Thursday, May 30, 2013

Week of April 8, 2013

Hey wow, you are just a few hours away:) haha but yet still a year and half away haha it’ds the best! That must be a blast being in Utah! Provo's college life is pretty fun! I wish I was good enough at lax to play for BYU, but I think hockey is my thing. I miss hockey so much, I just want to skate on the ice so badly. It’s ok, after the mission I will have fun with Parker and Ashton tearing it up. My favorite talk at conference was Bednar’s, he is just so intelligent, it is inspiring to hear how he says things and what words he uses. Holland is also inspiring to me, he just spits fire!!! He has taught me to be persistent!!! So we had a PI (potential investigator) contest against other zones in between the sessions, Elder Bebee and I went together, he came out with me!! We tore it up! We found 2 PI's and one is ready to be baptized after we taught a quick lesson. The second best part about it was a devil worshipper was taking out his trash and I turn to him and say hi and he goes “not interested, I worship the devil”! It caught my attention, so I had to talk with him! I started walking towards him and he started walking away, he realized I wanted to shake his hand so he started speed walking, so I started speed walking after him. I just wanted to say hi and shake his hand, this way I can shake his hand for a long time and get some words in! He sprinted into his house and I ran in after him, bahaha it was awesome! He closed the door and I just bore my testimony through the screen window haha, it was awesome! I never take no for an answer! It was a lot of fun! Also, another lady said that she doesn’t need the gospel, I jumped on that like a fumble, I told her where we are going after this life and about what we have to do to get to the certain places. 

She was shocked and Elder Bebee said he felt the spirit. We were both so persistent and just spoke to everyone about the gospel even if they don’t want to hear it, because offending someone would be the least of my worries since an eternity to ponder not having made the right decision would be everlasting. When we are persistent, people realize, and it plants that little seed of wow that kid really believed what he was talking about. Man, I love my mission! I am not who I used to be! You have no idea. After trying to tell people that Jesus Christ made a post resurrection visit to the Americas, that Joseph Smith saw God and Jesus Christ, and that a 14 year old boy could restore the true church... any kind of business or job would be so easy! There is no conscious demand for this in people’s lives, especially to people that have heard it all their lives growing up in a relatively prominent LDS area. 

So we were at a stop light in someone’s car, and there was a lady smoking next to us so I decided to get out of the car and I told her we can change her life and she can be so much happier if she just talked with us one time. I told her give me one chance to prove myself, I handed her a card with our phone number and name on it and got back in the car haha, it was legit. I got a great excuse at the door, one guy named Mike goes...Hi, I’m Mike and I’m asleep right now...can’t talk. I go wow, you are asleep? That's incredible!! All enthusiastically he goes what? I said that you are asleep and talking with us haha, he laughed and invited us back! 

Caitlin sent me 1500 lady bugs!!! How crazy is that! It was hilarious, but kind of nasty, there were so many in such a small amount of space! Please tell Bishop I tried to email him but he didn’t get it, I will write him soon, I feel so bad I just have no time!!! Every day we are swamped with our own work, getting the zone set up with maps, books, and what not, and also taking care of other missionaries. So please tell him I am so sorry but that I love and appreciate him and will write him soon. Also Sister Stevenson, I got candy from her! I will write her and Grandma soon. Man Mom, I love my mission. I am so different! I love learning and growing! Like I can’t stop learning every second, I have to be growing. I am in spiritual boot camp haha. I’ve never had so much confidence in myself, and so much just peace of mind. I love it!!! I am so grateful I got out here, because most likely I would have never learned these lessons anywhere else. So on Tuesday, we have a training meeting, where we train a bunch of missionaries! I am training on Uncommon Traits of Legendary Missionaries. So I list them off...They are driven by passion, they are competitive, they are persistent, they are opportunists, they sacrifice themselves, they have unwavering faith, they thrive on criticism, they are goal setters and goal getters, they believe in themselves, and they endure to the end. I will expound on each one of those traits. I just love my mission! Elder Reed is training on the BOM! Then we are also conducting and organizing the fireside at the temple visitors center! So crazy! So much going on but I love it! I am my best self when we are crammed for space and time. I love my mission so much. I am doing great, no need to worry about me! But have a great week, and enjoy life!! I love you guys so much and I hope you have a great week and that you have fun!! Thank you for all that you have done for me!! You guys are the best! I love you so much!
Elder Fischetti
When someone challenges you, fight back. Be brutal. Be tough. 

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