Tuesday, August 13, 2013

HUMP WEEK - ONE YEAR DOWN, ONE TO GO! - Week of August 5th

Hey hey hey, look who it is.

This week has been awesome, not quite as adventurous, but very uplifting for me. Last week’s antics are what allowed me to click into another new
gear, I needed a little slap in the behind. Thank you so much for the cupcakes!!!!!  (We had Cocoa Bean CafĂ© deliver cupcakes to him to celebrate his one year mark in the mission.)  They were sooo good!  It was such a surprise when they called me haha. Thank you so much!  I can’t believe it’s already been a year.

So the lessons I’ve learned this week: Hard work is everything. Persistence is key. Pain is good. I love my mission because it is all of those, it is extremely hard, so you work hard and you’re happy, if you don’t...well, you are miserable. Without persistence you will never baptize a single person in Idaho. You are hit with so many shots from other missionaries, members, and anti people, you really learn to take criticism in a good way. I now love it, it’s hard, but I need it. Pain is what allows us to grow. I love going through a trial, I love the pain that comes because on the backside of that trial is success, happiness, and victory. Like Coach Herb Brooks from “Miracle” said, “Great moments are born from great opportunities.” Life is full of opportunities, and the harder we work, the more prone we are to find them and take them! Every second opportunities are coming and passing. We have to be awake, energetic, and confident in order to see and take them. The mission just brands that into our minds and hearts. I love Muhammad Ali when he says, “I’m going to show you how great I am!” He just does it. I get a little bit crazy when it comes time to train, because I just let all of that passion out. I don’t have tons of knowledge, but I do have enough intelligence to know that hard work is what makes you a success or a failure. I love hard work, and taking other people’s complaints and learning from them on how I can grow. Not every time you succeed, but when you fail, you are one step closer to winning. 

Anyways, Elder Alligood and I have been stopping by the local basketball court, and we teach the kids right on the court. Well, I made a deal that if I made a full court shot they all had to come to church. They all agreed, I thought for sure that I would make it...faith right? Well, I didn’t. Here’s the lesson: it’s the act and evidence of our faith that matters! Did it shake my faith?  Nope. The kids still came to church, Heavenly Father helped them want to come.  We took our step, and he took his. We walked in 1 minute late to Sacrament Meeting and walked all the way to the front row. I also bore my testimony and Alligood as well. The ward is catching the fire. It is starting to really explode. I love Rigby. People say CTR...well, that means Come To Rigby zone. This zone is huge also, we have 23 missionaries! I love it!  

So yesterday, a family came tracting with us to invite nonmembers and less actives out to a ward picnic. It was awesome, they were such an easy way into the door! Dah! It was awesome! We are teaching the plan of salvation to the basketball boys with sidewalk chalk!! Man, I love teaching the gospel and showing people their potential. I have learned that in leadership, generally we are the problem! By showing someone what they are not....they will never change. But showing someone who they are and the potential they have, they naturally live up to it. I learn valuable life lessons every single day out here.

Vanessa also sent me a box for my 1 year mark!!!!! Man you guys all made my day. The work we are all involved in, is the best calling in the entire world! To preach the gospel! I will do it for the rest of my life. I rely heavily on miracles out here. That is how this all happens. 18-21 year old boys representing the church, something has to be right that we haven’t ruined it by now. I love my mission!!!! I love it so much!!!! I have grown and changed, I am so far from where I am going, but I sure am going right along, right towards who I want to be. Having this church is so essential to a happy life, I will keep the standards given to us in my life for the rest of my life. The difference between a gospel centered family is so different from one that’s not. Thank you for the way you raised our family, you and dad did an excellent job. I can’t picture a better way to be raised. We run into tons of anti people that just start going off on us, they stink because they sound illiterate. If they would just study even the Bible they would see the pattern and that it builds up to and requires the Book of Mormon.

Rigby is such a small town, but that’s great, its kind of like a business, the faster you get your name out there, the better you are. In a small town, good news spreads fast, people have been calling us, asking for help and telling us to go and teach their neighbors and friends. I love my mission! But I gotta get going. I love you all so much! Keep going strong! Just be yourself and enjoy life. I love you!

Elder Fischetti

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