Thursday, May 30, 2013

Week of March 4th

Hello Family!

Holy cow, it’s crazy Caitlin went through the temple!!! I wish I could have been there, but it’s ok. That stinks you are sick haha, I hate being sick it’s the worst. The Boys at JJPuck are awesome!! I wish I could be at every one of their games!!! Oh well, they are doing just fine without me haha. I’m glad you spend time with the missionaries!! It’s good to have them in the home, it strengthens it and invites the spirit. Oh man, Sister Hathaway inboxed you? haha Their family is awesome!! We had dinner with them, her husband Ryan works at Les Schwab, so he is one of our best friends out here. 

So a cool little story, last night we had another companionship sleep over for Pday eve!!! It is a little way to have fun. I was sitting there at like 10:20 and I saw a car going in reverse then forwards so I realized it was stuck!! It was all the way across the river!! We jumped in our car and went to the rescue all 4 of us! It turns out it was Jayce and Zach, Sis. Hathaway’s daughter and her boyfriend who lives right next to us. They were trying to do doughnuts and got stuck haha. It was funny. Zach got his mission call to the Rapid City South Dakota mission!! We watched him open it. His dad supplies us with toilet paper, paper towels, and gatorade, so we are pretty close with his family as well. 

My headaches aren’t doing any better, I had a super bad one yesterday starting at 2:30 and it stayed till like 12 at night. It was a killer, I will wait to see at the neurologist. It feels like someone stabbed me in the brain! Yikes! 

The other morning, we found a wasp in our house, his name was Mac Daddy, we froze him and put him on a leash!! It was awesome!! This way when he thawed out he could be our pet. He eventually died because we put him in the microwave for 3 seconds and poof he is in the spirit world! 

We saw one of our recent converts smoking again!!! I was so mad, but she knows she did something wrong and needs to use the Atonement, she spoke with her bishop and is working on it. I knew something was up, because these past few weeks she has been very standoffish towards us! 

I have learned so much, you have no idea!! I have grown and excelled in so many ways, I am already seeing blessings come from serving. Oh hey, thanks for sending out the box!! I appreciate it! 

I love my mission!!! You have no idea! I love every second of it!! It is super hard and challenging, but that’s why I like it so much! It is setting me up for a life of success, in the home, in the gospel, in the business world, and every other adventure I go on in life. I have a new goal for my life...I want to climb Mt. Everest eventually. I have a desire to do things that are very challenging, I have found what makes me super happy, almost like a high. It’s setting goals that seem almost unreachable, and then when I reach it or excel past it, it’s a feeling unlike anything else. I have realized that all of the quotes I read are so true. 

“Whether you think you can or you can’t, you are right.” 
“If we succeed or fail in life is all up to us! If we blame other people or our situation, that’s being a coward.” 
“There is nothing stopping us from having a life of love, happiness, and success except for fear!” 

I have really taken that concept in my heart. I have an intense desire for what I do, and I plan on taking it with me into whatever I do in life. Whether it be school, starting business, and my family life. I just want to live! I don’t want there to be work and play...I just want it all to be under the category of living! Life is so short, and when it comes down to it...why not live it to the fullest! I love life, and living each day as if it where my last! I no longer want to be an entrepreneur to be rich, I want to do it for 2 reasons. 1. is to have freedom, if I want to start something, I can! Nothing is stopping me! I can choose what I do, where I do it, and how I do it. 2. Is to also make the world a better place! That’s what we do as missionaries, we are here to lighten up the world and make it a brighter place to be. I want to do something that improves peoples lives, I dont know what, but whatever I do I want to make sure I enjoy it, and I give it everything I’ve got. If I don’t give everything I do in life all that I can, what’s the point? Just be the best YOU. And never try to be a copycat, we will never be the best copycat right? We will never copy someone’s life and be them, but we can be the best us. I am really finding myself out here, I am coming to know exactly who Thomas Fischetti is. I really never knew, but everyday out here I am getting closer and closer to it. I love it! I love my mission!

HAPPYYYY BIRTHHDDAAAYYYY MOOMMMMM!!! Holy cow, can’t believe it’s your birthday on the 7th! Right? That is awesome! I wish I could be there to celebrate, but know that I love you and look up to you so much. You taught me everything I know. If I ever do make it in what I want to do, it’s because of you. So I love you and Happy Birthday!! For your birthday, go do something awesome!! Go sledding, or go to an arcade, but do something that gets the endorphin's going! Just enjoy it and blow money like your dying! haha. I love you have a great week and thank you for all that you have done for me!!! I will send out a letter soon for you! I love you! Have a great week! 

Elder Fischetti

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