Sunday, February 17, 2013

Week of January 21st

Hey Mom!!!!

Wow, long long letter haha.  Ok, so the doctors - I went to one this morning that our mission doctor had me go to. They said my sinuses are very swollen and my nose is broken!  He said both could be contributing to my headaches.  They gave me Nasonex and some moisturizer to spray in my nose - I also use that squeeze bottle you sent me, thank you!  He said use those daily for the next month and see what happens.  If it doesn't get better, I will go to the doctor dad said to go to.  I went to an ENT specialist btw, so no worries.  I will also get some vitamin D3 and some coconut oil at the store today!  My immune pills are still fine, I have plenty left.  My fish oil is almost done, I will pick up some more soon.

So Chris was baptized on Saturday, it was an amazing experience.  He is a good friend, I am definitely hanging out with him after the mission.  He came from a rough background in Cali and has changed his life.  It was such a spiritual experience, I baptized him, I will send pictures soon.  He is also writing his conversion story down for us so we can put it in our journals.  For your talk, I would just pick through my emails to you and choose from there, that's cool you get to do that!  We spoke in sacrament meeting last minute!!  I spoke on returning with honor and how it takes much more than just not doing something bad to return with honor.  I mean returning to heaven.  We also saw a man get arrested for drug use and abusing his girlfriend!  How awful!!  I wanted to lash out at him.  He was a not so good guy. 

Last night we went to Jack's house and we always smack each other when it's least expected, so I gave him a little tap and I ran away not realizing he was right behind me, I looked behind me and his arms were wrapping around me haha. He took me down and beat me up. :(  It was a lot of fun though.  So RF is being baptized on the 2nd!!!!  He has totally changed he asks questions and really gets into it, when before he was very passive.  Sister F is so excited, you can see it on her face.  They have a bunch of RC trucks, so I got to drive one around for a few minutes the other night.  Elder M and I are doing awesome, we are best friends!  We pushed some girl to the gas station the other day, her car ran out of gas.  Oh it was the girl whose boyfriend got arrested.  She had no money because he took all of hers!! We gave her some money to get gas, and wow I've never been so tired as I was after pushing that car through town haha.  

I also quoted Wiz Kahlifa at some guy's house, it was a gospel related lyric in his songs it said "even the sun sets in paradise" from the song "Payphone". I said it and almost directly after in the background the song came on the radio his son was listening to!!!  So funny!  But we were talking about how life is hard.
I love my mission so much!!  It is going by way too fast!!  It will be over so soon!!!  Logan Carlson, Joseph's brother, got home not too long ago, he said it's like a dream when you get home, you go "did that really happen?" It's scary!  I love it!  Thank you for all the support you give me!  Transfers are on the 5th of February!!! dahh  Getting nervous, hopefully we stay again!!  I love you all so much!  I hope life is being sweet to you!  Tell everyone I say hello!

Love, Elder Fischetti

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