Monday, January 7, 2013

Merry Christmas Everyone! - December 25th

Sweet Skype Setup!  
Made it so all could see him at the same time.

Elder Fischetti was able to Skype with us on Christmas Day!!!  It was so good to see his face and talk to him face to face.  What a Christmas gift.  It was all that we really wanted for Christmas this year.  We all enjoyed an extended period of time with him.  Grammy and Pop-pop joined us, as did Vanessa.  It was great to all be together again.  After we all talked to him, we were each able to spend some time talking alone with him.  That was great too.  He looks great, he is so happy.  He has such a humble and happy countenance.  He exudes confidence and reassurance that what he is doing is the right thing.  He loves his mission and loves the people he serves.  He feels very blessed in his work.  He is enjoying the snow, the weather is very cold there.  One of their favorite things to do on their preparation days is to go sledding.  They also go out to the sand dunes and sled down the hills there.  He also spends time early every morning working out.  For those of you who know him well, you know that this is very important to him.  It helps him work his bugs out, hahaha (as he would say).  

Part of the time we were able to spend with him was spent with him teaching us.  We wanted to hear what his lessons are like when he teaches other people.  (I tried to take good notes, but I wanted so badly to listen, so I got bits and pieces).  

He talked to us about three scripture stories - Ether 15, Isaiah and Alma 14:7.  He talked about how salvation is everything - and everything else is second.  He talked about how difficult things were for these men in these three stories.  In Ether, the two groups of people were fighting against each other with such anger and contention, Isaiah was despised and rejected of men and in Alma 14, Alma and Amulek were persecuted, imprisoned and smitten.  His point was that many men throughout the ages had many difficulties, especially when it came to sharing what they believed.  Things are not easy for missionaries either.  However, through the Atonement, their sacrifices are not in vain.  

He talked about how the Lord expects us to "Come, Follow Me".  That when we become disciples of Christ, we are to put our hands to the plow and never look back.  He also shared Alma 18:9, and how important it is to be a humble, still servant - it allows the Lord to speak to us.  Elder Miller, Thomas' companion, shared Proverbs 22:6 as a favorite of his.  He is a wonderful, strong, quiet companion.  That scripture talks about the training our children up in the ways of the Lord.  They are great companions.

We got to meet Jack Church, who is a great help to Thomas and the other Elders in his area. We also talked to Sis. Rubert, who just had a missionary go out into the field.  

He shared a scripture from Ether 2, and how the Lord will give you exactly what you need.  Complicated things can become very simple, like building ships and solving air flow problems!  All we need is faith and trust in Him.  He also talked about Elder Rosa, who is his AP idol.  hahahaha  He talks about what a great missionary he is and how he reminds him of young men he used to look up to in our Stake.  He also shared his goals and desires for his mission.  Fourteen goals that he carries with him at all times.  I will share another time.  :)  

We loved talking to Elder Fischetti.  It was a choice, sweet experience for all of us.  What a blessing it is to have a missionary out in the field, serving the Lord.  We love him very much and are so proud of him.

Another Elder Fischetti quote: "You live a lot longer once you learn that any time spent unhappy is wasted."  

Merry Christmas!!!  Love, Elder Fischetti and Family

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