Thursday, May 30, 2013

Week of May 6, 2013

Woohoo!! Hey Familia!

So about Skype..yes, I get to Skype with y’all! I was planning either 6:30 or 7 our time! Does that work? I will have Brother Packer give you a call or text today or tomorrow so you have his number and he will call you when I am online on Sunday, deal? We are doing it in our own house so yeah, get pumped! But I won’t have as much time as Christmas, but it’s ok some is better than none. 

HOLY COW!!!!  Mom....I sat in a Ferrari!!!!! It’s a Ferrari California!! The member owns a helicopter, Segways, and has a rock climbing wall in his house, movie theater, gym, and just crazy amounts of toys! He is super successful but such a kid haha. He is a younger man and just works hard and has fun! He is legit, we go over to his house and he was all excited showing us his house and toys haha. He gave us a part from a Ferrari too! It’s the side air intake haha and it’s the Ferrari red so that’s all that matters! So yeah, that was way exciting, he also let us zip around on his Segways!! He will give us rides in his car next week haha, way cool! One of the wards out here is like our Stake, very affluent.  I ask people for tips on success, and I write all their tips down in my journal on one big list. I have so far gathered...Persistence. "David Hansen said the difference between successful and unsuccessful people is persistence." He told a story of a man he hired, who at a roller coaster kept bribing the person working there to let his kid in, the guy wouldn’t let him, so the dad said you know, I’m just going to go get him sneakers so he is tall enough - do you really want to make me do that? And so he did and the kid got on the ride. He said nothing is more common than unsuccessful people that are highly educated, extremely talented, and smart, but that isn’t enough. Successful people never stop in every aspect of life! So true. He said people aren’t born like that, they become that each day. Pretty cool right? Ok, so onto better stuff.

We played kick the can with 15 of Brother Packer’s grandkids the other day! They all go crazy when they see us! It’s a blast! We also did service this week for a less active lady, we did it two days in a row. The second day, it was pouring rain!! But we had to do it, so we went out! Our motto is the one from the Guardian! About going out even when it’s storming or the worst weather conditions, we are the ones that go out. haha It’s pretty funny. But it was a blast! Her kid Crew was helping us and I told him to spray Elder Reed with the hose, so he did, then Crew and I got in a big mud fight haha. It was hilarious. Good thing I was wearing crummy clothes. We had to help a missionary out this week,  because he hates numbers and goals as missionaries...I, on the other hand, love them because they help me to fulfill my purpose. I trained him on it for like 30 minutes, and he changed his mind and is now working on enjoying setting and getting goals. Tomorrow is when Elder Reed and I train our zone, I’m training on key indicators - basically numbers, why we have them, and setting goals. I am keying in how it all comes about by one small step! Each step counts and makes big things happen. Kind of how the Lord works with small and simple things are great things brought to pass. I am using the little engine that could in my training!!! I’m Pumped!!! I’m using his whole line on I think I can I think I can and the importance of think! That he doesn’t feel good enough about getting it that he settles, but that each step is just one past the next and he puts everything he’s got into each step because he thinks he can.  We are also doing a custom training about planning for each day and following the plans! We are using cookies - one recipe we follow the plans and the other we put too much salt in. Yeah, it’s going to be great!!! We have a step by step process for baking spiritual cookies and making good daily plans. I can’t wait, I love training and holding meetings!! This will directly relate to running meetings back home if I ever do for business. I can’t wait, oh man! I just get in the zone! I am moving around and just into it - I feel awake when I do things like that. Also, when I think of my own ideas, that’s why I want to do business. But yeah, the mission is the best!!! This week has been hard, all of our investigators were out of town. or not able to meet with us, it’s fine, I don’t get discouraged at all, but I just like teaching. 

Man, I love my mission! We are playing softball today as a Zone and it’s 72 degrees and sunny out, so I’m pumped!!! I told Caitlin about trying to save $30 a month to save up...not going to happen haha. Just too much stuff that adds up and uses our monthly money. Man, I can’t wait to Skype with you guys!!! You can invite whoever you want, I don’t mind. Just make sure that it’s ready to go! Man, I love the mission! It’s just the best, I am on steroids of spiritual, mental, moral, personal growth!! Everyday I am learning and growing and becoming just someone better! It feels so good! But yeah, we also had a baptism for Sloan!! He is legit, his dad has been less active, he went up to say the closing prayer and was just sobbing! For like 5 minutes he couldn’t pray, it was so powerful!!! The whole room was in tears! Sloan is the man! Cade also got the priesthood!!! Man, just a good experience with both of them! I love it! Makes me so happy to see my efforts are working! And especially that their lives are changing for the better! I love you guys so much! My mission is going great, I am doing great and can’t wait to Skype! I love you all, have a great week and be safe!

Elder Fischetti
“Failure is postponed success, as long as your courage leads and guides your ambition to succeed. The repeating act of persistence is the natural habit of success.”

 Islanders...don't know how to use a bike rack.
 "Now that's thinking with your dipstick, Jimmy"
 Woohoo!!!  Our new car! 
 Bahahahaha!  Afro Chicken!
and more toys...
 We tried some kids' go carts, it felt like we were Mario Kart guys, they were so tiny!
 These are the best days! 

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