Tuesday, August 28, 2012

MTC Wrap-up - August 14-20

While we still received letters from Thomas during this past week, most of his writing was instruction before going out into the field.  He has remained extremely positive and happy with his time in the MTC.  He sent home some photos, enjoy!!!  

Goodbye at the MTC
Thomas and his buddy, Silas, from home!
He got his tags!
Elder Fischetti's District
There's going to be a lot of miles on these! 
Idaho missionaries
Elders are still boys at heart.
An exercise in teamwork? 
That's a lot of goodies, thank you! 
MTC Companions
Elders Fischetti and Gallagher
Thomas with another buddy from home, Elder Murphy!
Missionaries know how to roll.
  Learning goes on all day at the MTC, 
in groups and independently.  
    So does service, and work.
Missionaries getting ready to head out into the field.
Thomas goes to Idaho, Parker goes to Russia.

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