Thursday, May 30, 2013

Week of April 15, 2013

Dear Family:

Wow, I love that little story, and how you added the knee joints! Revelation for sure, that was great, the knee bones are for sure the most important part, but we also have to be willing to follow the answers and guidance, so it’s like a big circle. That’s cool, I like it. (I sent him a story about the Three Bones - and an additional take on Invictus - right up his alley). That is so sad that Elder went home!! Poor guy! He will hopefully come back out! And wow, Bro. Orme had a heart attack?? That is so sad! He is needed in heaven, that’s for sure.

So I have a quick thought to improve my mission. First off, is just is not my mission, it is our mission. You guys are in on this with me. SO having that said, I want you guys to start feeling more connected with the work we are doing. So I will make a list of the people we are working with, and I want you as a family to pray for each of them by name each night. This way we can all be united by their progression in the gospel.
-Cade, being baptized this Sat. the 20th (Mike’s B-day)
-Sloan, being baptized May 4th.
-Cassandra, no date set yet, but young wife and a wonderful lady, just needs prayers
-Mike S., less active and part member family, his wife and 2 daughters need to be baptized
-Jesus + Olivia, needs to feel the spirit everyday! Loves the gospel, just needs some help to be baptized
- Selena + Meghan, younger girls, very lost and live a rough life, don’t have anything on their side - so they feel
-MacIntire Family, none are members, they have so much potential, we will teach them for the 1st time this week
- Rocky + Susan, young couple, need to gain a testimony of Joseph Smith and the restoration
-Brent L., will be baptized very very soon, just prayers for strength
-Cole + Angelina + Virginia, all siblings, within the ages of 16-22, they have heard some anti literature, and need help fixing those scars. 
-JD, same situation as Rob Fisher!!!! He needs to feel the spirit, he is so ready.

All of these people, I love so much, I want them to feel the spirit each and every day, they are all progressing and being prepared to recieve this message that we share. We are working very hard, we have other people but they aren’t as prepared as the list I gave you. Please forward this list to Vanessa, she can join in too with praying for them.  Also, if you ever feel prompted, please put their names in the temple, all of them need strength and help. Together we can do it. If we do this as a family, and I update you on their progression, I think it will be a very special experience for us. 

Tuesday morning, we had a Zone training meeting, it’s a meeting with our whole zone, and Elder Reed and I give different trainings on whatever part of missionary work we want. My main training was on 10 traits of Legendary Missionaries, I searched the scriptures and famous stories to find traits of super missionaries, I compiled the list and expounded on each part using scriptures, quotes, and stories. The training was about 35 minutes, it went really well, and while I was training, I just felt so alive! I was pacing around and my mind was moving a million miles per hour. I loved it, I got a few great compliments, but the best part about this was that the entire training was 100% revelation! I made the list on a post card, and that’s all I had, everyhting else just came. I try to work on my public speaking skills as much as I can, so I never read off of a card or a prepared talk. We also trained on obedience, and fasting for 40 days from things that keep us from having the spirit, it is so hard but it feels so good!!! As soon as I made my list, we walk out the door and both of us were more tempted in each area as we have ever been. It is crazy, Satan is such a bumchum. But we overcome it together. I love Elder Reed, we are so different but have so much fun. We get along great, and both have different mindsets and skills. We are doing a talent in the ward talent show in a few weeks....we are doing fire knife dancing!!!! He taught me and now I can spin it just fine haha it’s going to be funny. But we will be spinning just PVC tubes, so don’t worry, no fire or knives. Look him up on FB!!!! Lasi Reed, scroll down his page and find his video of him spinning fire, it is nuts, he worked at the PCC...He is legit.

Oh, so the quote today is "Obedience bring blessings, but exact obedience brings miracles." Sister Khunz and Jacobson had an incredible experience with the 40 day fast and exact obedience that we are doing as a zone. They were praying and fasting for an investigator that was ready for baptism, they were very held up the other day, and none of their plans followed through, so they were kinda let down wondering why the fast wasn’t working, then they decided to knock a random door in the middle of a neighboorhood, so they did. The guy opened the door, and he said I was waiting for you to come, I want to be baptized. I read the B of M and know it is true, I know that Joseph Smith was a prophet. HOLY COWWW!!!! Miracles miracles!!! Elder Reed and I also had an experience like that!!! We were very held up with paper work and business for the zone. We left our house and I decided to walk, out of nowhere. We never walk! We started walking, and there was a black man out smoking, he just walked outside. His name is Chazz.. We talked with him about cars and music, then somehow we related it to the gospel. He said ya know, what y’all are cool, can you come back next week to tell me more. Oh and I want my family to listen to y’all!!!! He invited us to teach his wife, kid, dad, mom, and his siblings!!! Chazz is the man!!! He will be baptized, I know it. Miracles are happening in the Idaho Falls Central Zone!!! I love my mission. Can you believe I’ve been out 8 1/2 months!!?? Time is flying by way too fast, I blink my eyes and a week is already gone!!! 

We were also in charge of the visitors center fireside. We prayed and felt to have it on modern day prophets, we invited the Kirkhams, a couple in our mission presidency to speak, and we scheduled some testimonies, videos, and musical numbers. The room was packed!! We conducted the meeting, President was there, and so many people were there. The meeting was so spiritual, I was blessed to be able to close it with my testimony on Joseph Smith and President Monson. What a great experience, there were a bunch of investigators from all over the mission there, and the spirit was just so strong. I love my mission, I love always helping other people. I don’t even think about myself anymore. Oh, Elder Braby was at the fireside also!!  Well, he is now Kyle Braby, he is still the same, good to see. I love that guy. I wish I could tell you about every little detail of my mission, but there is just way too much!!! We have had the most sacred experiences, the most dangerous, the most uplifting, the most doubtful. I just love my mission with all of my heart. I’ve only got 2 years to do it, and eternity to think about it.  

But anyways, I gotta go, we have to give advice on transfers to President while we are on the computers. I love you all so much, I am so grateful for the way I was raised, and the childhood I was blessed with. I love my mission, but it is going by too fast. Don’t ever forget that all will be well in an eternal perspective. I love you all!!! Be safe, love life, and lean on the Lord.

Elder Fischetti
"obedience bring blessings, but exact obedience brings miracles."

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