Monday, February 4, 2013

Week of January 14th - Boy, am I behind!

Good Morning!!

Sorry my email is late, we lost power this morning and had to play a little survival this a.m.  It was -20 degrees and we had no heat. haha  We were doing everything we could and then our landlord came over and built a fire for us!!  Thank goodness!  It's against mission rules to build them, but he said I don't care I'm building a fire.  Blame it on me.  It was nice and toasty after that.  We sat in our car from like 5 to 6:30 a.m. haha.  It was so exciting!  Yes, I got your package!!  Thank you so much!!!  It was a great little treat!!  I loved the mozzerella (We sent Elder Fischetti some Italian favorites from home - fresh mozzarella and italian cookies) and yes, I am staying plenty warm!  I don't need any more warm clothes, but thank you for thinking of me!  It was -25 Sunday morning, our car barely started haha.  The ZL's (Zone Leaders - they are leader missionaries over an entire area) were up in Driggs and it was -40 degrees!! So scary!

So we have C.A.'s baptism this weekend!!!  He is 20 years old, and from California!  He is such a fun guy!  He and his member wife have us over for dinner all the time.  He is so ready for baptism, he already made fliers to pass out!  Elder M and I got him a few little gifts from Deseret Book today.  I am so excited, I am doing the baptism and Elder Miller is doing the confirmation.  I can't believe Caitlin sent her papers in!!!  ahh The deadly wait and then Limbo!  I was lost in limbo my last few weeks!  I am so excited.  You have to tape it so I can see her open it!! and yeah, Paul and Paula visited me!!!  It was awesome to see them!  They showed me the video of Adrian opening his call!!  So exciting!  He is going to do amazing and it will bless him for his entire life!  It stinks he's not going to the #1 mission in the world...the IPM (Idaho Pocatello Mission - every missionary thinks their mission is the best, as they should - it is the best for them!).  

So we moved some wood for the mountain man Mad Jack!  He is super less active.  He is an older guy and lives in a tiny trailer and lives like a mountain man!!  It's so cool!!!  After, he taught us how to throw tomohawks and knives!!  I got a few bulls-eyes!!  Yeah I said I should have totally been an Indian!  We had a competition and he beat me by only 3 points!!  After, we shared our testimonies of the Book of Mormon.  It was a very spiritual experience and he was definitely feeling something.

We also had exchanges with the Spanish elders this week!!!  I went to their area, so I spoke very little.  I would read a favorite scripture in Spanish and that's about it.  But in one home, we were meeting with a family who is all Catholic.  I didn't understand a single word that was said in the 30 mins that we were there, I just stared at them.  Then the Spirit told me to share dad's conversion story!!  I had Elder S translate for me, he said it was exactly what they needed!  The Spirit was so incredibly strong!  The parents both felt the Spirit and invited us back.  It's amazing how the Holy Ghost works!  It was just a random thought...

We have done a lot of reactivation this past week!  It's so cool to see people that haven't been in years at church!  Oh yeah!!  We were interviewed and put in the newspaper!!  I will send you a copy!!  We were on the front page haha a huge picture of us!  We look like such dorks! but it's ok.  President recommended us out of all the missionaries!!  How cool is that?

Man, my mission is going so well!!  I love every second of it!  We are so involved in the work and just love working hard.  Elder M and I are working very well together and the work keeps progressing!!!  We don't really have time to proselyte anymore!  It's just straight teaching!!! We are soaring past our goals!  It's so exciting!!!  Cad is coming out teaching with us tonight!! He always shares his testimony and it makes me tear up every time!

Read D&C 122, I love that one!  Also watch the following Mormon Messages, "A new year-look not behind thee", "Good things to come" and " Hope ya know we had a hard time." They are really great. I love you all very much!  I am glad you are all strong in the gospel.

CPR saves lives!!  Church Prayer and Reading!  Make sure you do that each day!  If you are doing that, you will always be lifted up and have the Lord next to you at all times.  Have a great week and thanks again for the package!!  I loved it so much, yummmyyyyyy!  I hope all is well and moving forward with life!  Have a great week!!!

Elder Fischetti

- let YOUR wings spread and fly away in your own style.

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