Thursday, May 30, 2013

Week of April 22, 2013

Wow!! That’s awesome that Michael loved it!!! (Elder Fischetti sent him a fun remote control toy that he had with him - it was Michael’s favorite gift). I wish I could have gotten him more, but money is just way tight haha. Yeah it’s way cool, I wish I could have held onto it, but I’ll use it after the mission. He is my younger bro and, of course I would never forget about him!!! So yes, that baptism was for Cad!! He is awesome, so prepared! At his baptism, there was over 100 people! He asked me to perform it and wow, what an experience! He already wants to serve a mission. What a spiritual experience, I had tears in my eyes the entire time! I am a softy!!! But that baptism was incredible, I want to have one every weekend!!!!! So I love setting huge goals now and reaching them, I set a goal at the beginning of my mission to reach 48 baptisms. That is 4x the average, and the highest so far here has been about 47. It’s a high goal, but I set it so I stay focused every second of every day. Because in order to reach a goal like that, I have to be working 24/7 to bring people to the light. I didn't get an email from Michael, but no rush. So the prayers for the investigators are working!!! We set 2 dates with the Sorensen family!!!! Crazy experience, so we are going into the house to teach the restoration...I get the feeling not to. So I thought and felt the Spirit and decided to teach on the Holy Ghost, I looked at Reed and said Holy Ghost. He agreed, and we taught their socks off. The spirit was so strong, and it was so cool to be able to almost sales pitch baptism haha. They didn’t even really want to meet with us, and we wound up setting baptismal dates with them haha. Now we just have to have them ready by then. People say Elder Reed and I are slippery as an eel and quick as a fox with our words haha. It’s a lot of fun to be able to use the Spirit with words and thoughts and paths of thought to get people to understand this and feel it out and find out for themselves. Wow, what an experience that was with the Sorensens!!! Just changed it on the spot... Man, I love my mission. So I have been emailing Parker, he is doing really well. We always talk a little bit about money after the mission. We were at first hand writing, but now we are allowed to email each other.  We have a goal for us together for after the mission. It’s about making money haha its very very lofty but when you have the drive, and right off a mission, anything is possible. Udwell will go nation wide, and literally hundreds of other ideas I have and he has will just take off once we get an inch of traction. I’m so happy Michael liked his package!! I wanted to give him more!!! Oh well, another time! Oh man, so Brother Packer, the guy we live with, is hosting a zone BBQ today!! He bought ribs for our whole zone!!! Holy mama!! I could hardly believe it!! I felt so bad, but he insisted on it. We are spoiled out here from time to time. Someday, I want to return all of the favors to missionaries when I have my own job. Buy them new suits and ties and whatever else...if they are good missionaries, that is. Man, I love my mission.  

So I think I might major in accounting when I get home?  Because using my creativity, drive, and passion for success will take care of a lot of it, so if I can learn to deal with money, investing, and those hints and tips, I will be just fine. Pres. was talking to us about that stuff the other day. Man I love my mission!!!! I am learning and growing so much!!!! I can’t keep it all in!! 

Yeah, this week has been sooo busy and exhausting! We took a power nap during lunch the other day, and when I came out of the room, there was like 10 kids just staring at me! So I put my fists up and said you wanna tussle or somethin? They all came running out and started attacking me ahha it was hilarious! Elder Reed came running out and saved my life with a big pillow haha. They were all of Brother Packer’s grandkids, it was a blast. But I gotta jet!!! We have sosososo much to do!! I love it!  ps I’m almost at 9 months!!! HOLY COW! I love you guys, have a great week and enjoy life!! Did you ever get that book from Deseret Book? Dad should read it too! The Power of Everyday Missionaries. I love you all! Tell Michael I said Happy Birthday again!! I love you, be safe, work hard, play hard!

Elder Fischetti
"Some people look at things and say how come?...I look at them and say why not?"      

 Love our investigators.
 What a great day!
The District.

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