Thursday, May 30, 2013

Week of February 11, 2013

Man, everyone has been asking if my family is alive with all the snow! It’s good to hear from all of you. Thank you so much for your prayers and support. This week has been incredible!!! So, Elder Gulisane is the man!! We are best friends, he is a mix of Shane, Parker, Michael W., and Grayson...couldn’t get funnier.  We have both never laughed so hard in our lives. We look similiar, we are both Italian from NY.  Two New Yorkers roaming the streets of St. A... couldn’t get any better. He is spastic as well, so we get along perfect! There is never a dull time. He was a little homesick last night, so we found a bunch of old stuff in our house and destroyed it with mauls haha. Don’t worry, it was all garbage anyways. It was a blast. 

So we have gotten another family ready for baptism, they will be baptized next month!! The whole town, including Rexburg, knows them and everyone is so impressed that they are getting baptized. They are the Gonzalez family, 4 of them. They came to church yesterday and told everyone they were getting baptized. The boys are 12, 15, and 18. They are all awesome. 

We spoke in Wilford 2nd ward yesterday for 15 mins. each. It was awesome, a lot of people came up to us and complimented us. I don’t even use a card anymore!! Practice makes perfect. It’s easy to speak now because we are constantly teaching and being creative with how to teach. I spoke on missionary work and compared it to ocean fishing...prepping and re-checking all the gear, but we are much more...compared missionaries to the Coastguard, we need to have not just gear for us but enough for more people. I expounded on it pretty in depth but kept it simple at the same time. The Lord for sure gave me everything I said. I LOVE MY MISSION. Elder Gulisane and I are going to tear it up out here.

So with my headaches, I have felt your prayers.  I am doing fine, don’t worry at all mom. I am tough as nails! haha jkjk.  But no, seriously I am in the service of the Lord so there is no reason to be concerned or worried. Whatever it is, it will be fine. My blessing says I will live a long life, so nothing too threatening. Have no fear, when we fear we are doubting the Lord. 

We had a baptism on Saturday. It was for Georgina, she has come so far!! Recovering hard core drug addict to an outstanding member! It is so inspiring to see these people change their entire lives. Tell everyone in the ward thank you! I really appreciate their support. I can’t wait to baptize the rest of dad’s family, and my friends in HS. It will happen, I just know it. The knowledge I am gaining is incredible, I can apply the gospel to their life and get them interested. I tend to run better when I am in a high stress situation. Being upped to be a trainer, DL, and what not has been stressful, but it made me step it up, I felt the weight on my shoulders and I seem to be working a lot better with the added stress. I love it. I love my mission!!! I am finally finding traction in my life!! Remember how I said I felt like a Ferrari slipping in the mud and I’m being passed by Prius's... well the mud has finally dried out. I have found what I love and how to do it. I love serving people and forgetting myself in the helping of others. "Lose yourself to find yourself." that’s my mission motto. 

I am glad to hear you are all doing well, please dont worry about me, I am fine! I promise! Elder Gulisane and I just have a blast! We had a huge fight in our house the other morning, it started when I shot him with my slingshot with a nerf bullet, he pegged me with a foam ball and it broke loose. I tackled him, then he grabbed my water gun and soaked me and everything was flying, it was so much fun haha Our ZL's got involved also because they showed up half way through it! It was awesome. He does that same crazy yell thing I do haha, it is hilarious when we both are on the same thought process and it just comes out. He was a QB on his HS football team. He had a friend in Middleburgh!!! The Frogley family! It’s funny how we have a few connections, we were also at the same EFY. I felt like I knew him before, but maybe not idk. My mission is going great! I love it, I love forgetting myself. I am learning so many life skills out here. So many. I hope you all have a great week, I love you all so much!  Tell Michael to straighten up and fly right haha. Be safe and don’t forget CPR!!! HAPPYY VALENTINES DAYYY!!!!!!!! woohooo  

Elder Fischetti
 Elders Fischetti and Gulisane - the New York Bros!

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