Thursday, May 30, 2013

Week of February 25th

Wow, so many questions haha!! Yes, my headaches are the same old...not any better. I don’t know what it is, and doctors aren’t always the smartest. I will contact the neurologist today and set up an appointment. No, I didn’t get my eyes checked yet, I will do that also. Ask dad about an old backup watch, I emailed him about it and just ask him just in case he wants to send it he can put it in that package you are sending out. I hope it’s not migraines, those are stupid and there has to be something that causes them!!! I feel like it’s almost a restriction or something because I can barely see or focus or think when I have them. It feels like I’m going to pass out. But don’t stress, it will be figured out soon. 

The work is going well, we had 2 Jehovah Witnesses knock on our door this morning during studies. It was pretty interesting to see how lame their door approaches are. They were two older women and we were nice to them because we know how it feels, they just clearly don’t think things through. If they want to find success...they aren’t going to find it the way they are now. I love my mission. 

We were doing work the other day chopping up trees, and an axe hit my foot full speed!!! I tried to ignore it and not think about it, I took off my boot and there wasn’t even a mark!!! Wow, the Lord protected me with that one haha. I could have split it in half! Whoops! Lesson learned. 

So we had zone conference on Wed. and on Tues. night we had the entire zone - 16 missionaries sleep at our house!!! IT WAS AWESOME!! We played a game called silent library! Where a player on one of the 2 teams has to do a dare, and the team that is quieter wins. We won and the Teton district had to go shirtless into the snow! It was a fun night and yes, we still went to bed on time! It was a great spirit in the home and a great way to unite with the zone. I love my mission. Zone conference was awesome!! I have a talk to send to you given by our mission doctor.  He is a super smart man and gave a wonderful talk! I will send it to you this week. President gave us a challenge to read the BOM and highlight everything that has to do with the Savior. Elder Holland did it on his mission along with like 50% of the Quorum of the 70. It helps build our testimonies and knowledge of the Savior. 

We woke up with 1 foot of snow on the ground!! It was awesome!!!! But annoying, I am ready to have it warm up. Tracting in the cold with wet socks and a headache is no fun...but I still have my enthusiasm, thank you competitiveness. So Rob Fisher got the priesthood yesterday!!! Holy cow!! Incredible to see his progression and how his wife’s prayers have finally been answered! He is so much happier now! I love it! 

That’s so cool you had all 6 elders over for dinner!!! That is a blast when we all eat at the same place! tell them I said hi!  Oh man, JJPuck is on fire!!!! Tell the boys I love them! and that "anything less than the best is a felony!" Tell them to kick some state butt and to play every second as if it were your last, because after high school hockey, it is never the same. I wish I could play on that team in just one more game! It was the time of my life! Tell them enjoy it while they have it. I wish I could be there to cheer them on!! Dang it! I wish them the best. 

Uncle Johnny sent me a care package as well!! He sent me an awesome tie with some food, a yo yo and some juggling balls and magazines haha. I dropped off the magazines at Les Schwab since I can’t read them. haha. I will write him today! I loved the picture book, it meant a lot to me. We have the coolest, most fun family. My week has been awesome though! I love the work I am doing, and how hard it is to do. I love my mission.

Stay safe, stay strong, and never settle. It’s when things get the hardest that you live to the fullest. I am learning and growing so much, I can hardly believe it. I do miss hockey and skiing though, with all this cold weather. Hope you have a great week and tell Michael I will write him a letter soon!

Elder Fischetti

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