Thursday, August 9, 2012

Only One Week in the MTC?

Hey Family!
I am doing excellent, I am learning so much and my testimony is growing every minute. It's amazing here, you feel the spirit all day!! The food is good, I eat 4 entrees every day. I see Parker and Silas all the time, it's so comforting seeing them. My district has become my family, my companion is still so quiet, but my district says its really cute because i am like his older brother helping him break out of his cage. It's funny, he doesn't walk next to me, he walks directly behind me stepping in my exact foot steps haha. He is shy and sometimes will not answer you when you talk to him because he is too nervous to talk. He is 95lbs, so I am stuffing him full of food all the time and am teaching him how to lift weights in our gym time. 

My P days (preparation days) are Wednesday and I can only email for 30 mins. I went to the temple today and loved it as usual, my teacher and district all came along. Being district leader is awesome, it is a whole new level of leadership, learning to lead by Christlike attributes such as patience, love, and charity. I am learning so much about everything! My district president is super cool, we get along really well. There are 8 Elders and 4 Sisters in my district and I am in charge of all of them, whether it be homesickness, companionship problems or anything. They all come out of our meetings either crying with comfort or from the spirit. They all say I am the best leader and was meant to be the district leader, which was very nice.  At first, I felt way over my head but now I am getting more traction and am starting to take off. 

The MTC is really amazing, I have taught 4 investigators and I write specific lines for Elder Neilson to say, but he is too shy to say them so I am basically teaching the investigator myself. They could be real investigators or fake, they dont tell us.  But either way, we prepare like it was real, say prayers, having study times and what not. Class is great! Our teacher is amazing! He really loves us all. He is a great example to all of us Elders. 

Our schedule is quite hectic, we wake up at 6:30 then its breakfast, then 3 hour class time, then teaching, then zone meetings, then I teach a district class, then another 3 hour class, add personal study time and companionship study plus meals and that brings us to about 9:30, then its prayer time and bed! They make sure you have no rest time at all! 

That is crazy about the dogs! Make sure they get an electric fence before they really dissapear. All the Elders in my district all room together, I give the cleaning check guy cookies or candy in the mornings so he gives us really good ratings. I got your package and thank you so incredibly much!!! I love getting mail! I get so excited! Can you guys send me out my black yo yo, Michael knows which one. I love toys! and I need a few more of my t shirts, they can have logos just as long as they aren't crude. I love you all very much! I feel that the Lord is helping me with my homesickness. I already feel the blessings of being a missionary! I will send an SD card within the week so you can see pictures, be sure to show them to Vanessa. But don't worry about me, i am just fine. I have tons of friends, and alot of people here come to me for help, its weird to think that I've only been here a week. But I am running out of time! What do I do with those postcards in my package?? (I sent him index cards with the date on each one so that he could write something special that happened to him that day so that when it comes time to write his letters, he can remember.) and I will send letters whenever I can with how I am doing. I will talk to you soon! Thank you so much for the mail, boxes and email! Share this letter with whoever you want. I love you and thanks for being amazing!
God Speed,
Elder Fischetti

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