Thursday, May 30, 2013

Week of May 20, 2013

Hey Mama Llama!!!

(Disclaimer: It was a rough week for this mother... Caitlin left for the MTC and we put our house on the market in the same week, plus all of life’s other little challenges. Ugh. I didn’t say much, but my son knows me well.) Dont be sad!! Just be happy! Just make the best of each situation, find the little things that make you happy, or relaxed, and do them! I am sad to hear you are sick! Don’t be old, haha you sound like an old lady in her bed! You looked great on Skype that’s for sure!! ;) ;) ;). But yes, I saw the Dr. It went well, he gave me the nerve blocks and it felt great!! 

So Caitlin is now Sister Fischetti!! WOOHOO I’m pumped for her!! She will do so well!! Hey, so a member of my zone... Elder Rabe grew up in Greenwich, he was friends with Jared, Stockton, the Potters, Checketts, he is legit!! I was wondering if we ever knew them?? They moved away when we were 8 so idk. But it’s cool, we know all of the same people!!!! He reminds me of Parker, so we have way too much fun together. Yes, I emailed Matt, I emailed him again today!! I love that kid, I was just thinking of memories I have had with him and my other friends. Great times, and so many more to come! 

This week has been LEGIT!!! There was a huge garage sale in our little town we live in, so people had stands all in the roads and stuff. I decided we had to do something, so we made 200 cookies and used Brother Packer’s popcorn machine and made a stand giving out free cookies and popcorn with a bunch of missionaries behind it. People would come and get the free stuff, and after, I would jump on them about the gospel. It was awesome!!! We gave out an entire box of Books of Mormon, about 35!!! We got tons of phone numbers, addresses, and names. It was great, people all over have been asking us about it!! We are also going to do a free car wash soon with a bunch of missionaries in missionary clothes!! Innovation is key!! So, while the people are getting their car washed, we will have 2 of our best missionaries talking with the person and then WHAM! get their phone number or address to come and teach!! Oh, I am so pumped!! We taught a fireside in our own house last night to the youth of one of our wards. It went really well, we just spoke on a day in the life of a missionary, we talked for about 30 mins., then answered questions. It was a lot of fun, and the youth told their bishop that they really liked it. 

Man, I love my mission. We had 3 incredible lessons this week, One with an over age youth...OAY. His name is Parker, he will be baptized June 8th!!! We taught him the Gospel of Jesus Christ (faith, repentance, baptism, holy ghost, enduring to the end). We used the pepper with dish soap object lesson!! It went really well. The next great lesson was with Olivia, Jesus, and Isaiah. We taught the Restoration (my fav. topic). It was so bomb!!! She said she totally believes it and she wants to come to church with us and get into this. They will all be baptized soon. :) The next was with the Sorensen family, they are having a really tough time. We taught them the restoration in such a loving, gentle manner. I loved it!! They are coming to church next week, and we are teaching them again Wednesday night. Man, I love my mission!!! 

Skyping was such a blast, huh? It gave me so much more motivation!! I can’t believe Caitlin is in the MTC!!! I am so proud of her! Man, it’s the best! So today, we are going to Sports Authority to use their putting green for fun. We are also having a zone activity at our house to play pool, ping pong, foosball, and air hockey. I am excited. So I ordered business cards!! To give to missionaries so we can keep in contact after the mission. A lot of missionaries have them. Mine are kind of ridiculous, but it’s ok that’s why they are only for missionaries and not members. I will send you one when they come. That’s pretty cool about Dad!! I was way excited when he told me about it! I hope he gets the spot!! So has Rob gone back to Wallstreet? Or is he going to at all? Mom I love you! You are so great to me, and have raised me to be the person I am today! I am so grateful for my childhood, it is better than any other kids I've seen. I am sending some pictures also!! Some are of some legit garden gnomes that I want when I get home. The other one is how pale my feet are haha and then us on our muddy bikes, and another of our district. I love my mission!!! I love you so much! Tell everyone that I say hello, and that I love them! Have a great week, and have fun! Just be happy! I love you have a great week! 

Elder Fischetti
 Legit bikes going through mud and puddles. So worth it!
 The most "profitable" bake sale!
 These are the gnomes he loves so much?  Sheesh. haha
 One of the districts in our zone!
FYI, my feet are very pale.

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