Thursday, May 30, 2013

Week of March 11, 2013


Happy Pday!
So you talked to Elder G's parents?? Yayy!!! He is legit, we are totally hanging out after the mission, don’t worry. So it is my honor to do this, but I am opening up a brand new zone!! Very rare apparently. It is the Idaho Falls Central zone. I will be a zone leader with Elder Reed. Yes, we still proselyte, but we have a lot of things to take care of. I may train a new missionary later in the mission, but for now what zone leaders do is they are in charge of 20-40 missionaries, they train them weekly, and make sure everything is running smoothly. It is pretty cool, I am already doing that! People say I am one of the earliest in this mission ever. It is pretty exciting, but we have to remember it is all up to the Lord! It’s not me, I just like to hustle. I am also over the Idaho Falls visitor center because it is in my zone. I am very excited and it is a great privilege to be called to do this. I am learning and growing so much!!! I am from an incredible ward, stake, family, and childhood. I need to make my family, my home ward, my home stake, and my boys from home proud. I can’t slack and let them down! I’ve started to look at my mission as a competition, because I naturally thrive on competition. I compete against the adversary. I am fighting for God, so if I am lazy, that is Satan winning, if I sleep in, that is Satan winning. So with this mindset, I have so much drive! It really makes me step it up and push myself further. Then the other competition I have is myself! I like competing against my own person, it allows me to grow and be something so much more each and every day. I have quotes all over my house, I type one or two up each week, and put them on the wall. Each one gets me going, and it keeps me focused, motivated and driven. I can’t stop, won’t stop, never intend to. I have one poster in my house I made, it looks like this. You know how there are posters where single words are big and others are small, that’s how this is. The caps words are big. 

is necessary
is necessary
is necessary
because they teach you to
they teach you to 
they teach you to
which only leads to success.
you want something? go get it. Period.

I have that on my wall, it makes me enjoy pain and failure, because then I can grow and succeed eventually. I have learned on my mission, that if you are afraid of failing, you will never be successful. I love my mission! 

So we were chasing deer in our car on the way home the other night, and one leaped off the road and nailed a fence post!! It was hilarious! Hey, thank you so much for the package!!!! I LOVED IT! Thank you for the snacks, and the money! They gave me some breathing room haha. I feel like I am always being squashed for money. 

One thing I love about my mission is when you are at a door or in a lesson, and you are testifying with everything you've got. When you are hacking into every vault of spirituality you have. I love it!! We did that with two families, one we were in a lesson and it wasn't going great because they were distracted and what not, so I bore testimony with everything in my body, miraculously they all teared up, the spirit was smacking them in the face! And also at Martins' house, we did it again and the lesson after bearing testimony is so much better when necessary. I am such a different person, really love this gospel, I love being converted to it, and nothing will ever bump me off of the path. So many kids were upset when I said I was leaving haha because I was always finding kids playing snowball fights or skateboarding and I would make it a habit to go and play with them for just 5 minutes, because then they come home and tell their parents about missionaries being fun and how they like us, then the parents invite us over or give us referrals haha. It is a blast, I make sure to make every moment fun and worth it. It’s amazing, I wish you could see us work as missionaries. 
We had lunch at Pizza Pie Cafe the other day after the temple, and a guy came up to us almost in tears and asked us to teach him a lesson. He is an RM and inactive!! It was the Lord working through us!! Lesson learned,,, always follow the spirit. Always, no matter how simple or small it may be. We went to the temple, and it was awesome!!!! I love it! This was the first time I’ve ever gone and didn’t have a headache during the session!! I could actually pay attention, and think about it. I am writing notes about my headaches for the neurologist, and I am seeing the ENT today. I will sign the HIPA form at the neurologist. And I will tell him everything. I will also get tested for Lyme's. Don’t worry, we will figure it all out. But I LOVE MY MISSION!!! It has changed my life forever, and I am just getting started. I love every second of it. I love you family! have a great week and stay safe!

Elder Fischetti
  • You’ve got to want to succeed so bad that you forget to eat or sleep.  
 Helping people get back on track. Haden Fam.
 With our man Jack in front of home base, aka Les Schwab
 Sonny, the eternal investigator. He is the man.

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