friends?  I am wearing my NYC tie today. haha  People see it and are like what in the world?  Then they realize haha it's a cool tie!  Oh Elder Juan Christensen, who came home from Brazil for surgery, worked with Spencer Flake in Alaska!!  How crazy!  But I better get going soon!  I hope you all have a good week!  I will email you next Monday also!  We will all skype together!  Me and Jack and you guys!  I'm super excited but nervous :/.  It's going to be weird not writing to or emailing to a picture of somebody.  Have a great week and be safe!  My prayers will be with the victims of CT.  Be safe and love the Lord!  It's such a great time of the year!  Be sure to help random people!

"Have I done any good in the world today?" Ask yourself that!  Love you all much!

Elder Fischetti

"Fear and doubt will hold you back, in order to progress, you must conquer them."

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