Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The Eagle Has Landed!

Wow, its great to hear from you guys, I am doing excellent.  It was a hard adjustment at first, but I am on my feet and doing great now.  I am slowly getting lost in the work.  My pday is today and yes, they let us go food shopping the day we got here. 

That is so awesome about the flowers!  You go girl! (I recently took on a steady, large volume floral client) and don't even worry about the phone call, it is fine now. The plane ride was only 35 minutes haha - it was crazy.  But the Singletons?  I have not met them yet.  I cannot go up to Rexburgh besides on pdays so they will have to come here but im only 10 mins away.  What a small world I saw Katie in Walmart! haha  It was so funny when I heard my name! 

There are a ton of farms out here it's crazy!  The Ferraris and Lamborghinis out here are the John Deere tractors. haha  They are very expensive!  I spoke on Sunday for 15 minutes about the purpose of mortality, and I didn't even use a paper!  I prepare, but don't bring the paper up with me, I listen to the Spirit to know what to say.  It was another boy's farewell, so I gave him a few pointers after the meeting.  I also spoke at a baptism up in Yellowstone - me and my companion, Elder Aiono were asked to go.  I taught about the restoration to the congregation, it went very well.  We have our first baptism on Thursday, her name is Brynn Berry.  Her family is just recently getting reactivated so its a very exciting moment!  A lot of our work is with less active families or converting people who were previously in jail. 

I feel greatly honored to be serving in this mission.  On my first day, a lot of Elders' luggage got lost so I offered to go back and pick it up with one of the APs (Assistants to the President - they are Elders in leadership positions and have usually been serving for a while) later that night.  When I came home, Sister Brinkerhoff (the Mission President's wife) told me she knew if anybody offered, it would be me.  President Brinkerhoff told me he expects me to be an extraordinary missionary.  I told him I will not let him down.  I told him he will never have to worry about me with obedience or working my hardest because I will not be a missionary that slacks.  He said he has been anticipating meeting me for a while now and he prayed Heavenly Father would send a strong missionary here.  That definitely helped get my spirits up and get me in the right direction.  

I went to Big Jud's (a popular hamburger place that is famous for it's large burgers - we have been there before) the other night and people were arguing over who got to pay for us.  People have been very generous.  It's like we are celebrities in certain parts of the mission, but in others we aren't very well liked. 

I was asked to speak in Zone Conference in front of like 80 missionaries!  I am excited for that opportunity. That is so funny that the Elders I was with in the MTC are now serving in our ward as their first area!!  I told them about you haha!  Tell them I say hello!  

We gave a very old woman a blessing the other day, and the lady who wanted us to give it to her told us that it was to be a blessing of easy passing to heaven.  It was really sad, but after the blessing she was very calm.  It is amazing that the Lord trusts a few 19 year old boys to do such important and noble work!  

Tell the Whites I have to see them!  That would make my day!  We watched their I'm A Mormon video at the MTC and I was boasting to people that I knew them haha.  My companion is really nice, he is Samoan, and is an outstanding athlete. He plans to play wide receiver for BYU.  He grew up in Long Beach, CA and was a member of the Bloods out there.  It's an amazing story how he turned around, but he is now a great priesthood holder and I feel very safe with him. haha  Our house is nice, we live in it alone but it belongs to a member.  It is 2 floors with 3 rooms and a bathroom and kitchen.  Our backyard is a farm with cows and horses haha and we live right next to a small river. 

We have taught a few families, one was to a guy named Rich and his wife Peggy.  We stopped at a skate park the other day to get to know the boys around here, they are all very lost and don't know that there is anything outside of this area.  Most of their dads have either been in jail or are now. So I hope I can help show them that there is more and be an example to them.   

The photo album you sent me was perfect, exactly what I needed! :)  There is smoke all over the place from all the forest fires out here.  They are just random outbursts. It is almost spud season, so I may get to help with picking the potatoes and everything. 

It's amazing how powerful you can be if you have the faith, words just come to you and it touches people's hearts that you didn't even think of or know.  I met so many new friends in the MTC, I plan to meet up with them after our missions.  Oh and some good news, on Christmas I can Skype with you!  

Can you maybe send me a pair of sweat pants, it is so cold here at night. haha  It is 28 degrees when we wake up!  Man, winter is going to be so fun!  I can't believe this time is actually here!  The moment I've been worried about but so excited for my entire life.  It will fly by I already feel it!  Already a month out basically!  I have to hustle to finish all the work. haha  Man, there is so much to say. Tell Michael everybody likes my watch, I love it and tell them who got it for me.  

But anyways, I am doing excellent, no need to worry about me, I am tough as nails. haha jk.  I hope all is well and I love you all very much!  Being away and so cut off has made me realize how important it is that families are sealed in the temple because families are really the most important thing.  The only work that is more important than missionary work is the work you do within the walls of your home.  

We went to the fair, also.  At the fair we got so much free food it was crazy!  I rolled out of there basically!  But keep up the good work and keep reading the scriptures and apply them to your life, they work miracles if you let them. I will write to you on Monday!  Have a great week!  I love you and thank you so much for everything!  Tell everybody else I said hi!
Elder Fischetti xoxoxo

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