Monday, August 12, 2013

Persistence - Week of July 15th


 This week has been awesome!!  So I don’t know why I am being transferred up to Rigby, the Lord needs me up there, I guess. Change is good...I like it. It is sad leaving an area, but it is just A-ok with me. So yes, I found an awesome suit!! You would love it....well, I actually got 2 for $300. LEGIT!!!!! DEALS. So the first one is like you said to get, very dark charcoal, and super durable. It came with 2 pairs of pants!! So perfect. The manager was from NY and a member so I guess she wanted to help me out haha.  I do take care of all of my clothes very well by the way.

So we had another baptism this weekend!! It was for a 9 year old boy named Parker. There were tons of less active family from all over the US there. Elder W and I gave a little lesson on the restoration during the baptism. A man was talking to Brother M, our high councilman, over missionary work and said that the message we shared had so much power. He said he could feel our words inside of him and it helped him feel the spirit again. Such a cool experience.  My companion was sick this week, so I went on tons of splits with youth and other missionaries. One of the youth, Austin, is going to NY next Tuesday for a camp at Fordham University.  I gave him dads cell#, but I guess you will be at high adventure. He was going to call for advice on what things to see and where to eat.  His dad is the one who owns Yellowstone Partners, aka helicopter guy, aka batman of IF. So if he calls or texts you, that is why.

I learned a huge lesson this week. I gave Elder M a blessing and within the blessing, the words “I bless you with the gift of healing, but it is all contingent on your faith, and of course faith means action”. So the first few days, he just got even worse, but then I told him what was said so he started working, and he felt much better....the spirit knows all. Also, I gave a blessing this week to Olivia our investigator, and I started sealing the anointing, and what I thought was me choking on words turned out to be the spirit speaking. I wound up blessing the oil!  Elder M realized the oil was not he started praying that I would bless the oil in my blessing...I didn’t even know I was doing that, I just thought I was tripping over my words. So cool!! We are on the Lord’s errand, he takes care of us for sure.

I LOVE MY MISSION! It is everything I ever dreamed of it being and much, much more. I can’t put in words all that I learn and how I’s just impossible to put it all into words. You don’t know till you experience it for’s incredible how true this all is, how real it is! We pray and it happens! dah it’s incredible. I just love it, I don’t ever want it to end. Sorry, but that is the truth of it. It is the best, it is so hard, and so challenging, but I love it! I love the failure, I love the harsh days, I love the shortcomings...because at the end of the day, we still won! I still exhausted myself in the service of others. I still gave my Savior everything I have, every ambition, every thought, every action is for him and his kingdom. I am really striving to be better, I know that I am nothing, and that I know nothing. But I still have something to give every time. I strive for exact obedience, that is what we have to do, that is our part. Then the Lord blesses us with words and guidance. I love giving to people as well, we give all of our time to others! That is what we are about, being like our Savior who was the best minister ever. I love it so much, I love the missionaries I serve around, I love giving myself, I love my mission. It’s just focus that matters out here, focusing on our purpose is key. Missionaries can get distracted by girls in the area, girls back home, trendy clothing, family problems, failure, and just things stop them from doing the work. That is my only strength out the focus. I don’t like being idle, I don’t like wasting time, I just want to be out there doing the work. This church is everything, the Gospel is everything to me, my relationship with God is everything, because if you have those...nothing else matters. When we fear or doubt, we forget our true identity and purpose. God is our Dad! (our Father in Heaven) So who are we to lose, so who are we to fail? God made us to succeed. He made us to have joy.  If we embrace the gospel and stay focused on it, life is good. All is well! Come, Come Ye Saints is one of my favorite hymns.

Oh hey we had zone training meeting on Tuesday, I trained on persistence, and what motivates us. It was about 25 minutes long and it went well, so I think. We also started teaching a neurosurgeon!!!!  He is super smart but we told him about the gospel and he wants to know why we gave up so much to come out here. SO LEGIT! Stinks I have to leave the area, but it’s all good. I am excited to get to Rigby!  My new companion has been a zone leader for a few months now, he is very solid and this is his last transfer, so president wants me to help him finish strong it sounds like. Elder G by the way is now a zone leader!!  That stud!  Man, but ok I gotta get running, I love you all family! You guys are the best!  I know that this gospel is true, I know that the work we are doing is for such a greater cause than we can comprehend. I love every bit of this gospel, true conversion is when you set your own will aside and follow Heavenly Father’s will. That is what we are all working on.  If I can’t master it here, how can I ever expect to master it back starts over every single morning, so each day it’s up to us if we run it, or let it run us. The choice is made the night before. I love you so much! Have a great week, have fun, and just enjoy life!

Elder Fischetti
There is no try, only do.

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