Thursday, August 16, 2012

Missionary Training Center - Week 2

Dear Family,

It is so great to hear from you, I am so busy here i dont have time to do anything! My testimony has grown so much, i will write more in a letter that i will send out to you later today. I am leaving for the field Tuesday the 21st. Any more mail you have to send me just wait a few days and send it to my mission home office instead so i will get it out in the field. Please please please can you tell Vanessa for me right away that information and tell her that I got her letter today responding to my first letter and that I am sending her a letter tonight, tell her that I will send it to her school address.  There was a problem with the mail here for a day so all the departing mail got held up for a bit. I will send you my SD card in a week probably. 

My district is doing well, they are all going to my same mission so I will be flying with them. I am so excited to actually get there. My testimony is so strong and I am learning how to teach using the Holy Ghost very well, I dont have a shadow of doubt in myself being able to fulfill all of the work I am meant to do at this time of my life. 

Sounds like you guys are doing great! I watched the Joseph Smith movie with Parker yesterday, it was great to be with him and have a friend that I really connect well with. He got your package and was so excited, he said thank you so very much!  He is leaving the same day as me!  If you send any mail to me here after I leave, they will either send it back to you, or forward it to my mission. 

I love how much I have changed already.  I just got back from the temple, and while I was there I was praying that I would recieve comfort about my family and Vanessa, so I got the Book of Mormon and prayed for a scripture that would help. I dropped the book on my lap and decided that whatever page it opened to, I would read. It opened to D+C 31, Read it!!  It brought tears to my eyes because it has my name in it #1 and was exactly what I am going through. I know that I am doing the Lord's work and that he will bless you and I very much. I have learned to really take leaps of faith while teaching investigators.  I dont think about what to say when they are talking, i just strictly listen. Then after they are done, I listen to the promptings of the Holy Ghost on what to say, it works really well!  

My companion is doing much better by the way. My Branch President here is super cool, I meet with him a few times a week and he is thankful for the work I have been doing with my district. I have learned so much patience and study skills already, haha.  I've never sat still for this long in my life!  I can't wait to get into the field!!!  I am nervous for my first companion.  I just feel so much strength with the Holy Ghost constantly in my life. 

I also have that quote that Camilla gave me by the way, I read it once a day to keep me motivated and my eye on my goals. I love you all so much and wish you could all experience this! OH OH OH Jared or Elder Murphy lives right next to me!!! What a small world!?!? We hangout every night for the 30 mins of relaxing time that we have. 

I am becoming a scriptorian, I can think of scriptures quickly and they are now color coded with notes all over the margins. This time will fly by! I feel like i just got here and I'm already leaving so soon! So little time but so much to do! Its ok, I can do it. I will write you a letter today and send it soon.  I love you all very much!  Be safe and CTR (Choose The Right).  Expect a letter soon with my new address in it also, in case you dont have it. Have a great week! 

PS my Pdays (preparation days) in the field are on Monday. So just a heads up. Can't believe I am actually a missionary!!!  It's so crazyyyy! Oh and the food is getting worse, I now weigh 190 lbs and dominate in four square each day. haha  I workout also for 30 mins so I stay in shape and get some energy out. 

LOVE YOU ALL VERY MUCH!!! Oh and tell her that I sent her a small letter yesterday so have her family mail it to her if she is already at school when it gets to her home in CT. Love you all. Oh and good luck super mom! You will be fine! You are amazing, just do work! Don't forget to slow down and enjoy it also.
Elder Fischetti

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