Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Change Is Good Sometimes - Week of July 22nd

Hey hey hey, look what the cat dragged in. haha

Sounds like you are doing awesome! I am so glad you girls made some cookies and got to do something fun! How does it seem everyone back home is doing? It sounds like all is well as of now. How is Vanessa? She is pretty much the best, so I guess not much you can tell me there. She is thinking about going to the Fashion Institute in NYC, that would be awesome for her.  

So the new area is awesome, definitely hard, but it will be worth it. My new companion, Elder Alligood is legit. He is from north Florida. I am so glad I finally get to do missionary work!!  We walk everywhere so people see us and also so we can talk with every person we see. We live with a family whose son is leaving for his mission in 3 months. He is big into weight lifting, so we work out with him every night before bed. I am finally really working out hard again! I have gained a few lbs. so far, and we are focusing on eating healthy as well.  I am so excited for this whole transfer. It will be hard work, but that’s what we love most.  

SO yes, your friend did drop off the goodies!! That was so nice of her, I will write her soon, this day is going to be a crazy P-day, but I will find time. We have met tons of crazy people, from super anti people, to crazy drug addicts, to people that say we each have a star. Yeah, there are some crazies around here, but I love those kinds of people. I could talk with them for hours and not get bored. We have a bunch of them coming to church with us next week!!! It is going to be awesome, we will walk right up to the front row with the entire family haha. They are the nicest people in the world, just have some bad addictions. We are definitely going to help them out. I love Rigby already, the people here seem great, and there are a lot of members that are head over heels for missionary work. There was a man in town who asked the Elders quorum for help sheet rocking his house...nobody showed up!! Can you believe that?? Not one person, the bishop said he would make calls to people and must have forgot, so we made one phone call, and within 30 minutes had 16 missionaries there! The man was so excited haha. It was a really great experience to help a family in need. They are recently returning to activity in the church.

It has been like 100 degrees out here this week!! So hot out to be walking, but a lot of nonmembers said they really respect us for still doing the work. We got an AC unit from a family who are not even members, and well it broke :/. So we just open our windows at night and use a fan.  We aren’t really home during the day anyway, that’s the way it goes as missionaries. We never get a second to relax, it is so hectic at times.

You let the dogs swim in the hot tub?? That is awesome!!! haha Must be a mad house! Today I have a doctors appt. with that neurologist again, I haven’t had a headache for the past 4 days, but before that I was taking Excedrin every day...maybe it is neck problems? Maybe lifting weights helps with the muscles? I don’t know, I will talk to him about that today. I am serving in the Rigby Idaho Stake, in 4 of the wards. Our house is little, and the family we live with is so humble, I love it! They are older and remind me of Grandma a little bit. Can you believe I am almost at the hump? The big ole 1 year mark?? So nuts! Before we know it, I will only have a few days left! ahh, time flies so fast, I hope it doesn't go by this quickly when I get home! I just want it to slow down so I can enjoy everything! I guess it goes by so fast out here because we are so busy and work hard all the time. It’s good though, keeps us from getting discouraged!

So I would really like a few of my friends’ email addresses. No rush, but if you find them I would appreciate it a lot. Olivia and her family in my last area were so sad that I was leaving, they wrote me a nice card and said how much we have changed their lives, they will be baptized soon so I will go to that. I love my mission so much, every second of it I am learning and growing, I have changed in so many ways, but my personality is still the same, I still spazz and what not. I am being prepared for life, it is such a blessing that I am able to be learning all of this at such an early age in life. I hope that you all have a great week, I don’t have a lot of time for emails because of the doctors appointment. I love you so much! Keep living each day to the fullest, and just enjoying the small things in life. Don’t worry about me, I am just fine. Stay safe, happy, and healthy. I love you! Tell everybody I said hello!

Elder Fischetti
"our deepest fears are like dragons guarding our deepest treasure."

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