Monday, February 18, 2013

Week of February 4, 2013

Dear Mom and Family,
Wow, what an incredible week I have had!!  But first, let's clear the air.  Michael is growing up?!?!  That is awesome!  I'm still waiting for that to happen to me haha. jkjk.  

Ok, so R's baptism!!!!!  Wow, was it incredible!  I baptized him also!  It was very emotional for me because it was what I prayed for and also just like dad.  So, it was a really heartfelt experience for me.  The spirit was so strong, Sis. F was crying the whole time!  She was just glowing with happiness.  Also, R has been smiling and laughing a lot more!  Elder M and I both have that as the highlight of our missions so far.  What an incredible experience!  It's hard to explain it in words really!  But it makes all the sadness, rejection, and long days worth it out here.  I love it so much!  The feelings you have when you see someone go from A to B in the gospel is incredible!  He has changed so much! 

Wow 6 months already!!!  HOLY COW!  I burned a tie!  Don't worry, one from the DI.  It's crazy it's going by too fast!  This little 8 year old girl kissed my arm at dinner with lipstick!  I didn't know but Miller saw the lipstick on my sleeve and was like what the freak is that! haha It was scary, I was so confused!  That little stinker!  

Also, another guy D, he was at church and we sat next to him. I had a feeling to talk to him about serving a mission so I did, he said he was just thinking about it and was scared that I knew what he was thinking haha.  I also turned to him and said go bear your testimony.  He said, "wow, I had the feeling but I wasn't going to go, the spirit just told me", he got up and told everyone he wants to serve a mission!!!!  It was awesome!  We are helping him change his life through the gospel.

I'M PREGNANT!! and I found out....IT'S A BOY! haha mission lingo (this just means that Elder Fischetti has been called to be a trainer - in the mission, when they start training, they missionaries they train become their "sons") because I'm training, it will be my son. Our family is the biggest family in the mission by the way.  Everyone wants to be part of it.  I'm pumped to see what he's like!  I won't find out his name until the transfer site when I first meet him!  President gave some very nice compliments to me, it's nice to know that the Lord knows Thomas Fischetti and to be able to tell president my name as one of his new trainers. President goes to the temple twice when finding out transfers and trainers and leadership roles. 

This has been an awesome week!  I love my mission so much!  It's so exciting and energizing when things get challenging.  I have the MRI tomorrow morning.  I am pumped to give birth to my very first son!!! haha.  My headaches are killing me, but it's ok, the Lord gives me enough strength to keep working.  I love you all so much!! Thank you for all the support you give me!  Hopefully this MRI shows what it is that is causing the headaches.  I love you and be safe!!  I will send out pics shortly.  Love life and remember to LIVE it.
Elder Fischetti
-God Speed

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