Monday, August 12, 2013

Fun on the 4th!

Hey Familiaaa,

Life is going great! I am making some headway with my companion.  I have been working with elders in our zone who are struggling. I have been using the skills I learned from a book I read at college called how to make friends and gain their trust...something along those lines. I just love my mission, it pushes me in so many ways, it’s awesome.

Thank you sososo much for all the goodies!!!! We all loved the cookies! None of the Packer family could believe you made them haha. They were way cool looking. Also thank you for the money, I will buy a suit today, the owner is in our ward, so he hooks us up with deals.

So I started a purification challenge, it’s a talk that I have in my binder.  I will copy it and send it home to you. I would love for you to make copies and give them to all the missionaries in our ward. It honestly changed my life. Doing that is when I finally grasped the concept of obedience, sacrifice, and the power of the spirit. Miller and I did it together for the first time, and people we taught are still getting baptized.

I saw all the St. Anthony people at this huge scout encampment...10,000 scouts.  They all thanked me for choosing to come on a mission. It was really touching to me to realize that I helped more people than I thought. They were all yelling for me across the camp haha it was awesome. So the scout was crazy! We helped the scouts pass off an award called the Thomas S. Monson Award. I received it as well, I will send it home so you guys can hold onto it.  It is extremely special, you can only get it there and at the big jamboree, so Michael can have my medallion. We were there for a morning helping out. I saw the woman who used to babysit me (the one I saw at Walmart my first day) - her son. It was cool to meet him!

So I finally got to go on an exchange with Elder Beebe from my MTC group!!  It was so much fun working with him for the day, but sadly he got a dear john letter while we were together...poor kid, but that’s life. I felt bad for him. 

I also got a package form Sister Bryant!! Tell her I will write her...or send me her email address, much easier. I love that lady. I am so grateful for the way I was raised!  At the scouting event, I realized how much the youth program has helped me out. One of the biggest was the 50 mile hike with Pres. Checketts and Dad. I learned that I can do hard things. I am taking the youth I work with when I am older on that all the time. I was so impressed dad finished along with the other leaders. True will power.

So we finally got back to teaching in between all of our meetings and things with other missionaries, we totally taught by the spirit!! We came out of the lesson and didn’t even know what we said, but the spirit was really strong. It was with Isaiah, Olivia, and Jesse. We are getting better, the last few weeks have been the hardest of my life. It was a struggle, but we did it. I just love my mission!! It is going by way too fast!!! 11 months today! Yikes. Hard to believe. I just love it so much.

Tell all the Elders back home that we are working hard, being obedient, and hustlin'. I love you all so much! I will keep you all in my prayers as always. I am so glad to hear dad was in his have no idea how much that makes me smile. My dad is legit! He is one of the most successful guys I know.  No college...and he is where he is?  He started at the bottom now he’s climbing to the top. So cool! I love you! Have a great week!!!!

elder fischetti
"If you want to love someone, find a way to serve them."

July 4th Fun with the Parkers!

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