Thursday, May 30, 2013

Week of April 1, 2013

Good Morning!

I can’t believe it’s been 8 months already! It flies way too fast! So yes, I got both packages!! That watch is awesome!!! I am getting it adjusted to fit me today! I love it, It is totally me, I like the dark blue especially. Thank you so much for the watch and the monster amounts of easter candy! Holy mama, way too much! But it was great! Tell Michael I loved the egg hunt! It was an awesome idea!! Elder Reed and I did it together!! 

My headaches are doing good! I haven’t struggled since the medicine! One is Virapamil (excuse the spelling) and another is some type of injection I give myself when I get the headache, I forgot the name, but it works! It burns really bad at first then 30 mins. later it’s all better! Awww man, Elder Gulisane, haha I miss that kid. Yes, the Gonzales family is a family Elder Miller and I found and taught!! Holy cow, so many people! Blake is also being baptized in between conferences up there in St. Anthony, both were people Miller and I found, so it’s awesome they followed through! 

So, we have had a butt kick/dog treat week!! It has been very hard but very rewarding! On Tuesday, we knocked about 50 doors and didn’t get in one!!! They all flipped us off or yelled at us for being young and not knowing anything or that we have no authority. It was fun, I like being rejected sometimes, it just got annoying - all I wanted to do was teach someone!!!  But it was 8:50 at night and everything hurt and we were exhausted from being knocked down so many times. We were about to go in, but both of us decided to stay out and knock a few more random doors. We go to one, and a man by the name of Richard Kenny opens the door, he used to live in our ward about 30 years ago!!! He was the Scout Master in Yorktown!!!!!  So crazy!!  He is older, but has a son who needs the gospel and lives with him. He invited us back and wants to come to church!!! WOOHOO - the classic endurance story!!  Success always lies behind failure! Especially hard failure! 

We set 2 dates this week with Cade and Sloan, two incredible young men in the area we have been teaching at his friend’s houses. Sloan was about to end his life a year ago, and is now such an impressive kid, I really do feel like he could be a best friend, we get along so well!! He is coming to our zone activity today with Cade and a few other youth, we are going to jump at a trampoline place haha. Cade is also incredible, we gave him a BOM and it is highlighted like crazy!! He is so smart and just easy to be around. I love my mission!!! Oh, so we serve in the Idaho Falls South Stake, and serve in the Sunnyside, Shadow Mountain, Shamrock Park, and Summerfield wards. It is a blast, the wards we serve in are so friendly and open to us. So we are teaching a preacher at Brother Meek’s house...Bro. Meek is legit, he is the HC of missionary work. Anyway, Donovan is the guy’s name, the other night we taught the restoration, and he was crying after!!! The spirit was so strong and he called us after and just talked, he said we are like best friends to him. Man, I love my mission and the people here!! After, you guys will meet every single person I became close to!

So when I think of missionary work, 3 things come to mind...first is from Herb Brooks aka “Miracle” when he says "This is your time". I think of that as my mission...this is my time!  I’m sick and tired of hearing how wicked the world is, go out and change it! This is my time to walk with and for the Savior every second of every day! The second is "Hoorah For Israel!! We yell it when we see other missionaries! It gets us pumped and them as well! But Hoorah for Israel!! We are building the Kingdom of God! The third is Vince Lombardi...when he says "We have got to WIN and WIN and WIN!!!! Israel has GOT to win! We have got to fight and fight with emotion and never slow down because we have got to win! I bore my testimony on those 3 in sacrament, and it was powerful to me! Those 3 things popped into mind on the stand haha. THIS is your time! Hoorah for Israel! and we have got to Win and WIn and WIN!!! I love my mission, I love the work we are involved in! There is nothing that brings as much joy in my life as this work does. I love missionary work with everything I have. I never want to stop being a missionary, and I dont!! When the Lord calls us a missionaries it was forever!! I love it! But man, I am doing so good Mom, I love my life and what I am doing. We are happy 24/7!!!  Like no joke!  Even when we get denied hardcore! I love my mission so much, I am so grateful I decided to come out here! Thank you for helping get me here! But I gotta roll! I love you all so much and wish you the very best!  Remember to always find ways to spread this fire of the gospel everywhere you go!!! Go get the book NOW “The Power of Everyday Missionaries”! It is bomb! That book has lit this stake on fire with member missionary work! I love you have a great week and enjoy life!!!! Keep living your life and having fun.

Elder Fischetti
"How strong are you?...I’M TOO STRONG!"

Elders Fischetti and Reed

The District at the Meek's

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