Monday, August 12, 2013

Week of June 24, 2013 - Birthday Celebrations!

Hey Familia!!!!

We saw Caitlin on the fireside broadcast!!! IT WAS AWESOME!!! I freaked out haha.  So our baptisms got pushed back to mid July due to word of wisdom hangups.  So Brent’s baptism last week was the first baptism in that ward for the past 3 years!  Can you believe that?  

My birthday was legit! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE BOXES!!!  The helicopter is awesome!!!! I don’t have a lot of time to play with it, but when I do, it is a lot of fun. Elder R got one as well :), so we fly them together.  I loved the ties!!  I got tons of compliments on both of them from other missionaries, they want to trade...but won’t ever happen. Haha  All of the party goodies were fun!  I saved some of them for district meeting to celebrate a few other missionaries’ birthdays. I apologize for spending some money this month, I have been trying to help out my companion as much as possible, so I treat him once in a while. I will be more frugal I promise.  So my Bday!!!  It all started at 6 am when Elders Miller, Bebee, Rabe, Butler, Carroll, Anderson, McPhail, Nyland and a few others woke me up with air horns, honkers and streamers. haha It was crazy!! We all went out to breakfast at IHop to celebrate.  Later that day, we went to lunch at Chik-fil-A and the zone surprised me by being there! It was another big group of missionaries. Brother Packer and his family took me out to dinner at Olive Garden!!!! We ate like champs for the first time in a while haha, I miss all of our family dinners with the cousins. We teased all of Brother Packer’s grandkids for a little bit, like with water balloons, water guns, and other various water attacks. Later that day, our ward mission leader’s family had us over for cake and ice cream!!!!  I did the cake smells bad thing to their 10 year old daughter - she cried, so I let her do it to me...basically it turned into a big cake fight haha. Their house is always crazy! They are a really fun family. Tell Michael I loved his card, it gave me more motivation to keep pushing. Now is the test of endurance, it’s easy to be happy when life is fine. But when it gets hard is when you see true personalities. Over all, my birthday was a great day! Vanessa also gave me a package!!!! I got a really nice letter, an awesome picture book from her, and other little party gags, I loved it. I have a lot of people in my life that keep my going strong, and give me that desire to constantly grow, become stronger, and be happier.

So yesterday was the most awkward hour of my life!!! We were asked to teach the Young Women about how they can honor the priesthood in young men that they date. I talked all about my mama’s example of honoring the priesthood, and about my "friends" aka Vanessa...they all know her name and all about her because Brother Packer’s granddaughters went into my desk and saw the picture book she gave me haha... Don’t worry they are like 8.  But yeah, so we taught the young women, and it was very awkward. I told them to A) dress modestly, B) prepare them (young men) for a mission C) tell them your standards D) always stand as an example and BE FUN!  I told them how you and Vanessa were so great at that, and without them in my life, I don’t know where I would be.  Over all it was a great class, they thanked us a lot and hopefully they can help do missionary work now :).

@MORE REFERRALS.  So can you believe that we are going to use FB for proselyting now??? SO ODD!!!! But it is a good idea, we will probably have a council about it next month early July, and then get it launched in our mission. I just love my mission so much. I am learning to just be happy and enjoy life, because each day that passes you will never get back, and at the end of the day you remember the good moments. This week has been very challenging, but I have been praying and fasting ALOT.

I just smile everyday! I am just happy to be alive. I love my mission, it’s just that simple, it has changed my life. Anyways, I gotta get going! I love you all so much! I hope you have a great day, and thank you so much for the wonderful birthday!!!! I felt your love from thousands of miles away. I love you! Stay happy! 

Elder Fischetti

 Birthday Morning Celebration from the District!
 Duck faces
Lunch Celebration at Chick Fil A

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