Tuesday, August 13, 2013

THE CRAZY WEEK! - Week of July 29, 2013


This week has been a very, very crazy one!  Strap in and hold on, try to keep up.  So the headaches are a downer, the doc gave me some vitamins to start trying, and a new medicine to try and calm down the nerves, they have been a little better this week with the vitamins. I had to buy a bunch of them at Walmart and other stores, so that’s why I have been spending so much money...I will be extremely frugal over the next few months...don’t get mad, but I got a speeding ticket.. :/. Whoops, but I guess it was about my time, from driving to Vanessa’s house at a million miles an hour, it was eventually going to catch me. I was in the process of slowing down! But that SNEAKY MOM caught me! IT IS FOR $90! So I will have 30 dollars for the month of August! It is going to be awesome!!! Being frugal to the max!!!

We were feeding some horses and they started showing off and running around, and the showboat of the crew fell flat on his face!! IT was so funny!! He got up and just walked into the corner of the yard. Then we were walking and we saw an RC plane in the canal in the water!!!!! We pulled it out and put the electronics in rice....it works! haha we don’t have time to play with it today, but one of these p-days we are going to fly it...we are also trying to find who it belongs to.

So ok here’s the big shabang story. Well you know when you get this idea that is just the best idea ever and you can’t think about anything else...well we were weekly planning and we took a little break and started talking about the wet bandits...our missionary prank name. You know, from Home Alone. Well, we decided to get a set of sisters that live down the road from us.  We put on their doorstep in whipped cream "the Wetbandits"...then 2 days later we got the real idea. We sealed their doorframe with garbage bags, and in the space between the door and the bags, we filled it with popcorn and shredded newspaper. We left on their door a sign that said “The Wetbandits strike again!!!” with a picture of 2 dogs laughing haha. Yeah, we thought it would be so funny.  So we knocked and ran home haha.  Well, they got super scared, they called us and we go over and clean it up, we planted a mormon.org card with Elder’s names on it that we pass out to people in there to frame them...they didn’t believe us, they said they were fine so we went home.  Well, we were falling asleep and I asked Alligood how we would explain it to president if he just so happened to call us about it.  He was like, “why would you even think of that”?  Well we forgot about it and went to bed...the next morning president calls!!!!  He starts saying how we had to go over there, help pack their stuff and find a new house for them!!!!  I just said president, it was us!  He didn't hear me...so he keeps going on about how the area isn’t safe and they are getting scared and what not...I say “president, it was us”!  Silence!!!  The longest 30 seconds of my life!!  He says....”why?” Oh boy, the sledge hammer!!!  I explained we were trying to be funny and that it didn't work...he had to go so he said he will call us back. We go over to the sisters’, apologize and fix it, so we thought.  Nope!  They called the police!! So we went to the station and told them, they were all laughing so much. Kind of embarrassing, but we deserved it.  Then president called again and drilled us for a few minutes, then laughed about it haha.  So the Wetbandits have died, now the Stickybandits rise!!! haha jkjkjk  But it was such a crazy day!  So we will not be pranking any missionaries anymore.

Ok now to the missionary work side of the week haha. So there aren't many nonmembers in our area, just tons of less actives and excommunicated members.  We have been teaching tons of them, they love us!!  We have a lot of less active people who are starting to come to church for the first time in years, there are also a few ex members that we are working hard with. One of them is this huge grumpy old man, but he has such a soft heart! He is so humble! I just want to give the guy a big bear hug!! Well we taught him about prayer, faith, and following Christ’s example. We didn't even invite him to church and he came!!! He is starting to read his scriptures again! YEssssss. I just love teaching the gospel to people, I love feeling the spirit testify of our words. It is so powerful and so moving. The less active people that don’t like the church, are now the ones that pull over and ask us if we need a ride or a drink of water!!!  They are the craziest people, we love it!  From x navy seals, to tattoo artists. It is the best. We have been walking everywhere and working so hard. It is all so worth it. We have been working on being exactly obedient, we have a lot of fun and are always smiling, and obedience is the reason. When missionaries are depressed it’s because they aren’t teaching or being obedient. It is so easy to spot, we had a few missionaries that didn’t understand obedience, so we talked with them about it and there are no problems there now.

Yes, I saw Elder Homer!!!! (He is now Randy Homer, and he served his mission 13 years ago in the New York, New York North mission, where we live.  We love him!)  He is so awesome, if he was shy back then, he isn't shy now!! He is so outgoing and friendly. See the mission changed him! He was so welcoming to all of us. He showed me pictures of our ward back home, and explained what a super ward ours is. It was awesome to see him. I will be seeing more of him. Hey, who were the missionaries that baptized dad? So yes, this week has been a crazy one to say the least. We have interviews with president on Tuesday as a zone, so I am going to show him our Wetbandits sign haha. Hopefully he thinks its funny :/. I just love my time out here! I love studying the scriptures in the morning and really applying the teachings to my life and to others. I love the wave of work that I and we are involved in. This mission is taking leaps and bounds! The spirit within is so strong, and we are all pushing forward. The fire of some of these new Elders is so inspiring! They are so passionate about the work and their purpose! They care about our calling! I love it! We are trying to get the members to be obsessed with the work as well, it worked in St. Anthony and Idaho Falls, so now we are speaking in the wards out here and will give it our best shot. I love Rigby, I love Idaho. There are so many wonderful families out here that are so helpful to us. One family picked us up off of the side of the road and took us to get some food! When I get home, I will do all I can to help the Elders around me. I owe it to every missionary I see for the rest of my life.

Preaching the gospel really is the best calling. I sent Vanessa a little cutout from my study journal about the atonement and happiness. It is just a few notes of my actual thoughts, but ask her if you can read it as well. I try and switch it up each day, so when I come home I have a study journal full of revelations, teachings, and experiences. It’s incredible how the work is moving along. I am so grateful for President Brinkerhoff, he is an incredible man. I learn something from him every time he talks to me. But I just love my mission, I love every second of it. It is not a sacrifice to serve, but an opportunity. It has changed my life for eternity. I have been so moved, so deeply affected, and so changed because of this work that I have just lost myself entirely in. When you truly lose yourself in this great and magnificent cause, you begin to find yourself. When you devote all of your time and attention, you begin to change and be taught from the Savior’s hand. I have learned that when it’s time to work you work, when it’s time to sleep you sleep, when it’s time to write letters, you write your letters. The schedule is perfect, and I love every second I have to Serve the Lord. Don’t worry about me, I am just fine. Love life, share the gospel, serve everyone around you, forget yourself and follow the Savior. I have to get going, we have another busy preparation day today. I love it! I love you all so much, Mom you are the best, I always teach from your example. Dad you are so inspiring and motivating, every missionary knows something about your life and the things you have accomplished. Michael you are the kindest kid I’ve ever heard of, just have fun and enjoy being a kid. I love you all!  Have a great week and be safe! 

Elder Fischetti
Love and charity can accomplish anything. 

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